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heartstrings 7/10
can we get married 8/10
protect the boss 5.5/10
shut up! flower boy band 9/10
queen inhyun's man 9/10
I miss you 9/10
Spy Myung Wol 6.5/10
What's up 7/10
I hear your voice 8/10
Monstar 8/10
Haeundae Lovers 7/10
all about my romance 6/10
dream high 2 6/10
lovers 6/10
I need romance 3 8/10
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I miss you (2013) 9/10
Spy Myung Wol (2011) 6.5/10
The Romantic and Idol 2 seasons
Pit a Pat Shake
what's up
Autumn's Concerto (2009)-- sooo good
P.S. Man (2010)-- also veryyy good
I hear your voice (2013) 9/10
Haeundae Lovers
all about my romance
ma boy
a list of 58 titles
dream high 2
switch girl season 2
we got married: eunjung
mars 2004
secret angel 2012
MBC Music and Lyrics Variety Show: Junho and So Eun
Le Jun Kai 2013
lovers 2006
20's 2013 (gooddd)
came to me and became a star (2013)
art of seduction 2005
after school: lucky or not 2013
I need romance 3
a list of 94 titles
can we get married?
protect the boss
shut up flower boy band
a list of 41 titles
all the movies I watched and all the tv series I completed.
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Starting July 28th, 12
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