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This is my list of the most important movies to own for family viewing. These are not necessarily the most important family movies in my opinion. If that were the case, epics like "Ben Hur", "Quo Vadis", and "Spartacus" and high dramas like "Airport", "Airport 75", "The Towering Inferno", and "The Poseiden Adventure" would have made the list. The list would also have included some of the older epics, such as "Gone With the Wind", some John Wayne, such as "The Green Berets", and older Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns. The idea of the list was to put together a collection of movies that would be useful to keep around for those times when it is suitable to watch a movie with the whole family. I was thinking mostly of movies to have fun with and of movies that children might choose themselves to watch, at least sometimes, but I also wanted the movies to carry some weight for a positive lesson from the parents' viewpoint as a parents' choice movie.