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Old wine in new bottle., 21 July 2010

If you were a fan of Women's Murder Club, and missed it when it was canceled after 13 episodes, you will like this show. Angie Harmon plays a similar character, looks the same, talks and walks in the exact similar way. In this series, the Assistant D.A. and journalist have been ditched.

But don't hold your hopes too high. Angie Harmon has had a very bad luck on television. Her career is chock full of canceled series and this seems to be going in the same direction. Sasha Alexander, on the other hand, shines in her role and a certain amount of restraint brings out the best in her character. She too has been on the fringes, after ditching N.C.I.S., hope this will be her show.

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Sit back and enjoy the ride., 12 May 2009

Dempsey & Makepeace.

This series can be considered to be the original Remington Steele. Dempsey & Makepeace had great chemistry, Makepeace with the brains and Dempsey with the mouth. If you are not too much into serious police procedures and details, you will enjoy this show. Most of the shooting (both with camera and guns) takes place on location in London city.

Glynis Barber, as Sgt. Harry Makepeace, was extremely beautiful, always smartly dressed and from an aristocratic background while Michael Brandon, as Lt. James Dempsey, was handsome and witty with his accent and the love for his weapon, sent over from NYPD on an exchange.

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Awful Program, 3 February 2007

Sarah sitting on the can pants down, her bisexual friend sitting on the can in another seen, "showing" two fingers to represent two, comparing her sister's pubic hair to Cat Stevens face and the list goes on....If you find this kind of humor to your liking switch to Comedy Central to watch the The Sarah Silverman Program.

Playing a so called "stupid" young person, who can't control her mouth but each sentence does come out with punched double meanings and with deriding remarks against one and all. While the pilot might have failed to make an impression even amongst her most ardent admirers, she should think of infusing something into the show as it moves along.

For someone who has been much touted as one of the youngest best female comics of the present day is this the best Sarah Silverman can do on her own independent show?

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Excellent Movie!, 26 June 2006

While most movies show two model like hot woman in a love relationship, this one shows two ordinary women getting to know themselves and then each other.

Connie Nelson plays Dinah Groshardt (an unattached middle aged woman who is made fun off by her students for her lack of love life) , a trigonometry teacher at a high school where Carly Lumpkin (played by Dee Hennigan) works in the principal's office and her husband Ron Lumpkin (played by Gary Carter) teaches algebra.

Carly and Ron have two kids, rebel daughter Val (Jonah Marsh) & pleasing son Avery (Graham Skipper). There is no longer any love left in Carly and Ron's relationship and she has issues with her own body. One day in class Dinah confiscates a love note between Val & her boyfriend Jamie Hooper (Esteban Powell), a budding rock star. Later while Dinah comes to the Lumpkins for dinner, Carly goes through Dinah's purse while she is out playing ball with Ron. She mistakes the note for an affair between the two. Later when she realizes her mistake and confesses to Dinah it leads to friendship and much more.

The movie is thoroughly enjoyable and gives a realistic look at how a love relationship between two women, its effects on their personal and professional lives and a good anticipated ending.

While Connie Nelson looks like Jeremy Irons (ha!ha!, it is Dee Hennigan, who steals the show as Carly who wants to share her love between her new partner and her family. A little obese and petite, she is extremely attractive and looks like a million dollars. Watch out for her basketball scenes with Connie Nelson, one in the buff and one in their wedding dress. Gary Carter plays the unfortunate but understanding husband with great style.