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Truth be told, there is very few good things on t.v. these days. Hopefully this list will help like-minded people to find something good to watch these days. Happy channel surfing.
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A lot of good films that I don't want to refine by genre. Enjoy the randomness.
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There's just something about animation that can always cheer you up. Here is my list of favorite animated movies.
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This is how I rank the films nominated for the Academy Awards' Best Picture. Obviously I have some strong disagreements with how the Academy went some years.
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Films based upon comic books, graphic novels, comic strips or any other kind of sequential art.
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Apparently one of the most hated genres here on IMDB. Really people?! You can't give a little love to the movies that make you laugh?! Well... I'll show my appreciation towards these fine films. This is how I rank my favorite comedy movies.
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Above all else, I am a horror movie fan. This is how I rank my absolute favorite horror films.
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This is how I rank the Comedy Central Roasts that I have seen.