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I am addicted to Days, 19 October 2007

I absolutely adore this show! I stumbled upon it by accident in 1999 on a school lunch break and have been hooked ever since! Sky One cruelly axed it and then Channel 5 picked it up - unfortunately this was only a brief period.

Its been off UK screens until - I SALUTE YOU - Zone Romantica for bringing Days Of Our Lives back into OUR lives! Its roughly a year thats past in episodes so its easy catch up on. Yes the story lines, sets and acting are very comical at times - thats just what makes it so addictive. I loved the whole Garden of Eden storyline with Greta and Austin - oh how I wish Carrie would come back and get Austin away from Sammie! Anyway the Princess Gina thing was so good! I really hope Marlena starts her radio agony aunt show again - that was classic! Well enjoy people - Zone Romantica weekdays 9am, 2.40pm & 9pm (sky digital channel 149)

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wow, my new fav film!, 14 June 2006

O my god. How much do I love this film and Lena Headey! I'd been waiting to see this film for absolutely ages but was definitely worth the wait.

From start to finish I was completely hooked! The amazing setting, humour and at last a great British gay film.

We so need to see more of this.

Piper's accent was so great! Still amazed Well I just love it, and cant stop bugging my friends to see it too!

The cast were just to great together, the humour of 4 weddings, and bridget jones. and the sentiment of Love Actually! What more could you want?!!