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Like documentaries as much as I do? How many of these have you seen? Have you seen any good ones that I left out?
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Titles with "America" in the title.
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When I started this list, it blew up to over 100 titles, but then we saw a handful of game changers in November and the "Best of" list had to become the "Best of the Best." They're mostly in "no particular order." But, my FAVOURITES have floated up to the top, mostly, and the "honourable mentions" have sort of sunk to the bottom. There is something here for everyone, both old and new.
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In random order, these are the WORST movies ever. Trust me, steer clear of these, you have much better things to do with your time.
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From 1 to 10
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Movies in which a key character, plot, or setting point revolve around a dead or dying fathers, grandfathers, or father figures. Attempts have been made to avoid spoilers.
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I watched a ton of movies in 2013, more than most people see in 3 or 4 years. New, old, and many genres. I saw some really great stuff. Some might say I'm using the word liberally, but here's a list of the best, and in the order I watched them. While all of these movies aren't in my all-time top 100, they are the best I saw this year. Trite, over-watched, over-hyped, underrated, good, bad, ugly: if it's on this list, I thought it was noteworthy. I wanted to keep it under 100, but failed.
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This list is embarassingly mammoth. It's true though, these are (a creatively titled list) movies I have watched in 2012. I keep a log and will make an attempt to post these all in chronological order and to also post my my notes about them all. I only started my log in late February, jotting down some that came before in random order. As of the start of this list (early April), I have probably watched about 200 movies. By the time I finish the backlog on it, I definitely will have. These are not all the best movies, or recommendations. Some of them are the best. Some of them are the WORST films I have ever seen. These do not reflect my taste. They might be a testament to the fact that I don't mind watch about anything... This is just a log of everything I watched. The Bad, the Amazing, and the Sinister, these are not my recommendations, but what I watched, for posterity and consideration.
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I hope mum watches half these when she can't sleep, can't read, is bored, is sad, and is getting BETTER...