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Worth a watch, decent but nothing special (in some cases overrated) or one fatal flaw prevents it from being a classic.
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In regards to the year I created my IMDb account, my thoughts on the movies I've watched released this year and for every year from now for as long as I can be arsed.
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Marvel Blockbusters,
put drinks in cup holsters

Coming of age tales,
though not as many ticket sales

McConaughey wins gold,
squibb proves your never too old

Lawrence is on fire,
leto's reputation grows higher

Inside Llewyn Davis,
can't believe I have to say this

No best picture nod,
academy you miserable....
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Timeless, instant, future and personal classics.
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Some I watch religiously, some now and again, some if there on tele, some because of overwhelming reviews, some to get in on what I'm missing.

In a rough order favourite-wise.
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A tribute to my favourite actor, my favourite roles and movies featuring the man himself.