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Central message is delivered, 20 March 2005

First off as this is a movie obviously it is not 100% accurate.The film makers recognise that this will be the case though and make it in such a way that the main message does get through.The movie couldn't have been made without mentioning the violence in the North etc. but this isn't really what its about.It is about the failings of the British legal system ,and the injustice that led to completely innocent people spending up to 15 years in prison for something they had nothing to do with, whilst the real bombers continued their campaign.

It just goes to show what mass hysteria will do.In reality there were 4 main culprits carrying out most of these bombings and yet Gerry Conlon and the rest were locked up for being in the vicinity of the bomb,and being Irish.That was their crime.

I see reviews here moaning about how it was from the Irish side only etc. but this is unsurprisingly from English people.Its a FACT that the English legal system sent these people to rot knowing full well that they were innocent.What does that say about them?It would lead you to question every court decision ever made in Britain.Also someone else complained about the English always being shown in a bad light etc.Thats because this is the way they have carried on for years but they don't like to hear the truth.

There were a handful of terrorists going around carrying out these bombings which I am horrified by as innocent people were killed, but it must be remembered that this was a drop in the ocean as to what has been carried out in Ireland by the British over the years.It would also make you wonder what would drive these people to such lengths as to feel they needed to bomb innocent civilians in order to be heard.

All in all this movie succeeds in creating a picture of the chaos of the time and showing the effect that the injustice had on the lives of those wrongly accused without vilifying anyone in particular.

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Decent enough, 28 January 2005

This is shown pretty late at night over here so probably not many people have seen it but I would agree with the earlier statements of it being underrated.We get a lot of Australian shows over here so know the general standard quite well and this is quite entertaining.I noticed that guy from that other show heartbreak high that I used to watch as a kid but thats about it.

Still I think it probably deserved a longer run although I know in most countries there is a saturation of cop shows at the moment so this probably wasn't given much of a chance.Still it makes a bit of a change from the usual Aussie stuff we get like neighbours, and home and away, or anything with delinquent high school students.

Simply the best, 10 October 2004

Its simple, forget what everyone else says, The Simpsons is without question the greatest television show of all time.Well at least the first 8 or 9 series are, but even this is far longer than any other T.V. show would ever last and a decline in quality was always going to happen.You still get the odd not bad episode and almost every episode has some funny moments but I don't think anyone could argue that the show is not what it once was.Surely the masters of movie parody, and the parody of modern culture in general, the simpsons has been going strong for over a decade.I don't know how many countries its been shown in but it must be nearly all of them, well all of the ones that have televisions anyway.

There wouldn't be enough time, or space, to do this program justice here but suffice to say it captures family life, and not just American family life, as I can relate to this as I'm sure can many others easily.The constant squabbling, countless hours spent watching television, annoying neighbors, school, and even the characters in Moe's tavern all ring a bell.Homer is of course the star of the show with his poor work ethic (thats being kind) fondness of Duff beer, and his incredible stupidity all make him the best character in the show.All the characters do play their part however with some of the best classic lines ever said coming from this show eg. when Marge discovers Homer doing something illegal he replies,'but Marge I swear, I thought you'd never find out!'.

The show was hit badly I feel by the loss of the late Phil Hartman who voiced both Troy McLure, and Lionel Hutz, who were both hilarious and helped the development of many of the best episodes.Even still there are movies in the pipeline and lets hope they can recapture the old magic to let the best show ever go out the way it deserves, on top.

Backs to the wall boys, 3 October 2004

Thinking back to when this was released I was only about 11 yrs old so probably wouldn't have taken much of an interest in this type of movie anyway, but this film was criminally underrated at the time, only about breaking even in box office terms when on reflection it is probably in the top 5 movies of all time.I did manage to see this when I just rented it out on video a couple of years later and the upshot of its being barely recognised or credited at that time was that for a change, I didn't really know much about the film before watching and certainly didn't know how it ends which I feel is a real must for you to enjoy this movie properly.

Without giving anything away this movie will almost make you feel like you are serving the life sentence that has been falsely put upon Andy Dufresne (brilliantly played by Tim Robbins) for murder along side him, suffering along the way with him.Its also a period piece set in a typical prison of the 40's/50's where prison just wasn't the holiday camp it seems to be nowadays and life meant life.It therefore goes with the territory that you see some of the brutal treatment dished out to the prisoners and knowing all along that Andy is the only innocent guy in the whole joint makes it even harder to take as he seems to get treated worst than most what with all the murders, and rapists walking around who often target him.Andy is a very bright fellow though and uses his intelligence, and friendship with Morgan Freemans character 'Red' to somehow help him through it.Weighing in at almost 3hrs the movie can be tough going but is always entertaining, with a sentimental streak which isn't necessarily a bad thing with an uplifting ending with a twist that leaves you with a great sense of satisfaction.

My rating *****/*****

Kingpin (1996)
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Crude but hilarious, 26 September 2004

If you've ever seen a Farrelly brothers movie the chances are you know the type of humour they are famous for so will know what to expect here.Of their comic masterpieces of the 90's I would place this movie third just behind dumb and dumber (funniest movie ever) and there's something about mary.Its full of quirky characters with excellent performances from woody harrelson as the crippled washed up ex-bowling champ, and randy quaid as his prodigious amish bowling protege.

Without doubt though it is Bill Murray who steals the show as the fellow professional bowler who appears like a saint on the outside to the media but who is really a nasty (but hilarious) individual with the worst comb over ever.Throw in the beautiful Vanessa Angel and a host of quick fire and sometimes squirm inducing gags and you have one of the funniest films of the 90's.

My rating ****/*****.