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The ONE problem with Kevin Smith's QA's is...
25 October 2008
how he goes on and on and on about one question. He went rambling on about dogs and it actually got quite boring, you could actually see some bored faces in the audience. It does get better later on but that wasn't a good way to start this DVD off with. There are some things that I think he should keep to himself like him doing his wife. I wonder how she feels about it.

I like Kevin Smith and his movies but if he can just tighten it down and stay on the subject at hand it could go a lot better. I wish more directors would do things like this. I would like to see Michael Bay, Tony Scott, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino do this.
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Sequel Curse
16 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
When this DVD was coming out, I couldn't wait to get it. I've been listening to R. Kelly music since I can remember and have followed some of his advice on women. (it worked too.) Now I really don't care about his porno and all that legal bs, all I know is that this man can really make a song about anything and still make it a hit. I think people call that talent. Anyways, I buy the DVD, and I sit with my wife to watch it, and I must admit I felt like the movie went nowhere.

I mean, the characters were hysterical and I wondered where the hell he came up with some of this stuff, but I felt he was just showing the different characters he can play so some producer would notice and start putting him in movies. Honestly, he was just showcasing his talents instead of moving forward with the story. The first chapters were good, and it was a movie that I could watch over and over but this second one felt hollow.

If R. Kelly wants to go out with a bang with this, he should just go with the first characters he had and just tell their story instead of these other characters that didn't need to be in the movie. That's just my opinion and I am rating this kinda because I am an R. Kelly fan through thick and thin and I'm a little bias.
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