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The Internet Movie Database Top 250 is an ever-changing list where internet people determine the best films. In this list I want to collect all the films that ever made the IMDb Top 250.
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The Movies from my Collection I have watched.
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Films I like to add to my collection
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The National Film Registry is the United States National Film Preservation Board's selection of films for preservation in the Library of Congress. The NFR names to its list up to 25 "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant films" each year. The Registry includes films ranging from Hollywood classics to orphan films. A film is not required to be feature-length, nor is it required to have been theatrically released. The Registry contains newsreels, silent films, experimental films, short subjects, films out of copyright protection, film serials, home films, documentaries, independent films, television films, and music videos. As of the 2012 listing, there are 600 films preserved in the Registry. Wikipedia
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The 50 films you should see by the age of 14 is a list created by the British Film Institute in 2005 in order to inspire parents and educators to take movies as seriously as books and other kinds of art. It was created by more than 70 experts including film producers, teachers, authors and critics who all made their own top ten. Wikipedia
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The best movies of the 5000 I collected.