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"Patriot" (2015/II)
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Please make more of this, 17 November 2015

Absolutely loved it "Hope to see more episodes" Incredible acting , awesome dialogue.

A fresh twist to an age old ,worn out mellow Bond type genre, I hope we see much more of this. I absolutely loved it I even watched it twice, just in case I missed anything.

When I watch a movie I have to hear & comprehend every single word of it and I must see everything in it. the combination of talent & everything else is a welcome change. The actors / actresses chosen for this are a perfect fit. Very well done

Please Make more of this

Afflicted (2013)
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Is it real or is it Memorex?, 8 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Unbelievable special affects "If they even are" If a movie had to be believed this would be it the special affects are incredible.

They didn't over do it on the gore like most movies of this genre do. However don't get me wrong there is plenty of it All in the right places .

One of the best believable movies I've seen in a while. The person who gave this a 2 star rating has no clue and may have stopped watching before it got into it.

Either that of they have a personal vendetta against the actors or something . Whatever the reason id dint deserve the low score at all I gave it a 5 *star* rating.

It seems so real it had me wondering .."what if this is real and they are just playing it off as a movie" It is that good.

Not really a spoiler but just in case I said this might be ..."The bedroom scene when his buddy woke up and was looking out the window for him .really freaked me out when he turned back" . Enjoy it folks it really is an incredible movie !!

P.S. THANK YOU to all who made this film.

Area 407 (2012)
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Area 409 clean up in isle 2, 29 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I do not know what movie the guy above me watched, but it couldn't have been this one First off they board the plane in broad day light. Then when they take off it is dark out and in NY on New Years eve dark is around 6 pm so then next 20 min they are counting down to bring in the new years now a flight to LA from NY doesn't take 7 hours to get half way there.

So I never under stood the time line they used. Second they have a perfectly good Jeep to get away in, and they just stop and two people get out and run away, for no apparent reason what so ever, then the kid jumps up front starts the Jeep & drives it right into a ditch "after she runs over & kills the girl that was driving before her!!

This makes no sense to me. Why get out and go for a evening jog after something that just ate half the survivors left from the plane crash is chasing after you?? . To top all that off instead of just getting in the Jeep and leaving the area they drive around looking for the plane wreck for no reason other than to get the flight recorder and a flare gun when they already have a Glock 9-mm that the U.S. Marshall is carrying , with I might add an unlimited supply of ammo it seems yet I can never figure out where she is carrying the ammo.

The screaming and yelling coupled with the extremely shaky camera is nauseating. I could really pick this movie apart if I wanted to but that's enough for now it has some nice special affects even in the timing was off immensely.

Then again folks, What do I know ? I'm just a 44 year old well driller ~Good day~ RJM

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Most underrated film ever, 12 April 2012

This is my favorite Michael Douglas film of all time. I feel it is also one of the most underrated movies I've ever seen . The acting by every one is superb 6 when it first came out I was laughing so hard, I though of this film just the other day when I was at Burger King & My order came to $6.45 cents so I gave the cashier $10.45 thinking we could speed the line up a bit. We this caused a complete melt down. The look of puzzlement was awesome , then he proceeded to tell me (keep in mind I'm using the exact slang he used to my best ability) "you give me way 2 mush loot it only $6.45 I said "yea but all you gotta do is give me back 4 ones" He replied "YEA RIGHT" . He had to call the manager because they guy next to him couldn't figure it out either I was shocked that these two kids could not figure out basic math skills I immediately thought about this movie.. We no give change!! Finally the manager came over and after I explained to him what I had attempted to do in the interest of saving time. He tried to explain to the cashier what the deal was when I left he was still scratching his head. The manager had to close down the line for a while.