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All the movies I've seen in my life. Yes, I watch too much TV and films. ;) No, I have no life. ;)
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I can't motivate myself to watch them. Why ever did I buy these?
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A people list. We have the pictures to prove it. With the startling exception of Brooke Shields and perhaps Olivia d'Abo, the Americans are pretty tame, notably Reese Witherspoon.
The Europeans are quite brave.
Remember that nudity does not equal prön. Age of consent in Europe is 16, and in 30 US states as well, all red of course ;)
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Hint: And no, it's not that they're all European.
Hint: Some argue that Brook Shields should be OFF this list, but film does not lie, not that convincingly.
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Movies I have, but still haven't seen. Longest one on the list: 4 years, 9 months.
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Okay, I lied, they're just babes my age ;) ;)
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(Previously named "young actresses who look older than they are")There's an interesting dynamic in today's casting. Actresses (actors too) often, if not always play characters that are considerably YOUNGER than they are, they are often five or more years older than their characters. (They call this an age-range, but it never means that actresses play characters that are OLDER.)

But, at the not-so-same token, young actresses often look OLDER than they really are, and they dress and behave accordingly. This makes for a double whammy: for example, the typical 16 year old actress is asked to play a 12 year old daughter of someone, and looks likes she's twenty one. Case in point, in Hard Candy, Ellen Page is supposed to be 14, but she seems to have been 17 at the time of shooting, and when you watch the film and interviews of that time, she sounds like a 21 year old. Casting agents often complain that all the 15 year olds in Hollywood look 21 ...
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A list of child actresses who (Gasp!) haven't turned to booze, drive drunk, drugs, bad BFs, or things "they" think child actressess do by default ....
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A list about fallen Angels .... in chronological order.