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Awesome documentary on a much forgotten Patriot!!!, 23 October 2004

I remember as a child, watching the nightly news reports unfold as the search for Gordon Kahl commenced. I remember asking my father if Kahl was crazy. "No!", he said. "He's just a man that they pushed too far!!"

Anyone who grew up in the early to mid 1980s can remember the drastic plight of the farmers of the Midwest. Many farms were being foreclosed on by government subsidized loans that could not be repaid due to crop failures and high interest rates. Many American farmers lost family farms and years of toil and hard work gone down the tubes.

Gordon Kahl, a decorated WW2 veteran, came home and started farming on one of the government grants. When Kahl determined that he couldn't make any money with "government assistance", he withdrew himself from the program...and the Federal Income Tax!!!!!!

After many years harassment and a stint in Club Fed for failing to file income tax, Kahl said that he just wanted to be left alone to farm and live.

But, the IRS, with the help of the US Marshals service, had other plans!!!!!

After a bloody ambush by some US Marshals, Kahl escaped and went on the run, until he was cornered on a farm in Arkansas and burned to death by FBI agents(see any of the Waco films to compare this m.o. of the FBI).

This film interviews the players in this saga. Kahl's wife, Joan, son Yori (who is doing time in Club Fed for "murders" that Gordon ADMITTED he committed), some of the officers involved, investigators, friends, business associates, etc. It answers a lot of questions that still remain some 20+ years after the initial case. It interviews jurors and prosecutors and exposes some pretty shady practices that the prosecution used to convict the persons they had in custody( ie ,Yori and Scott Faul).

This film is a real eye opener on a case that I followed for a long time, and that left a definite impression on me as a child.

Anyone interested in the attacks on Ruby Ridge or Waco will definitely find this film entertaining and enlightening.

A must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!