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It's not Daria, and if you don't get it, don't bitch, 4 April 2004

The first time I saw this movie I f***ing went insane! Best movie I had ever seen! I saw it on the first day of school that year, so it started me off pumped. It meant so much to me, and accentuated and made sense of many parts of my life. I cannot explain how close I am to this movie. My best fiend saw it with me too, and we have been a lot closer since then.

It was very smartly written, realistic as hell- not necessarily the actions, but the feelings behind the actions taken in this movie.

It is basically about this girl named Enid (Thora Birch) who has just graduated high school, and doesn't know where her life is going. She quickly discriminates against others, though I think that most of the time, she is justified. Enid and her friend Rebecca are spending the whole movie thinking about getting an apartment, but Enid procrastinates. She basically stops caring about anything that will help her in life, and entertains herself by hating everything that she can. This makes her depressed, and she loves it. Enid becomes involved with an older jazz/ragtime enthusiast named Seymour (Steve Buscemi) who has issues relating to others. Enid likes/ is intrigued by him, and feels that he can relate to her better than anyone else that she knows in her world. Seymour is her drug. As a drama, Ghost World was great. The first half of the movie, though, was one of the funniest, darkest setups I have ever seen. A lot of sarcastic humor that many would call ______ist, but whatever. It's got some of the best one liners I've ever heard. I will not go on and on about the ending, because other reviewers have overly voiced their 10 line opinions about how it's so good that it's gone past bad and back to good again or really "sucky and artsy". About the ending, I will say this- It is not a normal Hollywood ending. That's good. Hollywood is redundant.

"A tampon in a teacup?"

"It's my response to a women's right to choose. It's something I feel super strongly about!"

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The worst/best movie of all time!, 17 April 2004

Team Buckaroo Banzai, superheroes, band members, comic book crusaders, Winnebago drivers, top scientists, and do-gooders cross into the 8th dimension and other things happen, too. The rest is a blur, and it somehow makes you stupider than before. An alien that looks like Rick James is in it! Crappy 80's special effects rein supreme in this movie. A band's bad rock music adds to a woman's depression leading to her attempted suicide. Yep, everyone reading this review should stop what they are doing, go rent/buy Buckaroo Banzai, and watch it now. Then try to tell all of your friends about this movie without making then puke in your face and then ditch you on a street corner. This movie is so awesome, that I want to crap my pants, kick my mom in the face, and headbutt my dog! Buckaroo Banzai is so cool that it goes past "totally sweet", and the on to "awesomely mad boss"!

The Matrix (1999)
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I'm told that the matrix has you..., 6 June 2004

Keanu Reaves, Lawrence Fishburne, Carrie Ann Moss

The Matrix is a very interesting movie about reality. How does one know exactly what is going on in their lives, if they are confined only to what their 5 senses are telling them?

The Hype: Hype is hype, no matter what movie is popular at the time. Do not listen to your friends who tell you it sucked, or was totally awesome. Watch it yourself, and rate it.

The Acting: Many people say that the acting in this movie was horrible. I disagree. I think that a large group of people trying to get their world back wouldn't have much of a culture to make an example for them on how to express themselves in "this certain way" that most other movies are shown in. Everyone in the movie was acting humbled by fear, which is exactly what anyone would act like in that situation.

The Story: It raises a lot of discussion points, and ideas of what is reality, what is control (picks up more in Matrix Reloaded), religious references (mostly for extremists to scream at each other about), armageddon, do we need machines, is there a such thing as technologically going too far, should AI theory be developed; ect. I believe the storyline of this movie was a lot better than most others, especially nowadays, when movies like "The Fast and the Furious", "XXX", "Torque", and my own personal least-favorite, "Biker Boyz". If you have action, then why not have more of a story.

Action: Really cool for the time, but once you've seen a fight scene once or twice, it's time to move on.

Good Movie 9.5 out of 10

go see it

The Pest (1997)
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John Leguizamo is such an idiot!, 18 April 2004

Summary: A German Nazi hunts people, and has caught at least one of each of every race on the planet, except for one. The Puerto Rican. A small-time hustler (Leguizamo) is picked out to be hunted and craziness insues. The movie itself isn't really that great, and laughable jokes are few and far between, but a small handful of one liners, and silly setups make this "film" worth watching, so check it during a really boring time in your life, and get amused! Leguizamo sings one of the craziest most obnoxious songs ever known to man, and then almost kisses his mom. He gets hit on by the Nazi's son Himel, and then gets thrown up on. The "Pest" as everyone calls him, trips over a tricycle.