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Movies I have seen since my childhood - or at least the ones I could remember. Some I liked, some I didn't. I use this list to keep track and films are in no particular order here. How many of these movies have you seen? I'll be adding more and more here with time. To be on this list they have to be feature films.
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This list consists of TV Shows I've watched either alot off or Shows I've watched one full episode off.
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it would be great to see some of these projects come to the screen.
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This list contains the movies that have set release dates.
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These are TV Shows and Mini Series I want to see.
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Some of the best actors to have ever graced the screen and some of the best up and coming actors.
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This list contains items that can only be viewed if bought on Video.
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This list shows all of the Short Films I have seen.
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This list shows all of the Documentaries I have seen.
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This list shows all the TV Movies and TV Specials I've seen.
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This list shows all of the Video games I've played over my life. I might have completed them or played for a little bit.