Lists by JohnBerntsson

a list of 40 titles
a list of 33 titles
Need to watch:

Girl on the bridge.
Herod's law.
The color of paradise.
All about my mother.
For love of the game.
Anna and the king.
Sweet and lowdown.
The war Zone.
Jakob the liar.
The big kahuna.
In China they eat dogs.
Julien Donkey-Boy.
A room for Romeo Brass.
The winslow boy.
Bang boom bang.
Trailer park boys.
Angela's Ashes.
October Sky.
Detroit Rock City.
Jeanne d'Arc.
Bicentennial man.
The Thomas Crown affair.
Any given sunday.
Super 8.
The ninth gate.
Summer of Sam.
The Blair Witch Project.
Virgin suicides.
Girl, interrupted.
a list of 82 titles
Need to see:

Seven pounds.
George W. Bush.
Street kings.
Speed racer.
Two lovers.
Pride and glory.
Repo! The genetic opera.
Vicky Cristina Barcelona.
Me and Orson Welles.
Waltz with Bashir.
Soraya M.
Lake Mungo.
De osynliga.
City of ember.
a list of 71 titles
Need to see:

3 idiots.
A single man.
Where the wild things are.
District 13 - Ultimatum.
Brooklyn's finest.
Harry Brown.
The white ribbon.
a list of 20 titles
a list of 27 titles
a list of 52 titles
Genres included:

Women in prison films.
Japanese Chambara.
Revenge movies. (Most of them are)
Car chase/Biker movies.
Spaghetti Westerns.
Kung fu movies.

I did not include mainstream exploitation films such as The dollar trilogy, Dawn of the dead, The texas chainsaw massacre, Halloween, Suspiria, Easy rider, Mad Max, Rolling thunder. These films are for the hardcore fans of the genre.
a list of 38 titles
Need to see:

Monster's ball.
Ghost world.
Y tu mama tambien.
Adress unknown.
Warm water under a red bridge.
No mans land.
a list of 68 people
Somewhat in order - My Top 15 personal favorites:

1. Takashi Miike - Audition.
2. Tony Scott - True Romance.
3. Lars von Trier - Dogville.
4. Paul Verhoeven - Robocop.
5. Werner Herzog - Aguirre - The wrath of god.
6. Guillermo Del Toro - Pan's Labyrinth.
7. Gaspar Noé - Irreversible.
8. David Lynch - Mulholland drive.
9. Wong Kar Wai - In the mood for love.
10. David Cronenberg - A history of violence.
11. Kim Ki-duk - Spring, summer, winter, fall... and spring.
12. Brian De Palma - Carrie.
13. Richard Linklater - Boyhood.
14. Nicholas Winding Refn - Drive.
15. Steven Soderbergh - Traffic.

Somewhat in order - My Top 10 greatest directors of all time:

1. Paul Thomas Anderson - There will be blood.
2. Stanley Kubrick - 2001: a space odyssey.
3. Akira Kurosawa - Seven samurai.
4. Martin Scorsese - Taxi driver.
5. Orson Welles - Citizen Kane.
6. Quentin Tarantino - Pulp fiction.
7. Hayao Miyazaki - Spirited away.
8. Steven Spielberg - Jaws.
9. Joel & Ethan Coen - No country for old men.
10. Sergio Léone - The good, the bad and the ugly.
a list of 45 titles
a list of 48 titles
Need to see:

The wind rises.
Dallas Buyer's Club.
The zero theorem.
Don Jon.
The great Gatsby.
The book thief.
Saving Mr Banks.
Under the skin.
About time.
Out of the furnace.
Only lovers left alive.
Now you see me.
The counselor.
The lone ranger.
Fast and the furious 6.
Despicable me 2.
Warm bodies.
Kill your darlings.
White house down.
All is lost.
Instructions Not Included.
The great beauty.
The green inferno.
Monster's University.
a list of 67 titles
Ranked in order up to number 20 the rest is (as of now) undecided
a list of 10 titles
Must see films:

Interstellar. (Christopher Nolan)
Inherent Vice. (Paul Thomas Anderson)
Boyhood. (Richard Linklater)
Gone girl. (David Fincher)
Hobbit: Battle of the five armies. (Peter Jackson)
Sin City: A dame to kill for. (Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller)
Knight of cups. (Terrence Malick)
Magic in the moon light. (Woody Allen)
Lucy. (Luc Besson)
Exodus: gods and kings. (Ridley Scott)
Maps to the stars. (David Cronenberg)
Tusk. (Kevin Smith)
Big eyes. (Tim Burton)
The Raid 2.
The expendables 3.
The hunger games: Mockingjay part 3.
The fault in our stars.
How to train your dragon 2.
Edge of tomorrow.
Dumb and dumber to.
A million ways to die in the west.
Bad neighbours.
22 Jump street.
The equalizer.
Into the woods.
The interview.
Before I go to sleep.
The drop.
Lost river.
a list of 165 titles
Highest on my list to see:

Soraya M.
Sound of music.
High and low.
Stray dogs.
Drunken angel.
The magician.
Through a glass darkly.
The silence.
Hour of the wolf.
Scenes from a marriage.
The wedding singer.
The testament of Dr: Mabuse.
Orfeu Negro.
Great expectations.
The loneliness of the long distance runner.
Rocco and his brothers.
A special day.
The leopard.
A taste of honey.
The Matrix revisited.
A touch of Zen.
City of life and death.
Black cat, white cat.
How green was my valley.
Grapes of wrath.
Manon of the spring.
Another year.
The bird with the crystal plumage.
Andrey Rublyov.
The magnificent Ambersons.
The conformist.
La grande illusion.
Apu trilogy.
The red shoes.
Pelle The conqueror.
Thriller - A cruel picture.
Dr Mabuse.
Miracle in Milano.
The general.
It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world.
Hiroshima my love.
The longest day.
Dead man.
a list of 70 titles
a list of 36 titles
a list of 20 titles
Need to see:

Daft Punk Interstella 5555 The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem.
Barefoot gen.
Ghost in the shell 2: Innocence.
Tokyo godfathers.
Summer wars.
Vampire hunter D - Bloodlust.
Wolf children.
Kiki's Delivery Service.
The wind rises.
My neighbours the Yamadas.
The castle of Cagliostro.
Only yesterday.
Sword of the stranger.
a list of 68 titles
I've tried to be objective and quite honestly, I think I succeded fairly well. You be the judge.

Concerning the list:
These are the films who rank's the highest in my mind as goes for acting, cinematography, music, editing, direction, script etc. All of that, that defines cinema will you find at it's highest game, scrolling down this excuberant list of excellence.

One strong honorable mentions goes to firstly Danny Boyle's Sunshine. Had it not been for that terrible third act I'd put the film at the top ten of the decade. Then there is The Matrix who, had it not been for the two sequels, would easily score in the top ten of the 90's. I think that my top 10 for 2000-2009 is absolutely flawless, however I must say that the fact that In the mood for love and the dark knight didn't make it is damaging to my health. For the nineties I would love to include Toy Story and Se7en, still super satisfied with the current state of the list. No second thoughts conserning the 80's top ten and the 70's misses Network and some other excellent titles. That is it for the honorable mentions, let's go on with the actual list.
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a list of 100 titles
Some of the films that almost made it to part I of the list
a list of 3 titles
a list of 1 titles
a list of 4 titles
a list of 2 titles
a list of 2 titles
a list of 0 titles
a list of 1 titles
a list of 1 titles
a list of 1 titles
a list of 1 titles
a list of 3 titles
a list of 5 titles
a list of 3 titles
a list of 2 titles
a list of 3 titles
a list of 3 titles
a list of 2 titles
a list of 6 titles
a list of 2 titles
a list of 7 titles
a list of 13 titles
a list of 1,087 titles
a list of 20 titles
a list of 7 titles
a list of 55 titles
Need to see:

To the wonder.
Much ado about nothing.
Magic Mike.
Jack Reacher.
The iceman.
Hotel Transylvania.
Trouble with the curve.
Iron Sky.
Frances Ha.
a list of 7 titles
a list of 5 titles
a list of 2 titles
a list of 9 titles
a list of 6 titles
a list of 4 titles
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a list of 8 titles
a list of 21 titles
a list of 42 titles
My favorite Cinema as of now.
(Used to be Hong Kong Action)

Here is how I would describe the genious of Miike:
Compared to a guy like, lets say Tarantino, who is meticulously crafting a masterpiece like carving out a magnificent statue from a great mountain of gold and having a lot of time on his hands, Miike is *beep* out flawed masterpieces three times a year.

Miike's (in my opinion) finest collaborator is Daisuke Tengan (the first son of Miike's own mentor Shohei Imamura).
Tengan wrote the screenplay for Audition and 13 assassins.

Then we have Masa Nakamura who wrote the screenplay for both young thugs movies (who I have yet to see) The bird people in china (a masterpiece) Dead or alive 2: Birds, -Big, bang love: Juvenile A- and Sukiyaki western Django.

Sakichi Satô (Charlie Brown from Kill Bill) Wrote Ichi The killer and Gozu.

Kikumi Yamagishi Wrote Hara-kiri and Katakuries.

Ichiro Ryu Wrote Dead or alive: Hanzaisa, Ley Lines, The city of lost souls and dead or alive: final.

Toshiyuki Morioka Wrote Fudoh and Blues harp.

Itaru Era Wrote Full Metal Yakuza and Visitor Q.

Miike Cinema - from best to worst:

1. Audition.
2. The bird people in China.
3. 13 assassins.
4. Three extremes segment: "Box."
5. Ichi The killer.
6. Ley lines.
7. Gozu.
8. Dead or alive 2: Birds.
9. Visitor Q.
10. The happiness of the Katakuries.
11. Shield of straw.
12. Lesson of the evil.
13. Dead or alive: Hanzaisa.
14. Agitator.
15. Blues harp.
16. Yakuza Graveyard.
17. Fudoh: The new generation.
18. Rainy dog.
19. Sukiyaki western Django.
20. Hara-kiri: Death of a samurai.
21. City of lost souls.
22. Big bang love, Juvenile A.
23. Deadly outlaw: Rekka.
24. Full metal yakuza.
25. Izo.
26. Shangri-la.
27. Shinjuku triad society.
28. The great Yokai War.
29. Yakuza: Like a dragon.
30. Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City.
31. Zebraman.
32. Crows Zero II.
33. Crows Zero.
34. Ace attorney.
35. For love's sake.
36. Dead or alive 3: Final.
37. Imprint.
38. Yattaman.
39. One missed call.
40. Detective story.

Miike films that I Need to see:
Demon pond.
Yakuza demon.
Bodyguard Kiba.
Sun scarred.
God's puzzle.
The Man In White.
Guys From Paradise.
Osaka Tough guys.
The negotiator.

"Miike is one of the greatest directors living today"
- Quentin Tarantino.

"The ultimate anarchist/artist... Miike paints... landscapes with blood...
His films are always disturbing... guaranteed to push the limits..."
- Guillermo Del Toro.

"Miike films are pure punk rock. He is a true visionary and does things that
few other directors would dare."
- Eli Roth.

"Many actors hope to one day participate in a Takashi Miike film. Especially guys. They want to go back to back being naughty boys and go wild. Miike lets them indulge themselfs in this fantasy freely and knows exactly how to provoke them. And once provoked, the actors bombard each other with their energy, lifting the film up and spinning it off into higher orbit. I was also one of those guys who were allowed to indulge themselfs. It was a very joyfull experience.
Fierce. Nonsensical. Vulgar. Powerful. These are words that could be used to describe Takashi Miike. But without a doubt the most essential words are self-assured and clever."

- Shin'ya Tsukamoto.
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a list of 4 titles
a list of 8 titles
a list of 3 titles
a list of 8 titles
a list of 7 titles
a list of 6 titles
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a list of 14 titles
a list of 18 titles
a list of 33 titles
Some of the action films that I grew up with before becoming a teenager. Only low-budget with a few exceptions.

Movies like The rock, Face/Off, Con air, True lies, Terminator etc are too big budget for this list and First blood has got too good story and character, this films are primarily focusing on the action.
a list of 25 titles
a list of 28 titles
a list of 26 titles
a list of 28 titles
a list of 26 titles
a list of 23 titles
a list of 24 titles
a list of 22 titles
a list of 37 titles
a list of 50 people
Only one performance from each actor.

Cheating a little bit with Eihi Shiina from audition since that is a film from 1999 but some say that it could be counted as a film from the 21st century so...
a list of 58 titles
a list of 57 titles
Need to see:
Miami Vice.
Half nelson.
Little children.
Notes on a scandal.
The empress.
The good shepherd.
Nacho Libre.
The queen.
The wind that shakes the barley.
Rang De Basanti.
The good German.
The boss of it all.
The astronaut farmer.
Days of glory.
OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of spies.
Nightmare detective.
The city of violence.
a list of 45 titles
a list of 11 titles
a list of 17 titles
a list of 20 titles
a list of 15 titles
a list of 72 titles
a list of 13 titles
Need to see:

Salon Kitty.
A star is born.
The missouri Breaks.
The enforcer.
Silent movie.
Logan's Run.
Murder by death.
The shootist.
In the realm of the senses.
Silver streak.
The tenant.
Family plot.
The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane.
The last Tycoon.
Assault on precinct 13.
The man who fell to earth.
Bound for glory.
Fellini's Casanova.
The killing of a Chinese Bookie.
The front.
From noon till three.
The ritz.
Face to face.
Shaolin wooden men.
Island of the damned/Who can kill a child?
Cría cuervos.
Allegro non troppo.
The man on the roof.
Mikey and Nicky.
Ugly, dirty and bad.
Chinese Roulette.
Small change.
The con artists.
The Twelve Tasks of Asterix.
The desert of the Tartars.
*Master of the flying guillotine.
Mr. Klein.
a list of 36 titles
a list of 33 titles
a list of 23 titles
a list of 26 titles
a list of 63 titles
a list of 52 titles
a list of 50 titles
a list of 77 titles
a list of 38 titles
Top 10.

1. Oldboy.
2. Spring, summer, winter, fall... and spring.
3. Castaway on the moon.
4. Memories of murder.
5. My sassy girl.
6. The chaser.
7. A tale of two sisters.
8. Brotherhood of war.
9. Chingoo.
10. Fighter in the wind.
Korean films that I need to see.

Painted fire.
The city of violence.
Peppermint candy.
Il mare.
New world.
The king and the clown.
Address unknown.
The bow.
The coast guard.
Birdcage inn.
a list of 211 titles
a list of 26 titles
Need to see:

Quiz show.
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.
Once were warriors.
Shallow grave.
Immortal beloved.
Swimming with sharks.
The madness of King George.
Queen Margot.
The postman/Il postino.
Death and the maiden.
War of the buttons.
A Chinese Odyssey - Pandoras box.
Cemetery man/Dellamorte Dellamore.
The sum of us.
To live.
Eat, drink, man, woman.
Before the rain.
A pure formality.
Burnt by the sun.
An unforgettable summer.
The browning version.
a list of 80 titles
(Main list is not in order)

Top 10.

1. Hero.
2. Supercop.
3. Hardboiled.
4. Ip Man.
5. Crounching tiger, hidden dragon.
6. Legend of the drunken master.
7. Masterkiller the 36th chamber of shaolin.
8. Infernal affairs.
9. Exiled.
10. Enter the dragon.

Hong Kong Action/Martial arts/Wuxia kung fu Films that I haven't seen yet, but can't wait to see:

1. Once upon a time in china & america.
2. 8 diagram pole fighter.
3. Heroes of the east.
4. Legendary weapons of china.
5. Come drink with me.
6. Warriors two.
7. Five deadly venoms.
8. The one armed swordsman.
9. Spooky encounters.
10. Snake in the eagles shadow.
11. Crippled avengers.
12. Dragon inn.
13. The young master.
14. Prison on fire.
15. Fatal contact.
16. Armour of god.

17. Street fighter with sonny chiba.
18. Reign of assassins.
19. Five fingers of death.
20. Shaolin and wu tang.
21. The man from Hong Kong.
22. Full contact.
23. Tiger on the beat.
a list of 50 titles
Only one film per director. (Cheating with drunken master & 36th chamber because Jackie Chan co-directed drunken master so hence, it's a valid pick)
a list of 7 titles
a list of 41 titles
Urikupen Rescue Squad(74)
(a.k.a Urikupen Kyujotai)
a.k.a. The Jungle Patrol

This film is nowhere to be found on but here is the norwegian intro -