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Bummer (2003)
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A Russian take on the 'Reservoir Dogs' Genre, 24 September 2005

The Bummer (also known as Bimmer), is an early 2000s Russian take on the venerable "Reservoir Dogs" movie genre of the early 90s. However, the Bummer is very distinct and very original. I'd say that there is a lot more soul in this movie than in Tarantino's gangster flick. In fact, this movie probably had matched, if not surpassed, the Dogs in several respects and it had probably set a new benchmark for those who are aware of the existence of the modern Russian cinema. Both movies depicted stylized violence simply for the sake of violence. However, in the Russian case, it's not all made up. It's their everyday life. The acting of the Bummer gang was terrific. This movie depicts very realistically Russia's Putin-era criminal nihilism, which is less glorious than in the Yeltsin era but still very interesting for an outside eye, the corrupt cops, and the decaying provincial infrastructure. Unfortunately, I doubt that the English language subtitles can do justice to the slang terms used in this movie (I watched the Russian language version without subtitles).