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Once Upon a Time (2011– )
Once Upon A Time awakens the imagination in those watching it...
2 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This show is fantastic!The acting, to me is superb, beyond explanation. Maybe the first five episodes of the show were a little lagging, but episodes six and up are great! Robert Carlyle I must say, is one of the better actors out of the bunch. And the character for Prince Charming is probably the worst, but that does not stop this show from being watchable.

The one thing regarding this show, is that you have to have a vivid imagination to watch and enjoy it, and if you do not have one and remain stoic in your beliefs or outlooks, you are not going to enjoy the show. Yes, some of the plots are predictable. Yes, some of the lines are cheesy, but there are multiple things that override a few cheesy lines and some predictable plot lines. The writers tend to put a little twist when explaining some of the fairytale characters backgrounds. As well, the show contains a reasonable amount of suspense to keep you wanting to find out more, and the parallelism between Storybrooke and the land in the book the characters were cursed out, makes the show all the more interesting. It is fun to decipher and compare the parallelism and discover why the writers made certain scenes parallel compared to the other scenes.

Some people may state that this is "child" worthy and not meant to be on adult T.V., but I object to that statement. The thought process is more teenage-adult because certain content discussed in the show, children will not comprehend, or parents may not wish for their children to be exposed to that content.

With all its flaws and all its positives, I remain adamant in saying that this show is very enjoyable, adult-worthy, and worth time watching. Although I do have one warning, do not watch it if you lack an imagination, essentially that is what all fairy tales are about.
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