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Sleepover (2004)
Teen flick, maybe. awful, yes!
11 March 2005
I didn't know what kind of film it was until I was in the middle of it, and couldn't get out :) I tried to tell my self that if I were a 13-14 year old girl, this film might hit someone. But the more i saw, the more that thought slipped away. As always in such American films it gets nauseous in the end. Bad acting, bad lines and bad script! Some of the reasons why it always goes wrong in such teen films, is because: 1. Its unrealistic (bad script) 2. Bad acting (very bad lines) 3. Bad casting

A 22-year-old (in reality, not in the film) is suppose to fall in love with a 14-year-old. The reason why he does so is because: she skateboards in front of him! (how lame is that! god damned, pull yourself together!) Later on the two of them kisses, which is just as predictable as anything else that happens in the movie (and grouse).

If a 13 or 14-year-old girl can get anything out of this film, I'm happy for her. But films like these causes problems in real life, because real life is so much different! Girls with too much self confident (and believe me, there are many of those) is the result of such films!

The worst thing is that it's from 2004, which really scares me! The next American director who wants to make a cute teen flick, must for all cost be stopped!

Absolutely among the top 5 worst film I've ever seen.
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Lost (2004–2010)
Huge disappointment!
10 January 2005
The infomercials about "lost" seemed very promising and exciting, but after watching the first episode I wondered if this show was performed by amateurs and written by an amateur. Thats why i went in here to see some feedbacks.

A big monster on an island... is apparently the main point...!? And already here I get my first flashback... for instance; "the lost world" I think the show and its ideas are so used, and therefore is this show doomed from the beginning. I understand the message in this show, which is to create this strange mood on the island, which is caused by a weird man, a monster and the main character (who is the one you follow closely in the show). But it all ends up in one mixing chaos, and in the end you find yourself hiding behind a pillow in disgrace trying to get the best of it! This is the most predictable script ever, and you can't watch a scene without getting a flashback to something you've seen some place else... HUGE Disappointment!
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It (1990)
14 years old and still scary!
6 January 2005
Of course the film isn't half as creepy as likes of: the ring, wrong turn or the Texas chainsaw massacre, but its only because of the effects. If the script was written today and a lot of good actors were in the film, it would be a huge success! The story and the scenery is great. I love every scene the clown appears. But the ending is terrible and it ruins some of the film which is also one of the reasons the films average is only 6, I think.

If a newer version was made, which I think could be a good idea because the script is genius and the scenery is outstanding. He/she should change the ending, cut the film a bit and use tons of great effects! And it could easily turn out to be a film on the same level as the exorcist. But it needs great actors and an experienced director.
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See it more than once!
4 January 2005
The film has never been showed in Denmark, (where I come from) so the press has never reviewed it. It took me 2 times to get the point but when I realized every part of the film, I felt a huge rush! I'm sure when I see it the 3rd time it will be an even bigger experience to me. Every part of the film plays an important role to the main thread. Every details have a role! The film is like reading a poem from the 18th century, where every sentence means something. The director is a pure genius! Those who've criticized the film, should really see it again, because you'll then notice all the details which makes this film excellent! Without a doubt one of the best films I've seen!
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Raise your voice...
29 December 2004
I guess the title is one of the best things about the movie, and that's only because it contains two meanings... :) In the film Duff must raise her voice to her dad to convince him about her singin' talent. The other meaning the title contains is that the film is about singin'........ I've seen Hilary duff in the series Lizzie McGuire, the Lizzie Mcguire movie, A Cinderella story and now this one. I must say she's a great actress, who can get many reasonable roles in the future. In this film she raises the standards, course without her, I'd call it a b-film! The worst thing about the film is how predictable it is! It is so similar to thousands of other American movies and you find yourself many times during the film sayin' "move on! god damned!" And why do we always have see those obnoxious endings in American films...???!!! In every ending we see people smiling, hugging, kissing, laughing dancing etc. and it really makes me sick! I hope the next films Hilary will be appearing in will be with a more experienced director...
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Why low rating???
24 October 2004
This movie has to be the most horrific ever! I jumped up and down all the time. And even though I don't usually scream, I must admit that I did... The effects were amazing! the sound incredible! and the main Swedish character outstanding! I kept telling myself: "Its only a movie", but it didn't seem to help. I couldn't calm down and in 1 and a half hour I was totally pumped with adrenalin. And then when it all ended, you were left back, totally exhausted, feeling like the king of the world, because you made it to the end.

I don't know why people rate this film so low??? Maybe people ran out of the movie too horrified to go back and see the rest and then just gave it 4. Maybe they were too scared???

Maybe the film was so so so so so so scary that people found it bad!? Anyway this it is without a doubt the most freakiest film ever!!!

I give it 10!!! Frederik
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The O.C. (2003–2007)
The O.C is a newer version of Beverly Hills. With a slight more drama and less moral preaches
28 June 2004
Many have critiziced the show for poor acting and predictable episodes. Compared to a show like Beverly Hills, which was a huge success back in the 90's, this is like a newer version of it. There's unbelievable, unrealistic, dramatic, action happening in every episode, but... When you, as a director, choose to start a serie over 40 episodes, trying to catch !your! attention in every episode, it does get dramatic. Of course it does, why don't all of the !reviewers! get realistic! The O.C is definitely at the same level as Beverly Hills, but maybe not as American (soft, moral etc.) Thats why its revolutionary, it shows a different side of American TV shows. It might still be a bit off reality, but it's definitely the best youth American TV show since Beverly Hills. Many reviewers also criticize the acting, but I just can't see whom? and why? I do think though, that the characters are too much playing their role, meaning that after 2 episodes you now everyone of them too well! But that's the directors foul. I think all of them are great actors, especially the father 'Peter Gallacher', whom lightens up the episodes when you start to get tired of 'Seth's'(Adam Brody) constant talking. A last reason for anyone to watch O.C will be Marissa (Mischa Barton), not only is she good looking but also a great actress.
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