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Good movie for its time
22 May 2012
This film, starring Harrison Ford and Karen Allen is a decent action film for its time. Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is an archaeologist and a teacher at a college in the U.S. and besides teaching, he is on the hunt for the staff of Ra to get the lost ark. He isn't alone in trying to get the ark, however, because a group of Nazis are looking to obtain the ark to control God. The special effects are good for the time, however, to anyone watching this movie now would think they are cheesy and fake. The plot is very good and keeps you watching, but I feel that some of the escapes Indiana Jones makes isn't really realistic at all. All in all this movie is good, but you have to keep in mind that it was made many years ago.
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Inspiring movie that will warm the cockles of your heart
16 May 2012
This movie starts out at a school in the vicious streets of Los Angeles. Hilary Swank plays Erin Gruwell, a new excited school teacher who leaves the safety of her hometown, Newport Beach, to teach at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, which recently put an integration plan in place. She gets a wake up call, however, when she realizes that her class is full of "at risk" students otherwise known as "unteachables". The high school students break into racial groups, fights break out, and most of the students even stop attending class making Erin Gruwells' job harder than she imagined. Not only does she have a hard time with her class-mates, but she also faces a hard time with the department head who believes that the students can't be taught and shouldn't be bothered to even read books, because they'd just tear them apart and write all over them. This movie does a great job of portraying the lives and struggles a teen in downtown Los Angeles must face alongside getting an education. The acting is done so well in this movie that I didn't even know any of these actors were just from the streets of Los Angeles and weren't professional actors. This film reaches out to any individual who doesn't believe there's hope or change to be had. By the end of this film, I think many people will compare their struggles to the ones of the people in this film and hopefully realize that life isn't as bad as they think it is. This film is 100% relatable to probably anyone and if you can handle some emotional parts, it's worth the watch.
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The Big Year (2011)
Not a bad film with decent acting
9 May 2012
This film starts out with Brad Harris (Jack Black), Kenny Bostick (Owen Wilson) and Stu Preissler (Steve Martin). Brad Harris works as a computer programmer, and birding is his passion, so he sets out to do a big year. Roofing contractor Kenny Bostick (the current big year record holder) fearing his record of 732 species is going to get topped decides to do another big year. Then there's Stu Preissler, founder and CEO of a company bearing his name decides that birding is more important than his company and sets out on a big year as well. This movie is put together well, but in my opinion the big idea of this movie is supposed to be based on birding, and while there is a good amount of it, I feel that the dramatic decisions the characters must face in order to continue their passion kind of shy away from the big picture. The acting from Owen Wilson and Steve Martin were great, but I felt like Jack Black had a hard time fitting into his character. All in all, this film I think was made to be for everyone, and not just birders; mainly because of the lives the characters left behind to pursue birding. I would recommend this film to anyone who's never heard of birding before just because it opens your mind to things that people do that you may have never thought about before.
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The Way (I) (2010)
Too slow of a film to have such a lame ending
23 April 2012
This film tells the dramatic story of a father who journeys a 400+ mile walk across the El Camino De Santiago by himself with his son's ashes on his pack. Tom (the father) doesn't end up walking the whole thing by himself, however. He meets some people that end up walking with him but for a purpose much different than Tom. Joost (a man from Amsterdam) is walking the trail to shed some extra weight. A woman (Sarah) is wanting to stop her cigarette addiction. The journey is interesting though rather slow at times. Tom keeps to himself almost the whole time which makes him quite irritating throughout the film. In the end, I think the concept is much better than the execution.
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If you haven't seen it, you live under a rock
11 April 2012
This movie has by far the best acting in any racing movie I've ever seen. Vin Diesel plays his role extremely well in this film as well as Paul Walker (Brian Spilner) who acts as an undercover cop trying to bust Dominic and his street racing gang. This movie also has some of the best cars and probably the most cars I've seen in a street racing film. In almost every scene there's cars. The film takes a dramatic turn in the end which gives you a rush and thrill as if you were actually in the movie. All in all, I think this movie is perfect for any racing fan or car enthusiast however, it's also extremely entertaining and I think anyone would enjoy this movie.
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Heartfelt movie anyone can relate to
10 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
While this movie (in my opinion) is touching in the way that any young child has to learn the ways of life the hard way - working hard to earn his/her wants, I think the acting of Billy in the movie was very dry and it was hard to really become interested in the character. It's an older movie that has something to relate to, so I believe that this is the perfect film for a younger person to watch. It gives you the mindset of the simplicity of the way things were way back when, and for a short amount of time you're forced to question the morality of the family in the film. I think most of the acting in this movie was very dry; especially after the tragic (spoiler) death of Billy's hound dogs. I was expecting the parents to have sympathy, but they were more interested in heading back inside, so I felt like it should have had a different outcome.
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