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Beautiful and Haunting, 22 September 2007

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This movie is so beautifully lit and shot, each frame is a feast for the eyes. From the dreary, dark wet streets to the warm, rich interior of the restaurant, just looking at the movie is an experience. All of the performances are extraordinary. Cassel and Mortensen are fascinating in their scenes together. There are so many levels to their relationship; brothers, rivals, lovers? Mueller-Stahl a contrast in grandfatherly warmth and dangerous crime. Mortensen delivers an Oscar worthy performance here and I just won't believe it if he is not nominated. He is quiet, layered, and has incredible physical presence. He says more with his face and body than with any dialog. There are so many themes interwoven in this movie. It would be easy to dismiss this as a run of the mill gangster film but the contrasts and similarities between "the good guys" and the "bad people" show that we all share the same fears and hopes.

Melanie (1982)
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Sweet movie with great music, 28 January 2005

This is a sweet little movie. I first saw it on HBO in the eighties and loved it. I subsequently rented it a few times but over the years it got harder and harder to find. I tried to buy it but when I checked it was on a moratorium and not being printed anymore. I finally got a VHS copy for myself thru Ebay. If you get a chance I highly recommend this movie. Glynnis O'Connor plays a young illiterate mother who desperately loves her young son. Don Johnson plays her husband. Paul Sorvino is good in his role, but I loved Burton Cummings. He has a natural screen presence. I am surprised he didn't do more movies. He wrote the songs and played piano.