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the order of the list is the film rating (from the best to worst).
the order is from the best to worst, even though I think some are not well rated. I love all the films that are into the list, but i missed some...
i liked almost all the performances, i think most of them are well directed, have a good script (not all) and some have good special effects.
I add movies when I remember the ones that are good or when I see them.

Hope you like it. Thank you!
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all the actors on this list are brilliant and very good and are my favorites, and in my opinion, the best. They know well how to represent, which is why we feel that the characters are themselves, but of course they're not. Many of them weren't even nominated for an Oscar, which I think is a shame, because they are fantastic actors and do not even have an indication. for example the actor Cillian Murphy, he's one of my actors favouritos, simply because he is an astonishing actor.

I hope you all enjoy the list, thanks.
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These actresses are fascinating and their performances are unforgettable. And, of course, for me they are the best, but that's my opinion. Many of them weren't even nominated for an Oscar, but that doesn't mean they aren't good as the others. I truly love mrs. Meryl Streep, she so amazing. I haven't seen a film with her that I didn't like. My favorite actress is Marion Cotillard, so she's the first on the list. The top 10 is in order, the rest are randomly.

Thank you so much.
Hope you enjoy it!
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this list is to make known, in my opinion, the top 50 best villains characters of movies

some of these villains are epic, classic, despite being the bad guys we still love them
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They all are really sexy and hot, and this list has no order.
Only the top 10 is in order, the rest not.