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Roger Dodger (2002)
A great movie and commentary on 30-something single, professional men in the big city.
17 August 2005
Seldom does an honest movie come along that explores the plight of single, professional men in the big city. Whit Stilman did it a couple of times in Barcelona and The Last Days of Disco. Dylan Kidd does a remarkable job with this theme in Roger Dodger.

Campbell Scott plays Roger, copywriter for an advertising firm in New York. He and his boss, Joyce (Isabella Rossellini) are in a physical relationship that ends, just as soon as Roger's nephew Nick (played by Jesse Eisenberg) comes to town on a "find out your ideal profession day" for his high school.

Nick knows Roger has a reputation for being a ladies man and asks him for advice on fishing for women. Over the evening Nick finds that Roger's reputation exceeds his record.

Roger is an atheist with a penchant for evolutionary psychology, and the movie brings up serious questions as to whether a life lived in the city with purely biological and sensual aims (Roger tells Nick at one point "sex is everywhere!" and his coworkers during lunch that men are using their primary utility to technological advances) can bring any kind of serious fulfillment. As you ask these questions you see Roger embarrass himself at the office party held by his boss (who by now has reeled in one of Roger's coworkers) and regress to a late night visit to a filthy whorehouse -- the "fail safe" option where women are always available -- with his 15 year old nephew.

Scott, Eisenberg and Rossellini perform spectacularly. Roger Dodger is able to be hilariously funny while asking serious questions, and is one of the best films I have seen in a long, long time. Most highly recommended.
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Cobra (1986)
Do you have a lifejacket?
9 April 2004
This picture is classic 1980s action at its best and most cliche. My favorite scene is right at the top of the movie. Cobra is in a supermarket, on the trail of a guy who's killing safeway employees for fun. Cobra's in pursuit. He passes a 6-foot display case of Coors light. Stops. Cracks a can. Takes a sip. Tosses it on the floor. Continues in pursuit.

It reminds me of another 80s action flick few will remember called the Punisher with Louis Gossett Junior. Some dufus is carrying pizza into the torture chamber where LGJ is getting it. EXCEPT HE'S NOT GETTING IT, guys. He's already knocked the guy out with a punch and a pressure point maneuver. Then, Gosset neutralizes the pizza guy. But rather than let the pizza, which is all over the floor, go to waste, he kneels down, takes a couple of pieces, bites, then leaves the room as though nothing has happened.

I learned a lot from Cobra and Stallone's character, Marion Cobretti. First, I need to get a "nitro" option on my car so I can go as fast as he did. Second is a great line to reel in the girl, next time you're out on a date and she's using too much catsup on her fries.

"Do you have a lifejacket?" "Why" "To save all the french fries that are drowning."

This movie is a classic for 80s action lovers. I own the DVD and highly recommend it.
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Pretty much a flawless movie
2 April 2004
I watched TYLD after a prof recommended it in grad school. I had to rent it from an obscure-movies rental place in Alexandria, Virginia and I now own the picture.

There are three elements, mixed together, that make TYLD superb, rich cinema. First, it captures the feel of westerners living abroad, the cluster of expat personalities that you find were you to live or work abroad.

Second, it is one of the best love stories ever crafted, with a "fleeting end of summer feel" between Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver. They are both young; Weaver is stunningly gorgeous. Their romance ends almost as abruptly as it begins. We've all been there.

The movie also captures an awesome historical moment and is fascinating Cold War history. The movie is flawless.
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