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Cannibal (2006 Video)
Needs To Learn How To Eat With Mouth Closed...
14 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This film has very little dialogue, very much male nudity, and is gross, but not in the way you would think... Basically the gore is good not great, the actors do a good job making us believe they are mentally unstable, but the main thing that irked me in this film, and its a LITTLE thing... but the guy cant chew with his mouth closed! Wine spilling, food falling, slopping sounds, its ANNOYING AND JUST NASTIER THAN THE CASTRATION. Also the actors will do these gasps that sound like they are coming from the back of their throat and not their lungs, which is gross too, its just a dirty movie and possibly the CLEANEST scene is the castration... Thanks for listening 5/10.
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The Most Interesting Film I Have Yet Seen...
10 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This film, while somewhat over the top and overly gritty and violent, DOES make you think at the end of the day... "Who are the REAL savages?" A question posed by the main character towards the end of this film.. now I did have a FEW problems with this film...

PROBLEMS: Okay so the movie was great but way too nasty and violent (and I saw the U.S. Edit!) here are some examples. The rape scene (which leads to the raped girl being murdered by her people and hung from a stick, from her anus to her mouth), the birth scene (baby is born then buried alive in thick sludge and left to suffocate.. then the mother is killed), the castration scene (self explanatory) BUT!!!: While all these scenes were hard to watch (just a little hard to watch, not as graphic as you would think.. or maybe thats because I saw the US Edit).. while these scenes are graphic, they are amazingly well shot, and in a morbid and odd way, beautiful. I'm NOT crazy, and I hate violence, I simply am saying for a film done in 1980 the effects are BEYOND the effects of many of today's films, hands down.

As far as the animal killing scenes ( done with real animals, I do NOT approve =,( ) but as far as they go, they are cut from the US Edit, so watch that version to be safe.. Although in the US version, it is not shown, like the sea turtle is not shown being killed, but is shown being eaten.. and the pig is not shown being killed OR eaten, so yeah..

IF you watch this movie PLEASE remember it is just a film. Just a movie. This is the first movie ever where I can accept and appreciate the directors vision and see the art side of it. SO remember its JUST a movie, and TRY to APPRECIATE it not for violence, killings, castration, mutilations, or anything of that sort, but try to appreciate the moral question, and art-drenched shots in this film Thank you for reading my review
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The Tortured (2010)
This Will Make You Go "Oh My God!!" in a good way...
30 October 2012
This movie while being a little too violent for my personal taste, was an ahhhhhmazing cinematic experience... Many people will write it off as a film without substance, however the Ending my friends is nothing short of amazing.. I was saying "Oh my God, NO!" and shaking my head for a good 5 minutes after the credits rolled, this is a definite must see, about a torn family, in debt, mourning the loss of their boy, seeking closure, blind with rage, desperate for revenge, and an overall great great film. Watch it, watch it, watch it!

And by the way before I sign off and post this review, also check these movies out, which I highly recommend: Evidence, Rec, Grave Encounters, The Tunnel, Laid to Rest, and Insidious
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The Hunt (2006)
*Shakes Fist Toward Sky* WHY?!?!?!?!!!!!!!
21 October 2012
Okay so I gave this film a 6 out of 10 stars, but originally it was going to be a 5 out of 10 stars... Here is why; This film starts off pretty good, then quickly descends into a tar pit of 50/50 acting, and mediocre dialogue.. HOWEVER there are a few GREAT things in this movie as well...

I loved the cameraman, he was a crazy dude and was actually believable, and the ENDING... Oh man, the ending is AWESOME! I am sure the ending is almost everybody's favorite part in the film, however I worry that the near 1 and a half hours of in-activity leading up to the ending, may have people tuning out before the best part begins..

As I said, the ending is AMAZING, the acting is "meh...", the kid in the movie is ANNOYING, and overall the film is worth a one time viewing for the amazingly awesome ending.. just remember when your halfway through it... its ALL about the ending! Enjoy
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The Depraved (2011)
I Don't Understad The LOW Rating?!?!?!!
18 October 2012
In a way I can almost understand it (the current 5.0 rating), its a movie that is in your face, non apologetic, and genuinely creepy.. Probably only half the people who watch it can handle it.. And just a little note here people: towards the second half of the movie, the main language spoken is German... So put on the English subtitles ;) The main premise of the film is 3 women and a man (one of the women is his girlfriend) and a tour guide going into the underground tunnels of Nazi Germany era.. Hence the title Urban Explorers... That ALONE is scary! One thing I want to say this film did AMAZINGLY is get me very interested in the German history of the Nazi and Berlin Wall eras.. I found myself enthralled by the stories the characters shared in this film..

Now I wont lie.. This movie is a take it or leave it experience, it is a graphic (visually and psychologically), brutal, creepy, hellish, half German film.. And in all honesty I almost did not like it, but I found myself hours after the viewing completely fixated on the movie.. Why did that happen, why did they do that... HOW COULD they do that... Only a film of excellent caliber can stick with you for a long while after finishing it... Overall I recommend.. Watch with subtitles, in a dark room (It sort of makes it scarier) FINALLY; Here are my first impressions on the characters all of whom were played to perfection by amazingly gifted young actors and actresses: Tour Guide: Seems like a pretty smart dude who knows his way around Daniel: Seems like a calm guy... Daniel's Girlfriend: Nurse, very attractive French Woman: VERY attractive, a little bit of a ditz Oriental Woman: Not attractive. (LOL)
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Apartment 143 (2011)
It's Just Alright.. Contains one SMALL SMALL spoiler.. Trust me
15 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
So basically I am a huge fan of found footage horror, I love the uncertainty and the feeling of inclusion that it brings me. I have seen over 30 of these films (there are not many available to me..) and this one falls in the middle.. Lets start with the PRO's PRO's: Level of tension, Unexpected activity, a few laughs even.. and a good acting job done by the actor who plays the father of the kids.

CON's: The ending could have been done 1,000,000,000 times better.. In all honesty it was way too over the top, and made absolutely ZERO sense as to why the crew would take everything but one camera and pack every other camera and all other equipment... (that was your spoiler, and it really isn't one anyway).. Plus some of the explanations that the "parapsychologists" had for the phenomena made no sense at all.. But watch it for yourself and you will see...

Over all: I was entertained, and actually jumped one or two times.. Its good for a one time play through or a rental at your local BlockBuster or RedBox.. but save your money for a DVD that can and will satisfy you more than this film...

If your interested I recommend these Found Footage Horror films as they are vastly superior: (REC.), Grave Encounters, The Tunnel, Cloverfield, The Children, Home Movies, and also (slightly hard to find but well well well worth the effort) Evidence (I got my copy from England... so try Amazon, but I got mine on EBAY)
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15 October 2012
Lets start off with the PROS PROS: Many pop out scares (especially if watching on a high volume..), the few black and white night vision parts are excellent in making trees look like people (several times I thought I saw someone hanging from a tree, which is what the Hunter does in this movie) CONS: Too much inactivity, not enough stimulating dialogue, TOO MANY IDIOTIC DECISIONS (even for someone who is scared out of their mind.. One small example is having a flashlight and not pointing it in the direction of sound!) HOWEVER... this movie was pretty nice and really good at making your eyes deceive you, and then scaring you with distorted sound, blurred camera vision and pop out scares.. I honestly recommend watching at high volume... but not too high, and at nighttime. I viewed it during the day at high volume and it got me pretty good in the last 40 minutes of the film...

FINALLY: One last thing I should mention is that this movie does tdo a very good job at making you hate the characters, then like them, then hate them again.. so its well worth one watch.
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Its ALL Downhill From Here,,,
14 October 2012
Okay so I actually kind of enjoyed this movie, at first... Let me start by saying that I loved the design, atmosphere, and genuine feel of this film, and I even got scared once or twice, but this movie did something that I can not and will not forgive, they got rid of MY favorite character, first. Also the strongest character in the whole film in my humble opinion... After that there were a few scares (mostly pop out scares) but ultimately it all leads in an incredibly unsatisfactory conclusion... But for fans of found footage films (such as myself).. This movie is worth at least one watch... I hope I helped. And by the way, there are a whole lot of better found footage films out there such as: Evidence, REC., Home Movies, Grave Encounters, Undocumented, etc.. So if your just getting into found footage horror, I recommend you check those titles out before making a judgement based solely on this film.
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Crowsnest (2012)
To Be Honest...
14 October 2012
This movie was okay, not good, not too bad.. There are a few genuine scares, particularly the first death but I found the ending to be very disappointing and dull.. Also I halfway throughout found myself hating two of the characters and found it strenuous to continue watching to the end.

Overall, if you like these Found Footage horror movies, as much as I love them, then absolutely watch it.. but know there are MUCH better ones out there, such as: The Children, Evidence, Grave Encounters, REC. etc.. but then again there are much WORSE ones out there, such as: The Gacey House, August Underground trilogy (boring boring gore, literally no dialog besides cursing..) I recommend a one time watch for true found footage aficionados.
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