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a very important part of my childhood..., 16 November 2005

Although I myself did not get to experience the seventies, being born too late, I still got a little taste through this movie. My parents showed it to me first on laser disc (how many of you remember that phase?) and I must have watched it dozens of times. It's really a fantastic film for children to watch to get the message that it's okay to be different, to not do what everyone else is doing. I always loved the "William Wants a Doll" vignette, and of course who could forget Marlo Thomas and Harry Belafonte singing "Parents are People"? I have a copy of this on DVD, because I fully intend for it to be a part of my children's lives. Really, it's very sad that there aren't as many children's movies like this anymore. Let's all have a moment of silence to commemorate the death of the seventies.

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A comedy of miscommunication, 11 June 2004

I thought this movie was hilarious. Almost everything anyone says has a double meaning. (The police chief and the hooker, the big dog, etc) This movie will keep you laughing from beginning to end. Bette Midler is terrific as the kidnapped rich man's wife, and Danny DeVito is also fabulous as the scheming rich man himself. There are thousands of great one-liners that you will keep quoting for years after you see this movie (I know I have) like the unforgettable "I've been kidnapped by K-Mart!" and "You lying @#$*%^!!! Oh, honey, they made me say that!" This is a must see! So go see it! Now! What are you still reading this for, you should be out renting the movie!!

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Strange and intriguing, 9 April 2004

This unusual tale of a unicorn who, on discovering that she is the last of her kind, goes on a search for her fellows, is often mistaken for a children's movie because it is animated. Actually, this movie can be frightening at times, with themes that could easily go over a child's head. The music is strikingly beautiful, particularly the title song, The Last Unicorn. The animation itself is also different, going with a less fluid, more pronounced movement style. The voices, including Alan Arkin, Jeff Bridges and Mia Farrow, are also very good. Anyone who has seen The Lord of the Rings will appreciate Christopher Lee as King Haggard. I would recommend this film, but take the time to appreciate it. It is the type of movie that one can watch multiple times and gain something new each time.