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could have been better, 5 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Repeatedly the team's equipment would malfunction right when significant activity occurred and excessive talking by the team covered up opportunities to hear things. Once again, Zak and Aaron end up talking about what they saw/felt instead of taping it, pointing the camera immediately away from the paranormal activity that was oh so very frightening.

They didn't use their thermal/temperature camera as a substitute for talking a bunch about how they feel (cold, chilled, frightened).

The scene with the ladder was very impressive, yet, when they are told to take the ladder down by the paranormal voice or else the entity would yell, they set up a camera and leave.

The team then cuts to the downstairs location where figures/shadows/orbs are seen yet, not by us due to the horrible habit they have of facing the camera toward their own faces rather than what it was they saw.

Zak claims that Nick was briefly possessed, but they talk so damn much you can't really hear anything that's going on in the room or if Nick is whispering/making noises. Additionally, the possession of Nick, Zak says is the first time a spirit has possessed a member when this is false: Zak was partially possessed in the first episode of season two during the retrieval of the flowers.

6.4/10 Show, don't tell guys. I learned that in 7th grade English (effectiveness technique of writing/speaking).

would be great, if they'd shut up, 5 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Time and time again, these guys simply talk over pretty much every sound and focus their cameras on themselves rather than orbs/figures. Right when they hear something, instead of being silent for and extended period of time in order to hear more/see more/feel more, they instantly talk about it really loudly and all at the same time. You notice that they have to replay everything they hear/see due to this.

The findings during their investigation is very rushed, and cut short right when things start to happen. Historically entertaining and haunting are the sounds they hear, they don't give a reasonable amount of time to hear the footsteps, screams, and growls. They seem to set up another camera and go..... Which is frustrating due to how many cameras they do have, allotting a lot of unused footage that they simply cram in to the last 2 minutes or less of the episode.

Throughout the lock down, they over-do the amount of antagonizing/questioning to the point of almost no allotted observation...they all get chills, something that's quite common/obvious by now and has absolutely no shock value to the viewer. So they go on and on explaining really loudly to one another how cold/sick they feel...which is at this point in the show...NORMAL.

I'd give this an overall 6.93/10 due to the huge downgrade of professionalism and composure the team shows, leaving the only convincing footage at the very end with the flame illuminating a figure walking on the roof and fading out. Much more could have been captured had they not constantly been blabbing among each other like college students leaving a frat-party.

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100 scary and real, 5 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Best episode so far. These guys are absolutely crazy and their credibility and composure is rock solid in this episode.SPOILER:

Locked down in pitch dark hallways, miles long filled with rooms where 10,000 people had passed away, Zak and Nick get completely scared far more than you've seen them before. Nick man's up and gets put in the most frightening scenario so far in this season, how he got through it without crying and getting seriously injured is beyond my understanding. This episode you get to hear conversations, singing, noises, direct phrases, tapping, footsteps, doors opening and closing. You get to see multiple orbs of controlled and quick motion, an arm, a hand print on skin, doors locking and unlocking. Simply incredible and will send chills down your spine.

If you're not convinced this is the best ghost show out there, keep watching, this episode will make you addicted to this show.

10/10 hands down.

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very scary episode, 5 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was very impressed at how much professionalism has developed in Zak, Nick, and Aaron (with the exception of Nick dropping the camera and falling backward and down to the ground, not recording anything). None of them freak out as much as in previous episodes, which increases the quality of the footage shot/audio recorded.

Great back story that even gave me chills before the footage was aired, especially the account of the worker that had a bad lunch break...instant death that gave the creepy theme that the deceased were not even given time to register they were no longer living.....

The banging of the pipes multiple times in Zak's room was simply amazing...great footage and excellent composure from the team this episode. Zak needs to get better at not taking so much time to describe what he feels/sees/hears but needs to let the viewer listen/watch/and yes we understand what chills feel previous episodes he has described this feeling, and dedicated viewers can recall the feeling.

Aaron simply talks too much and over reacts to almost everything, botching the chance of additional sounds/EVP's though has gradually improved in this episode due to nothing really happening to him other than supposedly getting clocked in the face.

I would have liked to see more footage analyzed and reviewed by the team of Zak in the boiler room where he experienced more paranormal activity than anyone else this episode.

Overall, due to how intimidating the voices were/back story was, and thoroughly frightening the general environment was, I'll give it 9/10. A true landmark episode to this series and to all ghost shows.

A lot of evidence, avoided, 4 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is an excellent attempt to investigate real ghost inhabited houses/locations. The key mistakes are: The very limited examples Zak and the other two members provided (A) Motion detectors in front of a door displaying a small faint shadow, that they spent like 5 or 6 minutes talking about and replaying. (B) One single voice of a girl, very unusual/creepy, yet extremely rushed/brief and during most of the time they could have heard more from this girl's voice, they continued to all talk at the same time, which happens throughout pretty much all ghost investigation shows. (C) When Zak goes into Mary's room he spends way too little time waiting for a response/taking digital stills. (D) We never hear the footsteps coming up the staircase when Nick and Aaron are about to investigate the room with the electric chair because they're both talking the entire time. (E) Footage doesn't provide enough audio/visual in the basement when Zak heard/saw something that made him lunge forward out of his chair. He just starts shouting about it.

Conclusion: if the team would stop talking, listen more, and keep their cameras on what it is they see, it would be a far better show. 6.5/10