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Like, this show like, is, like, LAME-O!, 5 November 2004

Basically, this show is about 4 kids who like sports. Otto Rocket, the extreme sports player who usually screws things up Reggie Rocket, the only girl and the one who usually bails Otto out Sam 'Squid' Dullard, the nerdy computer geek who cant stand in skates Maurice 'Twister' Rodriguz, the low IQ filmmaker

I used to watch this show for about a week until I woke up with the feeling, "I actually liked this?" I began to laugh at myself.

Basic storyline:

"Let's go skiing!" says Ray-mundo, Otto's dad. So they go skiing and Otto sees the restricted section. "Hey Twister, let's sneak in!" Otto says. "I dunno," Twister says. "Cmon, don't be a baby!" Otto says. So they sneak in and Reggie sees them but doesn't tattle. Otto and Twister get lost. "Wheres Otto and Twister?" Raymundo asks. "In the restricted section," Reggie says. So they find them and they get punished but learn a valuable lesson.

I'm sure you're nearly bursting with excitement. I recommend this show for people who's IQ is as low as Twisters and can't understand what they're watching.

1/2 out of 10. And that's a 'half', not a 'one' or 'two'.

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Not meant for a movie, 3 November 2004

I know most of the other reviews say that this movie was great, but I have to disagree.

Sure, it's a good book! It was actually one of my favorites when I was verrry little. But it's just not meant for theaters. Maybe for a little half-hour short, but I don't see how they can turn a short kiddie book into a whole feature film.

It is a cute movie, but I would only recommend it for really little kids. Older kids will have no interest it. Adults may have a little more interest if they watch it with their young ones. But anyone ages 7-Adult will have a snore-fest.

Sorry if you disagree with me, but this is my opinion. :)

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Amazing must-see!!!!!, 3 November 2004

I don't really like musicals, because they always turn out sappy and overromantic. Yet Bye Bye Birdie was truly great. I watched it once, then at least a dozen more times after.

Janet Leigh, Ann-Margaret, and Dick Van Dyke were all exceptionally good actor/actresses. The songs and singing were phenomenal, and the expressions on their faces even better.

Jesse Pearson plays Conrad Birdie, the 'hottie' rockstar of his time. Kim McAfee (Ann-Margaret) is his biggest fan, and the leader of his fan club. Much to everyones dismay, Conrad Birdie is about to be drafted and no one can obviously do much about it. He has a contest for girls to be chosen for his Farewell Kiss, which will be shown live on TV. Kim is ecstatic when she is chosen.

Truly a funny but touching musical. *****/***** stars. Definitaly recommended.

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A can't-miss Halloween must!, 2 November 2004

The thing I loved most about this Charlie Brown Halloween special was the sheer simplicity of it. The creators obviously aimed this at people of all ages; It is just so funny and cute, it's impossible not to love. There is no horror, thriller, or gruesome bloody scenes. It shows what Halloween is really about- the fun of trick-or-treating, and being with your friends.

Linus believes in the 'Great Pumpkin', the Santa Claus of Halloween. He misses out on Halloween to stay in the Pumpkin Patch, waiting for the Great Pumpkin to pick his pumpkin patch as the most sincere. Meanwhile, Charlie Brown and the gang get invited to Violet's halloween party. The gang save Sally goes trick-or-treating as well. Sally decides to stay with Linus.

Don't miss out on this! A must see for Halloween.

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Not worth my time, 1 November 2004

After watching Pirates of the Caribbean and loving it, I expected to like this other Disney ride movie as well. I was 100% wrong.

None of the movie makes any sense. Watch it and you will see the whole plot is unnecessary. The acting wasn't very good either- Not one of my favorite movies.

Eddie Murphy plays a work-obsessed real estate agent who looks at a spooky mansion for sale. It starts to rain and the 'Master' won't let them leave. Little does the family know that the mansion is haunted.

The only part of this movie did I enjoy was watching and pointing, "Hey, I remember that from the ride!" I have to give them credit; Everything was an almost perfect replica of the ride.

A cute kiddie thriller, this movie is better for younger kids. I do not recommend it for anybody who would actually be able to realize how unnecessary the plot is.

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Funny!! Definite recommendation!, 1 November 2004

My friend and I were renting a movie, and, out of all the choices, we definitely did not expect to pick this one. Britney Murphy and Ashton Kutcher are not my first choice.

We ended up renting it and watching it. I can not tell you how funny this movie is. The acting is just so great, and the humor is perfect.

The plot is a little cliché, but I enjoyed watching it. Of course it is not my favorite, but I definitely had fun watching it.

I recommend this for ages about 10-Adult. 9/10.

Don't judge the cast- I wasn't so excited about Murphy and Kutcher, but I ended up liking the movie tremendously.

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Cute family film, 1 November 2004

Tim Allen stars in this funny film! When I first saw it, I did not expect to like it at all. It turned out to be very cute.

Tim Allen plays a character who learns he has a 13 year old son living on a tribal island with his wife, who has been living there for a while. He brings the child, who has obviously never seen real civilization, home. Madness ensues.

My only complaints were that the theme wasn't very original, and some parts just were plain not funny.

I would recommend this movie for ages 7/8-Adult. Definitely check it out; You never know;)

Spaceballs (1987)
Probably the funniest parody out there, 1 November 2004

I absolutely loved this movie. The humor was so funny, and so well thought out, I was astounded by how I had never heard of the movie before that day.

A spoof on Star Wars, Spaceballs is an extremely funny parody. I had an excellent time watching how Princess Vespa is kidnapped on her wedding day. She is rescued by 2 space- morons, if you want to be exact. Watch their funny adventures as they try to return Vespa home safe and sound.

Definitaly one of my favorites. 9 1/2 out of 10. I would recommend this for ages 10 and up. Some of the humor is a little mature and inappropriate.

Boring, gets a bit better., 1 November 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first watched the movie, I almost left during the first 45 minutes. I decided to keep watching, just in case.

The movie did get a little better. Though it was very unrealistic, and the actors weren't playing their characters realistically. If Rosalee really did win a date with Tad Hamilton, she would have been a lot more excited than Kate Bosworth portrayed her.

In this movie, Rosallee Futch is a Tad Hamilton fanatic who wins a date with him through a contest. Her male friend is jealous, because he really loves Rosallee. Basically, Rosallee finds out that Tad isn't the person she thought he was.

*******SPOILER********* The best part of the movie is towards the end. Topher Grace, who plays the jealous friend, cries to Tad, "You don't know anything about Rosallee! You don't know how she has six smiles; One when she's happy, one when she's with her friends," etc.

Later Tad is on the plane with Rosallee and steals Pete Monash(Topher Grace)'s line and tells Rosallee about her 6 smiles. Rosallee smiles and says, "Alright, which one is this?" Tad must admit that he stole the line from Pete, and Rosallee insists that he takes her to Pete. *******End Spoiler***********

It's a cute flick, but it is a little sappy. 6/10.

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Extremely funny movie! Definite recommendation., 1 November 2004

I could not stop laughing while I was watching this funny film!

Romy and Michele are ditzy blondes who get invited to their 10 year high school reunion. When they realize that their success is no match compared to the other classmates', they make up a phony story about how they invented Post-its, since no one really knows(or cares) who invented them.

This is a hilarious movie and one of my favorites. Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino do an excellent job portraying their characters.

A definite recommendation. 11/10. I would suggest older audiences, though. Be sure to take out Romy and Michele's High School Reunion at your nearest rental store :P ;)

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