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Looper (2012)
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This is a very lazy film, 5 October 2012

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The premise of this film actually had me interested and I was kinda intrigued by a comparison I saw on the side of a bus from a critic calling this the 'Matrix of 2012' or somesuch...High praise indeed I thought! Well...actually, this film pretty well sucked. It isn't thought through too well at all. You can forgive one or two plot holes and odd paradoxes in films about time travel but there are just far too many here and they are all far too obvious.

That aside, the story is just plain dull and doesn't hold any real gravitas. If you like sci fi, you will be disgusted at this film. If you like mob films, you will be disappointed with it. If you enjoy action flicks, there is nothing here for you unless you enjoy your action served with a large slice of ridiculous and a side of dull.

The pacing is horribly disjointed and you will actually become very bored during 'character development time' from around 20 minutes onwards until the last 10 minutes when actually it is quite interesting for all of around 2 minutes - that is, until you realise the film isn't going to deliver on anything it spent the last hour and 10 minutes setting up. The ending is stale, obvious and dull which is the exact three words I would use to describe this trash to anyone who asks me! How this film gets 8+ on IMDb is beyond me. It barely deserves the 2 I gave it...

I'm not a wrestling fan at all..., 11 July 2012

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but this film was beautiful. Harsh, gritty, awkward in parts but ultimately a triumph of direction and sensitivity. 'The Wrestler' it may be called, and a gritty depiction of lower league wrestling it may give but in the end this story isn't about wrestling at all. It's about a man dealing with his life as the one he loved has passed him by. It deals with his loneliness, his frustrations and his ineptitude at forming normal relationships outside of the ring and life he loved.

There is no happiness in this film, so be warned! A few heart warming moments but ultimately this film is about a personal tragedy. As I said at the top, its beautifully handled with sensitivity and skill by the director of which I really shouldn't be surprised as Aronofsky is also responsible for that other masterpiece of personal tragedy 'requiem for a dream'. In this film he has gained a fan and I look forward to his next works.

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God awful movie!, 12 May 2012

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Terrible. Complete trash. Brainless tripe. Insulting to anyone who isn't an 8 year old fan boy. Im actually pretty disgusted that this movie is making the money it is - what does it say about the people who brainlessly hand over the hard earned cash to be 'entertained' in this fashion and then come here to leave a positive 8.8 review?? Oh yes, they are morons. Its the only sensible conclusion to draw. How anyone can rate this movie amongst the pantheon of great titles is beyond me.

So trying to find something constructive to say about this title is hard...I enjoyed Iron Man? Tony Stark is an inspirational character in his own movies but here he is a pale shadow of that...About the only 'hook' this movie had into me was wondering when and if Iron Man would knock Captain America out...Oh how I wished he had :( What were these other characters anyways? Useless, bickering idiots who really couldn't organise happy times in a brewery. The film was a chaotic mish mash of action elements and failed 'set pieces'...

I found the villain to be quite amusing.

And now I give up. This movie is not robbing any more of my time but I felt I ought to contribute to restoring the obvious fake rating and reviews this movie has been getting on IMDb.

The Divide (2011)
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A dark exploration of the worst in all of us...which side do you fall on?, 3 April 2012

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This film is really quite clever in a lot of respects. There is a lot of metatheatre here that the thinking person will notice. People who just want to be guided through a story or watch gore are going to have extreme reactions to this film because it will not satisfy them. There is also a lot of meat for those who enjoy being morally outraged and a fair wedge of missing detail for the pedantic to get stuck into.

Starting from the top - Yes, the characters are not well developed - Their stories are however largely irrelevant. The focus is on the dynamics between the broad archetypes that describe our culture. The real stars of this film are not the actors but the commentary on the concepts we all hold in common that bind us together in society. You don't get cosy with these characters - they are all at their worst without the constraints of a state to intervene. If you read any existential philosophy, Camus or Sartre in particular, you will know exactly what to expect.

This movie is alpha male stuff and there is a lot of beating up on women. They are treated harshly is a fair observation for which the film makes no apologies.

Some critics have cried 'mysogyny!' but I think their badly burnt schema's for human interaction have forgotten that actually when all is said and done it is the 'heroine' that sells out the last decent men - I say decent because Mikey in particular is very misunderstood by the characters. They are distrustful of him and dislike him immediately but in a very amusing way, by some critics here too. He isn't the ogre some have alluded to and in many situations demonstrates not only his supreme level headedness (testing the waters of who would 'turn bad' by not revealing hidden supplies when food was running low) but also extreme moral fortitude after having suffered torture and abuse. When he is freed to sort out the mess everyone else has visited on him he delivers his condemnation of Bobby's behaviour; "...are you proud of what you have done here?".

Nitpicking about the nuances of a nuclear blast...Well okay, but it's really just serves up exactly what the movie needs to get going - the removal of civilised society.

The absence of any big picture explanation about the nuclear attack has annoyed many too but, why care? That isn't the story. Any sort of explanation would just dilute the arc of the film. The absence of knowledge for the circumstances of the attack is a thoughtful device in itself - in the event of a nuclear attack, communications and information would be out of the window almost the instant the bombs fell. Certainly for the civilian population. The sense of isolation - not being able to piece together the thread of the awful things that has and is about to happen to the characters and the paranoia that would be foremost. By withholding this information, the director allows us to feel a measure of this.

Which brings me on to people describing this film as torture porn? Please... Saw or Hostel has more of a claim to that particular niche and those films have mainstream followings. The derogatory inferences that the minority of people who watch this film and enjoy it are somehow getting off on the depravity are well wide of the mark.

There is torture but it's practised with purpose and measured. There is even a correct nod at the repulsiveness of it (the main bad character stating "if I rationalise this, I won't go through with it'). A demonstration by the director that this scene isn't served up for the sadists delectation, more 'we are going to skip ahead a little here as there is no way Mickey is going to give up the information - here is what we all know will inevitably happen to him'. The scene also removes the common sense anchor up until this point and allows the social dynamic to completely degrade and 'the divide' to emerge - The point of the film, no less.

I thought this was a solid film although from my perspective the conclusions were all pretty obvious removing a little of the interest. One of the main points of interest for me in this film was witnessing the mark at which people remove themselves from social norms and start to confront their own feral appraisal of situations without societal blinkers. There was a good scene with Bobby testing Sam's heterosexual credentials through a bizarre mixture of intimidation and mock friendliness that draws a spotlight on this issue but not a major one.

In the end its a brutally honest look at the human condition at its worse.

Some people are uncomfortable with the depravity to which the human species often sinks and this film will confront them. It screams that people serve their own interests and its only the rules of our societies and the fear of retribution these rules promise for those that step over the mark that put a limit on the lengths to which we would go to satisfy our interests.

Their reactions are telling as it is exactly these polarised reactions to extreme material that the film explores. The metatheatre I alluded to at the start of my review is played out by segregating peoples reactions in almost the same way the characters of the film are divided into their positions. Some of the audience will aggressively react to this film, others passively accept. A few quietly determined individuals pick their way through the detritus towards a better understanding of this film and the society that made it.

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Urgh..., 28 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I want those 2 and a half hours back. I don't have words to describe quite how hard this movie sucks but I will try. Always best to start with a positive though so I will say this movie is probably twice as good as Twilight :) Now for the bad:

1) This movie is paper-light in terms of plot. Dystopian futures centred around class struggles have been done to death. They are not weighty backdrops with which to lend your stories depth.

2) I really couldn't care less about the characters. About an hour in I wished they had all died.

3) The socio-economic backdrop aside, the futuristic vision this film conveys is boring. Maybe that was the point and I am missing it.

4) The premise is ridiculous and clearly Battle Royale and The Running Man had an ugly love child. I understand this film was based off a book series - I didn't know this before watching but even still after nearly 3 hours of my attention if you can't convey the alleged gravitas and merits of this story I am unlikely to be impressed with a deeper literary exploration of this shamelessly exploitative money-grab.

5) Did I mention the plot was paper thin?

6)Any chance of something remotely interesting or 'edgy' in terms of the dynamics of the unlucky lot thrust into the grips of mortal combat was looked over in favour of the mainstream, pleasing approach. I can only imagine this was for reasons alluded to in point 4.

7) The attempted conveyance of a romance in this film was plain ridiculous especially after this lengthy scene was played out straight after the equally ridiculous tragedy of the main characters little friend having just died.

8) Maybe I fell asleep at times but I am pretty sure the only person to have benefited from a 'sponsors drop' was the main girl. I found this odd as much was made of this little rule in the build up and I was led to believe that sponsors would have 'favourites'. Seems they all loved her and hated everyone else.

9) Related to above... Clearly any half decent sponsor would have air dropped a ladder in to the group trying to get her out of a tree.

10) Even as an action film, this flick is nauseating. The 'set piece' fight at the end is lamentable and even then is tinged with the nasty soiling of poorly thought out emotional drivel.

11) Having watched this film not more than an hour ago and having had it rob over 2 hours of my life I think it is still telling that I cannot remember the main characters names.

Anyways, I will stop bashing this film now. Suffice to say I hated it. It's terrible - avoid it if you value half decent cinema. Avoid it if you are just after some cheap action thrills. By all means go watch if you need to test your threshold for boredom, cheesiness or sanity.