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Mame (1974)
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Is there a rating lower than "awful"??, 25 April 2005

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Lucille Ball's version of "Mame" in my opinion is one of the worst performances ever saved to film. After seeing Lucy in her various sitcoms more than an astronomical number of times, I can tell you that I really love Lucy, however, this movie is a fiasco of unbelievably bad casting, music and dancing. Robert Preston is the only saving grace with a part tiny enough to miss if you blink. I don't know what she was thinking, and I can't imagine how she was advised by the studio or director, but I actually cringed watching this embarrassing performance. I could be really cruel and suggest watching it for a laugh, but it's too pitiful even to qualify for that. Don't waste your money or your time.

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Absolutely Amazing!, 18 April 2005

I can't believe it took me so long to finally see this movie and I must admit I had never seen any work by Billy Bob Thornton. Without a doubt, Sling Blade is one of the finest pieces of work ever put on film. Billy Bob's performance as Karl Childers is absolutely riveting! I found myself completely fascinated by this character. The entire ensemble of characters are superbly cast. The child actor who plays Frank is talented beyond his years. This story unfolds in many layers, with friendship and love woven between bigotry and cruelty. It begins with a somewhat horrible description of the double murder of Karl's mother and her lover, but yet is tastefully done with words, no cheap views of blood and gore. It shows how the lack of parental love and understanding can form an individual, but also how the human heart can still have the capacity to be open, as in the relationship between Karl and Frank. You'll feel completely drawn into this little family with its pain and problems.

This is a masterpiece of superb acting, writing and directing! If you haven't seen it yet, please don't deny yourself the opportunity of viewing one of the most amazingly touching movies you will ever see. Even in the company of great performances by Tom Hanks and Dustin Hoffman, I think Sling Blade leaves Forrest Gump and Rain Man in the dust!

Candy (1968)
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Saved by the music and John Astin, 5 April 2004

After seeing Candy again for the first time in 30-plus years, I know why it's best to leave some memories untouched. I don't remember it being as bad then as I feel it is now. Ewa Aulin suits the title role of Candy, young and innocent, yet sensual. However, I'd love to know what the wager was that left the losing stakes to be a role in this film. It is disjointed, dismembered and non-flowing, with no sense from one segment to the next. With a stellar cast of Richard Burton, Walter Matthau, Charles Coburn, Marlon Brando (and Ringo Starr), how could writer Buck Henry go so wrong??? There are two saving graces, though, one being the dual performance of John Astin as Candy's father/uncle and the other being the great soundtrack by various artists, namely the Byrds, Steppenwolf and Dave Grusin. If you have an opportunity to view it without investing a lot of cash, I'd say see it if only for the sake of seeing it. If you're a baby-boomer, beware...the years may be as unkind to your memory as they were to mine!