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hell yeah !, 12 October 2014

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Denzel Washington is at his absolute best. Cool, intelligent,unbeatable,smart,quick, and also human and generous. The close-ups ,the slow motions with his amazing face, expressions, and his moves,the way he walks,they all add to the intensity of the plot. I admired the way the movie was shot, fast scenario, great choice of music, and kick-ass scenes that made me feel so satisfied ,because he took justice in his hands and wiped out the rotten mafia up to its core and got away with it. Gerard butler did the same in " abiding law citizen" though the ending was unfortunate. Loved everything in this last a movie to feel ecstatic about.

360 (2011)
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so what else is new?, 3 November 2012

I love social movies, but unfortunately this one was Boring, slow and without any exciting twists in the story. Antony Hopkins' monologue at the AA meeting is the best part of the movie as far as I'm concerned , because you know he will never disappoint you, but other than that ,it really isn't a movie that will enrich you in some way, it is a waste of time really.I also disliked the music, it was poorly chosen and made the movie look even worse. All that made me skip quickly to the end because I wanted to stop watching it, that's how boring it was. I was disappointed because I thought that actors such as Jude Law and Hopkins would eventually offer some excitement in the movie,but mainly, it tells common stories of our daily lives, so..what else is new?

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you'll love it !!! I definitely recommend it, 7 April 2012

If you truly love someone,AND YOUR HEART ACHES, then this is IT. Also,you'll love everything else: the actors (every single one of them performs so truly that you will either laugh your heart out or shed ... all your tears), the fabulous setting (Martha's Vineyards, and the gorgeous houses...), the pictures are amazing too( Sony HD pictures, mentioned in the credits!!), the beaches, and oh.. the music, god so many beautiful soul songs (and not only), no wonder black music is the best !I have downloaded all of them! I loved it, I was touched by several scenes, and of course the beautiful Angela Basset is the reason I watched the movie , always exceptional in her acting. Paula Patton is a natural too , she is so charming and pretty.Watching her made me realize she could easily portray late Whitney Houston in an upcoming BIO ( her smile reminds me of her ). Congrats to the film makers , nice plot, wonderful cast,and sensational music. A kind of Pretty woman style movie, catchy and touching.