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Orphan Black: To Right the Wrongs of Many (2017)
Season 5, Episode 10
Nice conclusion to a great show
13 August 2017
I agree with Guy2026 about the final two seasons being just okay and I wish the 'Island of Dr. Moreau' story line had been further explored (it seemed abruptly dropped) but I'm sure given the small network and unfortunately the small audience they did not have a large budget to pull off a bigger story arc. This episode was a nice goodbye though to all the characters and I hope we will continue to see Tatiana in other shows/movies as well as Jordan Gavaris. Such an insane amount of talent.
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The Good Wife: Oppo Research (2014)
Season 6, Episode 4
30 October 2014
Hopefully I'm wrong but I feel like the Good Wife is starting to decline after an excellent fifth season. While still a very strong show I've been disappointed with abruptly dropped story lines (Where did Eric Bogosian's character or Melissa George's 'Marilyn Garbanza' go?). Diane seems to be pushed further and further into the background which is tragic and I was reading that Kalinda and Alicia had not shared a scene together in 30 episodes. Not sure if that is true but it certainly has been a very long time since those two have been together. The fifth season started out so exciting with Cary and Alicia starting their own firm but after a few episodes of showing them struggling it seems like the only difference between them and Lockhart/Gardner is the dark gloomy basement setting.

As for this episode where Alicia is pondering running for State's Attorney and all kinds of dirt is being brought up: I just don't understand why they want to go off on this tangent. Unless they picture her being State's Attorney battling her old firm in court. I think it's a mistake and just not interesting. I'm all for the show moving forward but yet another election on the show is not a good direction.
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Inside Amy Schumer (2013– )
Love Amy and this show! Binge worthy.
15 May 2014
Okay in the past few days I just binged on about 14 episodes of 'Inside Amy Schumer' and I love this show. I find it very funny and I think Amy is very talented and extremely likable. The cast around her is great and the writing is very funny. I like the mix of stand-up, sketches, street interviews and sit-downs with regular people. The stand-up/sketch format is pretty standard but the street interviews add to it and usually are about the topic just covered in a sketch.

I'm a little confused by the hating' going on in some of the comments. In the beginning of the show when it says it's for 'Mature' audiences that is your clue to NOT watch it if you are easily offended. As for me I think it's funny stuff and I like that she is self-deprecating and seems genuinely nice. This show and 'Louie' are my favorite comedies right now.
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The Good Wife: Hi (2010)
Season 1, Episode 14
Loving the show
2 January 2014
Just started binge watching this show and love it. Little disappointed in this episode though since the ultimate resolution of the case at hand seemed a little out of left field and abrupt but that's not a huge knock on it. Oh and the Cary 'high' story line was just odd.

Sometimes I wonder about the handling of evidence in the story lines as in would this be considered evidence tampering? I'm willing to buy that it's not but it's more about the characters anyway. When I used to watch House I rarely believed all the medical discussions going on since there tended to be 10 diagnoses per episode. But that was more about the character interactions than the cases at hand. Sorry for rambling but 10 lines is a silly requirement.
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The Shield (2002–2008)
My favorite show of past decade
1 April 2012
I miss this show so much but that said it ended when it should have without extending it's stay. Excellent story lines I shall never forget and excellent characters all around. It was odd to root for a bad guy like Vic Mackey but his rationalization was easy to buy into...you had to operate like the bad guys to beat the bad guys but...too often they get caught up in various temptations be it women or money. Overall I can't think of any bad episodes though maybe a few draggy plot threads here and there but wow....when some of the episodes are so firmly etched into my brain I know it was one of my favorite shows ever (and I'm 47). I put this show above 24 slightly because 24 had some lame subplots even though excellent overall. I never saw 'the wire' so judging by others reviews I guess I need to check that out.
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Homeland (2011– )
Very good start, kind of disappointing ending
1 April 2012
This is a very entertaining show with an excellent performance by Claire Danes. Damian Lewis is also fantastic Been a big fan of his going back to Band of Brothers and Life To me it's not on the level of 24 but the Claire Danes character is much more interesting than Jack Bauer. Problems I had: show slows down in later episodes and her choices are kind of questionable and finally the finale...just disappointed is all I'll say. Positives: Great performances, even some of the melodramatic elements (wife's fling with his friend, some of the family dynamics) are decently written Overall though really well done. Not sure how I feel about a Season2 though. Not sure where they can go from here.
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