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Fun family tale with special effects by the great Ray Harryhausen and utterly shot in Spain, 3 March 2015

A poor Englishman doctor called Gulliver (Kerwin Matthews) has adventurer plans , so nothing keeps him in the little town he lives , not even his girlfriend Elisabeth (June Thornburn) who wishes to marry him . He signs on to a ship to India in spite of objections his beautiful fiancée . But in a storm he's washed ashore and discovers a fantasy land of small inhabitants called Lilliput in the East Indies where everyone is about two inches tall . Later on , he managed to convince them he's harmless and is accepted as one of their villagers , but their king wants to utilize him in war against his enemies . After that , Gulliver goes to land of Bobdingnag where inhabits giant people .

This is an amusing adventure movie , a colorful family rendition of Jonathan Swift's classic as well as satiric novel written in 1726 . Many scenarios have been constructed in miniature , others have been made by special techniques and remaining are staged by natural outdoors from Spain such as Alcázar de Segovia, Segovia, Ávila, Palacio de La Granja De San Ildefonso palace, La Granja, San Ildefonso, Segovia, Castilla y León, and Paltja d'Aro, Girona, Catalonia . Flavorful performance from Kerwin Matthews , Jo Morrow , Lee Patterson , Gregoire Aslan , Basil Sydney , Martin Benson , among others . Adequate and spectacular art direction by Gil Parrondo who subsequently would achieve Academy Award for Patton . Rousing and evocative score of Bernard Herrmann , Hitchcock's regular . Glimmer and glamorous scenarios well photographed by Wilkie Cooper . Professional though uneven direction by filmmaker Jack Sher

The highlights of the movie are the great visual effects by craftsman Ray Harryhausen , including his ordinary monsters using his customary system Dynamation . After three sci-fi monster films such as The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms , 20 Million Miles to Earth , It Came from Beneath the Sea and work with Willis O'Brien in Mighty Joe Young and on an Irwin Allen documentary titled : The animal world , Harryhausen did the effects work for The 7th Voyage of Sinbad or Sinbad and the princess (1958) also starred by Kerwin Matthews , his first split-screen film shot entirely in color, which was highlighted by Harryhausen's mythological monsters interacting with actors . Because Harryhausen worked alone on his stop-motion animation sequences, the filming of these could often take as long as two years, the most famous example of the kind of patience required being the exciting skeleton sword fight sequence in his most popular film Jason and the Argonauts (1963) in which Harryhausen often shot no more than 13 frames of film (one-half second of elapsed time) per day . The 1960s were Harryhausen's best years, among the spotlights being his reunions with dinosaurs and other creatures in Hammer Films' One Million Years B.C (1966) , The Valley of Gwangi (1969) , Mysterious Island (1961) and this The 3 Worlds of Gulliver (1960) . His pace slowed in the 1970s, but he produced three of his masterworks during that period : The fantastic voyage of Sinbad (1973); Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977) and Clash of Titans (1981).

Other versions about this immortal novel are the followings : ¨Gulliver's travels¨(1939) by Max and Dave Fleischer , being an animated retelling ; ¨Gulliver's travels¨(1977) by Peter Hunt with Richard Harris , Catherine Schell , in which real life and cartoon mix in a three-dimensional tale ; TV adaptation (1995) by Charles Sturridge with Mary Steenburgen , Edward Fox , Peter O'Toole , Edward Woodward , Ned Beatty , in which Gulliver/Ted Danson is confined in Bedlam insane asylum after being lost at sea for eight years and he relates his odd adventures in the tiny land and among the giants and the silly and impractical intellectual of Laputa . And recent comical recounting (2010) by Rob Letterman with Jack Black , Jason Segel , Emily Blunt and Amanda Peet .

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Murder drama plenty of plot twists , thrills and suspense , being inspired by Shakespeare's "Hamlet", 2 March 2015

Crime thriller about a teen believes that her father's suicide was murder . After popular and charismatic megachurch leader Hamilton Spears (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) is killed, his teenage daughter Hannah's (Shanica Knowles) life goes off the rails . The only thing keeping her together is her new boyfriend, Oliver . When she finds evidence pointing to a church conspiracy and threats toward her father, she is determined to prove that Hamilton's death was a cruel murder . She uncovers a conspiracy among church members and the possibility that her mother, Martha Spears to be a murderer . As she gets closer to the truth, she realizes her own mother (Tamala Jones in a Hamlet's Gertrudis role alike) along with her lover (Michael Beach who plays Claudio role alike) may be involved in her father's murder and that the boy (Romeo Miller at an Ofelia character alike) she is falling in love with may be the son of his killer.

This Lifetime original production includes murder , adultery , twists , turns and a series of lies . Megachurch Murder" is not your typical church movie . The story centers on the mysterious death of pastor which causes his teenage daughter to go off the rails , she then discovers by means of a computer her father may have been murdered . The flick bears remarkable resemblance to Shakespeare's Hamlet play , taking here and there several situations and personages such as Gertrudis , Claudio , Polonio , Laertes , Ofelia and even Rosencrantz y Guildenstern . The picture has a good cast and support actors who give acceptable acting . As Tamala Jones has spent the past two decades making a name for herself in Hollywood and now her hard work is paying off in big ways , Jones currently stars as Lanie Parish on ABC's long-running series "Castle" , here she plays a devious church lady in Lifetime's upcoming original movie "Megachurch Murder" , and she played a role in the minister's death . The real starring results to be Shanika Knowles in a Hamlet role alike , she plays some songs too .

The movie packs an atmospheric and appropriate cinematography . Adequate as well as thrilling musical score by Sean Murray , a TV usual composer . The motion picture was professionally directed by Darin Scott . Darin is a nice actor , writer , producer and director, known for Something wicked (2014) , American Horror House (2012) , Dark House (2009), Caught Up (1998) and Tales from the Hood (1995) . Rating : passable and decent direct to video film .

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Italian/Spain co-production fright flick about a psycho killer who hacks up brides with a hatchet, 1 March 2015

The man who brought you such successful chillers as "5 Dolls for an August Moon" , ¨Operazione Paura¨ ,¨Black Sabbath¨ , "Six Women for the Murderer" , ¨The Evil Eye¨ goes back in this nice film that packs great cinematography , impressive spectacle and well staged killings . It begins developing an elaborate animated collage for the film opening credits , being originally created by the great Mario Bava . The flick deals with a respected fashion mogul who runs a house of style where happens several bloody murders and gruesome executions . As a bridal design shop owner called John Harrington (Stephen Forsyth) kills various young brides-to-be (Femi Benussi) in an attempt to unlock a repressed childhood trauma that's causing him to commit murder . John contracts a new fashion model , that person ultimately being Helen Wood (Dagmar Lassander) , who eventually gets a little too close for his comfort . Harrington is facing further torment in the mutually unsatisfying marriage to Mildred (Laura Betti , originally the script didn't include the role , it was only after expressed interest in working with Bava that the director re-wrote the script so that Betti could have a suitable starring) who subsequently to return to haunt him as a ghost . Meanwhile , a police inspector named Russell (Jesus Puente) investigates the strange killings , being his prime suspect Harrington . When Russel enters Carrington's home , the latter tells the screams heard are caused by the television set (the TV show that Harrington refers to in an attempt to fool Inspector is a clip from Mario Bava's own Black Sabbath (1963) - specifically the "Wurdalak" sequence featuring Boris Karloff) .

Mario Bava strikes again in this mysterious and grisly picture with haunting atmosphere , colorful photography and strange musical score . Bava's great success (the first was ¨Black Sunday¨ or ¨Mask of Demon¨)is compellingly directed with startling visual content . This frightening movie is plenty of thrills , chills , high body-count and glimmer color in lurid pastel with phenomenal results . Interesting screenplay filled with twists , turns and rare situations by prolific Santiago Moncada , an usual playwright . This is a classic slasher where the intrigue , tension , suspense appear threatening and lurking in every room , corridors and luxurious interior and exterior . Nice as well as twisted acting by Stephen Forsyth as a psychotic killer who manages a model house . This genuinely mysterious story is well photographed by the same Mario Bava with magenta shades of ochre , translucently pale turquoises and deep orange-red . Filmed on location in Barcelona , Harrington's villa , Rome , Paris and studios Alfonso Balcazar . The Spanish villa that the majority of the film was shot at was formerly the touristic home of Spanish dictator Generalissimo Francisco Franco .

The movie well produced by Manuel Caño belongs to Italian Giallo genre , Bava (¨Planet of vampires¨, ¨House of exorcism¨) along with Riccardo Freda (¨Secret of Dr. Hitchcock¨ , ¨Il Vampiri¨) are the fundamental creators . In fact , both of whom collaborated deeply among them , as Bava finished two Fedra's films ¨Il Vampiri¨ and ¨Caltiki¨ . These Giallo movies are characterized by overblown use of color in shining red blood , usual zooms and utilization of images-shock . Later on , there appears Dario Argento (¨Deep red¨, ¨Suspiria¨,¨Inferno¨), another essential filmmaker of classic Latino terror films . Rating : Good, this is one more imaginative slasher pictures in which the camera stalks in sinister style throughout a story with magnificent visual skills.

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Pleasant and decent Spanish comedy along with some drama elements , being efficiently directed by expert comedian director Fernando Colomo, 28 February 2015

Spanish Dramedy (Drama and comedy) set in the 20s with emotion , humor , fun , amusing situations and nice players . In 1919 , a drifter as well as novice writer , Gerald Brenann, a Brit young of noble family arrives in Yegen, a village in Alpujarras from Granada province . There he meets some villagers and then rents a house for a year . Gerard is a writer and poet and has a few money as well as a love of reading and writing . His objective is loneliness and writing , having a lot of books as only company . He's soon the center of attention from his maid , María (Trujillo) , who has a marriageable daughter , Angeles (Bebe); from Paco (Guillermo Toledo) , a man who decides to guide Gerald in the ways of the village and of love ; from the village's priest (Antonio Resines) , his hidden lover (Angela Molina) , her friend who loves St. Teresa , and , from Juliana (Veronica Sanchez) , a gorgeous adolescent who baths nude herself by the river .

This comedy/drama contains a romantic love story , social habits , humor , entertainment and including some nudism with strong love scenes . This is a slightly funny film with entertaining events , giggles , emotion , an enjoyable love story and touching scenes at its final part . The film moves in fits and starts most of which would be desirable , with more traps the viewer resists any kind, and some moments of enjoyment and others quite a few embarrassing with some absurdities and implausibilities . The flick gives a short description about rural lives of low-classes in the twenties . This is a typical Spanish comedy from the 2000s with the usual ingredients such as agreeable humor , villagers customs , relationships among people . The roles in this film are all lovable despite being rather pathetic and unfortunate . Our starring Gerald must sort out his feelings and face down the machinations of the village's women , who map a future he doesn't want . The picture also explores the complex relationship among known Brit artists such as Ralph Partridge (Laurence Fox) , Dora Carrington (Jessica Kate Meyer) , Lytton Strachey (James Fleet) , issue formerly dealt in the film ¨Carrington¨ . The flick attempts to spread optimism about the events of life , friendship and love , with its amusing sides but also including some risks . The film deals with the relationship between Spanish and Anglo Saxon youth , including language problems , a topic also treated by the director in other films such as ¨Linea Del Cielo¨ , ¨Efecto Mariposa¨ and ¨Los Años Barbaros ¨ . Sympathetic performances from protagonist duo who provides a considerable boost to the result , such as Matthew Goode as the subsequent famous author Gerald Brennan and Veronica Sanchez , a teen beauty who's the daughter of a witch . Likable support cast gives good acting such as Guillermo Toledo , Bebe , Consuelo Trujillo , Mariano Peña , Ángela Molina , Mariana Cordero , Antonio Resines , among others . A well acted, so so crafted, movie that should be considered as a return in form to the typical Spanish comedy of yesteryear . The picture achieved Goya prizes for Best Original Score , Juan Bardem , and nominated for Best Production Supervision Goya Best New Actress , Verónica Sánchez , and Best Cinematography , José Luis Alcaine and Best Special Effects , Reyes Abades.

Atmospheric and appropriate musical score by the notorious Juan Bardem , a magnificent composer who has composed a lot of films . Furthermore , a colorful and evocative cinematography by Jose Luis Alcaine who was first cinematographer to use fluorescent tube as "key" lightning and deemed to be one of the best Spanish cameramen . Alcaine frequently works with Pedro Almodóvar , Bigas Luna and Vicente Aranda , as he has photographed ¨The skin I live in¨ , The bad education¨ , ¨Volver¨ , ¨Women in the verge of a nervous breakdown¨, among others . Here he shows splendidly the impressive landscapes from Alpujarras . The motion picture was professionally written and directed Fernando Colomo . Fernando Colomo was born in Madrid and is a talented and versatile writer/director who has made a vast array of often solid and entertaining films in all kind of genres as comedy, drama and one science fiction movie (1985 El caballero del Dragón) in a career that spans over 30 years . Especially known for directing comedies such as 1987 La Vida Alegre , 1988 Miss Caribe , 1989 Bajarse al Moro , 1993 Rosa Rosae , 1994 Alegre Ma Non Troppo , 1995 Efecto Mariposa . And in the 2000s directed Al Sur Granada (2003) , El Próximo Oriente (2006), Rivales (2008) and La Banda Picasso (2012) .

Fail Safe (1964)
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Gripping and interesting picture in which an US aircraft is mistakenly assigned to drop the big one on Russia, 27 February 2015

Exciting drama on a nuclear plot includes intelligent dialog , brilliant cinematography in white and black , appropriate sets and sensational performances . Cold War tensions climb to a fever pitch when a U.S. bomber is accidentally ordered to drop a nuclear warhead on Moscow . A technical malfunction in the Pentagon's strategic control system causes an erroneous order to be sent to a B-52 squadron on a routine training mission instructing the bombers to fly beyond their fail safe distance . The bombers (which are called "Vindicators" in the novel) mercilessly head their objective . As the leaders of the two countries grapple for some kind of solution as time runs out .

Classic dark anti-war drama with magnificent acting by all-star-cast , acceptable production design and masterfully realized by the always original and great Sidney Lumet . It was originally conceived as a tense as well as thrilling thriller about the possibility of accidental nuclear war . This nail-biting film contains thrills , suspense , intrigue and results a be pretty interesting . Columbia Pictures produced both this movie and Doctor Strangelove .. (1964). Director Stanley Kubrick insisted his movie be released first, and it was, in January 1964 . When Fail safe (1964) was released, it garnered excellent reviews, but audiences found it unintentionally funny because of "Strangelove", and stayed away . Henry Fonda later said he would never have made this movie if he had seen "Strangelove" first, because he would have laughed too . All shots of US Air Force "Vindicator" bombers are views of the same Convair B-58 Hustler, taken from a stock piece of film after the Department of Defense declined to cooperate with the filmmakers . B-52 and B-58 Stratofortress bombers were featured in a number of films before and afterward, notably A Gathering of Eagles (1963), Doctor Strangelove (1964) , By Dawn's Early Light (1990) and the first Bombers B 52 (1957) . In fact , in the early 1960s the B-52 , B-58 were cutting-edge technology . Access to it was a matter of national security , the Pentagon refused to lend any support to the film after they read the script , as set designers reconstructed the B-58 bomber's cockpit from photographs . The big screen in the control room at Omaha was entirely front-projection, and had to be very carefully contrasted to appear clearly on black and white film . This posed a problem for the crew, as the air in the room had to be totally clear of dust so as not to disrupt the image . The screen in the war-room used the same film-stock but was rear-projection . Cast and support actors are very good , giving sensational acting such as Henry Fonda as The President , Dan O'Herlihy , Walter Matthau , Frank Overton , Larry Hagman , Edward Binns , Russell Collins , feature film debut of Fritz Weaver and Dana Elcar's first film role . Henry Fonda eventually saw this as one of his favorite performances and many fans consider it some of his best work on-screen . The film has no music - either score or source music - whatsoever. Adequate as well atmospheric cinematography by Gerald Hirschfeld . The motion picture was stunningly directed by Sidney Lumet , as research, he read a lot of books about nuclear war .

This film had a remake with all-star-cast ¨Fail safe¨(2000) TV by Stephen Frears with Richard Dreyfuss as President , Noah Wyle , Brian Dennehy , Sam Elliott , James Cromwell , John Diehl , Hank Azaria , Norman Lloyd , Bill Smitrovich , Don Cheadle , Harvey Keitel and George Clooney .

Lord Jim (1965)
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Peter O'Toole is magnificent as a deranged sailor in an interesting story of cowardice and redemption, 25 February 2015

Exciting and brooding picture based on the complex novel written by Joseph Conrad (who also wrote Darkness heart) and brought to the screen in lavish budget and colorful visual style .After being discredited as a coward, a 19th century seaman (Peter O'Toole) in British Merchant Marine lives for only one purpose : to redeem himself. As he suffers a deep scar and pain for the rest of his life . But then , he becomes leader of a Southeast Asia village in spite of his past clouded by allegations of betrayal and cowardice . Meanwhile , the native villagers are being slavered by a group nasty cutthroats led European thugs (Eli Wallach , Curt Jurgens) . As the belief shown in him by the villagers is put to the test .

This is a thought-provoking and intelligent story based on Joseph Conrad's novel written in 1900. This prestigious novel has been simplified for easier compression , appreciation and nicely developing . This adventure flick contains , thrills , action , intrigue and wonderful outdoors . Excellent acting by Peter O'Toole in the title role , he is a sailor in Souteast Asia who is adopted by a suppressed village as its leader . After the film's tepid reception, especially for his own starring performance, a once-enthusiastic Peter O'Toole declared, 'It was a mistake and I made the mistake because I was conservative and played safe and that way lies failure'. Movie's biggest moments provided by strange acting by the great Peter O'Toole . Supporting cast is frankly sensational such as Curd Jürgens , Eli Wallach , Jack Hawkins , Paul Lukas , Daliah Lavi , Akim Tamiroff , Andrew Keir , Jack MacGowran ,Ric Young , Noel Purcel , Walter Gotell , among others .Evocative and exotic cinematography by Freddie Young , shot on location in Malacca, Malaysia Lantau Island, Hong Kong, China and Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Although the Cambodian government never demanded any script approval, one condition of its agreement to allow on-location shooting in the troubled nation was for the production company to build a lot of rooms addition to an existing hotel near the famed Angkor ruins .

Directed and screen-played with awesome style by Richard Brooks . He was a fine writer/director so consistently mixed the good and average which it became impossible to know that to expect from him next . Firstly he worked regularly as a Hollywood screenwriter . After that , his initial experience of directing was one of his own screenplays called ¨Crisis¨. The Richard Brooks films that have the greatest impact are realized during the 50s and 60s as ¨Cat on a hot tin roof¨, ¨Something of value¨ , ¨Elmer Gantry¨, ¨Sweet bird of youth¨, ¨In cold blood¨ , ¨Lord Jim¨. Brooks was a writer and director of Chekhovian depth , who mastered the use of understatement, anticlimax and implied emotion . His films enjoyed lasting appeal and tended to be more serious than the usual mainstream productions . Richards formerly directed two good Western titled ¨Bite the bullet¨ and ¨The professionals ¨ with various tough stars as Burt Lancaster , Lee Marvin , Jack Palance and Robert Ryan , including the same musician , Alex North , and similar outdoors . The ¨Lord Jim¨ is an authentic must see , not to be missed for buffs of the genre . A magnificent movie , hardly noticed for its theatrical release ; however , being nowadays very well considered . Rating : Above average because of its awesome acting , dialog , score are world class.

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Dramatic as well as interesting TV movie developed on Nazi period with fine performances and atmospheric setting, 25 February 2015

This is a splendid drama set on Nazi time with thoughtful plot and slick direction by Jim Goddard . The tale of Helmut (Bill Nighy) and Karl Hoffmann (John Shea) , their turbulent relationships , brotherhood , their loving with same girlfriend , a nightclub Singer called Mitzi Templer (Lucy Gutteridge) and final confrontation . Both come of age at the start of Hitler's power in Germany and experience misfortunes , pains and sufferings . Helmut joins the ¨SS¨ commanded by Heinrich Himmler (John Normington) and eventually becomes a successful flag rank officer thanks to Heydrich . Karl (John Shea) joins the SA commanded by SA Chief Ernst Röhm (Michael Elphick) and suffers the darker side of Nazism after the SA is disbanded and Karl is thrown into prison and later conscripted into the German army. Helmut meets Heydrich (David Warner reprised his role of SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich , whom he previously portrayed in Holocausto ,1978) and appoints him as second-in-command . The story also deals with a family formed by father (Robert Urquhart) , mother (Carrol Baker) and their three sons . Brother is pitted against brother under the shadow of the Third Reich until their relationship finishes at the end . As in 1945 Berlin stands in ruins staying both brothers battling against Russian invasion .

The movie talks about various historic events , such as the confrontation between ¨SA¨ and ¨SS¨ , taking place ¨The Night of the Long Knives¨ , it was a purge that took place in Nazi Germany from June 30 to July 2, 1934, when the Nazi regime carried out a series of political murders. Leading figures of the left-wing Strasserist faction of the Nazi Party, along with its figurehead, Gregor Strasser, were murdered, as were prominent conservative anti-Nazis . Many of those killed were leaders of the Sturmabteilung (SA), the paramilitary Brownshirts . Adolf Hitler moved against the SA and its leader, Ernst Röhm, because he saw the independence of the SA and the penchant of its members for street violence as a direct threat to his newly gained political power . At least 85 people died during the purge, although the final death toll may have been in the hundreds, and more than a thousand perceived opponents were arrested. Most of the killings were carried out by the Schutzstaffel (SS) and the Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei), the regime's secret police .Röhm was held briefly at Prison in Munich, while Hitler considered his future. In the end, Hitler decided that Röhm had to die . On July 1, at Hitler's behest, Theodor Eicke, later Commandant of the Dachau concentration camp, and SS Officer Michel Lippert visited Röhm and killed him . Furthermore , ¨The night of the broken glass¨ , as the night of November 9, 1938, when terror attacks were made on Jewish synagogues and stores. Two days earlier, Vom Rath, Third Secretary of the German Embassy in Paris , had been assassinated by Grynszpan, a Polish Jew. In retaliation, Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich, chief of the SD, ordered the destruction of all Jewish places of worship in Germany and Austria . The assault had been long prepared , the murder provided an opportunity to begin the attack. In fifteen hours 101 synagogues were destroyed by fire and 76 were demolished . The pillage and looting went on through the night , streets were covered with broken glass , hence the name Kristallnacht . Reinhard Heydrich artificer of the meeting of senior officials of Nazi Germany, held in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee on 20 January 1942. The purpose of the conference, called by director of the Reich Main Security Office; RSHA, SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, was to ensure the cooperation of administrative leaders of various government departments in the implementation of the final solution to the Jewish question, whereby most of the Jews of German-occupied Europe would be deported to Poland and murdered . Later on , Heydrich leaves Berlin to take up a new posting as Nazi Governor of Bohemia and Moravia (Czechoslovakia) and there happens Heydrich's assassination, which being well recreated . Other events being finely narrated are the followings : Destruction radio station incriminating Polish rebels and subsequent Poland encroachment (1939) , siege and defeat Stalingrado (1943) , battle and fall Berlin (1945) .

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So-so warlike movie with James Caan who must lead a group of midget submarines in an attack on a German battleship., 23 February 2015

This war movie is loosely based on a real World War II mission, Operation Source , which was staged during September 1943 and being written by prestigious Edmund H. North . Operation Source involved a number of secret attacks on a number of German battleships, in northern Norway using X-class mini submarines . This film's 'Submarine X-1' title refers to the X class submarine which was a real World War II midget submarine class built for the Royal Navy during the 1943-44 period , the mini-subs were also known as X-Craft . After losing a submarine and fifty crew in a battle with a German ship during WWII, a Royal Navy officer , Lt. Commander Richard Bolton (James Caan received top first billing amongst a cast of characters who are predominantly English) , a Canadian , gets a second chance in a daring raid with midget subs . The film begins with Commander Bolton and a few surviving crew members of his 50-man submarine Gauntlet swimming ashore after unsuccessfully attacking German battleship Lindendorf . After a review, Captain Bolton is cleared of any wrong doing and placed in charge of a small group of experimental X class submarines . His own men (Nick Tate , Paul Young , Norman Bowler , William Dysart , among others) may prove a bigger obstacle than any of his stiff-upper-lip officers . His mission is to quickly train crews to man the submarines and sink the Lindendorf (the real life World War II German battleship was 'Tirpitz') while it is hidden away in a Norwegian Fiord . The submarines have been tracking the movement of the German ships . Two of the submarines are lost while attempting to cut through submarine nets at the entrance to the fjord . As Bolton is forced to make hasty preparations for his attack before their submarine base can be destroyed ..

Submarine X-1 is a 1969 British World War II war film loosely based on the Operation Source attack on the German battleship Tirpitz in 1943 , it was also the subject of an earlier movie, Above Us the Waves (1955) by Ralph Thomas with John Mills . It's a fictionalized recounting of the Submarines X1 with a sustained and predictable story ,although partially based on true deeds . Lots of underwater scenes and stock WWII , especially when German paratroopers dropping from planes to earth . Passable acting by James Caan as a commander whose mission is put in charge of the submarines to quickly train crews and sink the Lindendorf while it is hidden away in a Norwegian Fiord . The film progresses with Commander Bolton training the crews of the three submarine , even though the crew lacks faith in his command abilities . He must overcome tensions with some of his former crew members , while keeping their activities hidden from outsiders and German airplanes . The highlights of the movie are the violent as well as exciting fights of the crews who successfully fend off an attack by German commandos, who discover their base . And thrilling scenes at the end when the surviving submarine penetrates the submarine nets in the fjord and places explosives under the German battleship . Atmospheric cinematography by Paul Beeson , Walt Disney's usual cameraman, though an alright remastering is necessary . Being filmed on location , shooting was filmed in Scotland . Good and enjoyable musical score by Ron Goodwin .

The film was produced by Oakmont production , a company exclusively dedicated to warfare films (Hell boats , Mosquito Squadron , Thousand plane raid, Last escape) . The motion picture was middlingly realized by William A Graham who displays enough some spectacular underwater images to keep things interesting . Apparently, director William A. Graham worked on the film's original screen story with writer/producer John C. Champion but is uncredited for such . William A Graham directed various TV series and episodes as ¨The fugitive¨, ¨The Virginian¨, ¨Breaking point¨ and occasionally for cinema as ¨Return to the Blue Lagoon¨, ¨Waterhole¨ , ¨Guyana tragedy ¨ , ¨House of Garibaldi Street¨ and film-making several Westerns as ¨Montana¨ (90) ¨Billy the Kid¨ (89) , ¨Last days of Frank and Jesse James¨ (86) and ¨Harry Tracy , the last of the Wild Bunch¨.

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Acceptable Paella/Spaghetti Zorro Western co-produced by Spain/Italy , being decently directed by expert filmmaker Joaquin Romero Marchent, 23 February 2015

One of the first Paella or Tortlla Western filmed in Spain with spectacular outdoors from Manzanares Del Real and Colmenar Viejo (Madrid), locations where were filmed a lot of Westerns , pre-Almeria boom . Acceptable Iberian Western professionally realized by the best Tortilla Western director , Joaquin Romero Marchent . It packs crossfire , thrills , action , go riding , lots of shots and gun-play . This exciting western titled ¨Cabalgangando Hacia Muerte¨ (Spanish title) , or ¨L'ombra di Zorro" - Italy (original title), or "The Shadow of Zorro" - UK, USA title or "Shades of Zorro¨ has a breathtaking showdown between the protagonist Frank Latimore and the enemies as Robert Hundar , Raf Baldassarre and other hoodlums . It deals with two brothers , the slimy , menacing outlaw Billy (Claudio Undari as Robert Hundar) and Dan (Paul Piaget) who swear to carry out a bloody revenge against Zorro when in previous film titled ¨Zorro the avenger¨ at a confrontation resulted in brother's murder . As the nasty brothers disguising as ¨The Zorro¨ and execute hold-ups , killings and stagecoach assaults incriminating the real Zorro (Frank Latimore posing as Don Jose De La Torre). As Billy and Dan are relentless in their vendetta , deadly in their violence . The conflict is simple , one between two merciless revenger killers against the masked Zorro .

This moving Zorro Western contains thrills , gun-play , shimmer locations and being proceeded in American style more tan Spaghetti . This Iberian western contains a story full of vengeance , good dramatic pace and slick direction . This is a classical western before Leone's style , it is an ordinary example of American western style though it is partly Spanish and partly Italian . The Spanish westerns of this era were far more likely to try and emulate their American source material than cultivate a distinctive style of their own the way the Italians as well as Spaniards were doing but their product, if you like traditional westerns remains watchable . Interesting screenplay and story by Jose Mallorqui , a notorious writer who wrote the successful ¨El Coyote¨ series . It results to be a trilling as well as a western vengeance with lots of shots , fights and emotion . The film packs action , thrills , shootouts , drama , high body-count and entertainment . It's a decent western with spectacular outdoors and breathtaking confrontation among protagonists , as Frank Latimore who repeats his role against two implacable brothers : Paul Piaget and Robert Hundar , -pseudonym of Claudio Undari- a Sicilian actor specialized in western films , as he is magnificent as a violent gunfighter dressed in black ; he steals the show as a merciless bandit similarly to Jack Palance's Shane . Charismatic performance for whole casting , as there appears usual Italian/Spanish Western support actors , a largely secondary cast filled with familiar faces , all of them ordinary in Chorizo/Spaghetti western , such as Maria Silva , Diana Lorys , José Marco Davo , Lorenzo Robledo , Rufino Ingles , Xan Das Bolas , Carlos Romero Marchent : director's brother , and many others . Although this time doesn't appear the regular Fernando Sancho . The musician Manuel Parada composes an atmospheric soundtrack and well conducted . Regular cinematography , though being necessary a perfect remastering , filmed by cameraman Rafael Pacheco on locations in Manzanares Del Real and Colmenar Viejo , as usual ; including good sets by Jaime Perez Cubero and Jose Luis Galicia , creating a nice scenario with luminous outdoors , rocky landscapes under a glimmer sun and fine sets by these expert set designers who carried out the most Production Design on Westerns shot in Spain . They made a little town called ¨Golden City¨ where filmed several Westerns as ¨Welcome Padre Murray¨ , ¨Brandy¨ , various ¨Zorros¨ directed by Marchent and this one .

The sequel was well produced by Copercines/Eduardo Manzanos Brochero who produced various films for Marchent brothers as Joaquin Romero Marchent : ¨El Coyote¨ , ¨Venganza Del Coyote¨, and this ¨Cabalgando Hacia Muerte¨; and for Rafael Romero Marchent : ¨Quien Grita vengeance¨, ¨Two crosses in Danger Pass¨ and being also financed by PEA/Alberto Grimaldi , previously to produce his successful trilogy of dollars/Sergio Leone . The motion picture was compellingly directed and in traditional style by recently deceased Joaquin Marchent (1921-2012) . He was an expert writer and director of good Western . His first film was ¨El Coyote¨ and the sequel titled ¨Revenge of Coyote¨ shot in Mexico . After that , he filmed ¨The shadow of Zorro¨ and ¨Revenge of Zorro¨. He went go directing Western as ¨ Riding to death ¨ , ¨Adventures in the West¨ , ¨Three good men¨, ¨Sabor Venganza ¨ and the most popular and violent ¨Condenados a Vivir¨ . Plus , he wrote for his brother Rafael Romero the following Westerns : ¨Manos Torpes¨, ¨Ocaso un Pistolero¨ and ¨Garringo¨ . Rating : Acceptable ,it has its entertaining moments here and there .

Zorros's producer , ¨Eduardo Manzanos Brochero¨, ordered to built a Western town in Hoyo De Manzanares (Madrid) , today disappeared , called ¨Golden City¨ where filmed several Westerns and various Zorros . Other Zorros filmed by that time are : ¨Zorro all Corte di Spaña¨ (1963) by Luigi Capuano , ¨Zorro versus Maciste¨ by Umberto Lenzi with Pierre Brice , Alan Steel , Moira Orfei ; ¨El Jiuramento Di Zorro¨ by Ricardo Blasco with Guy Stockwell , Antonio Prieto , Gloria Milland and Mikaela ; its sequel titled ¨Oath of Zorro¨ by Ricardo Blasco with Tony Russel , Maria Jose Alfonso , Sancho Gracia and Agustin Gonzalez ; ¨Zorro Il Ribelle¨ by Piero Pirotti with Howard Ross ; ¨Il Figlio Di Zorro¨ (1973) by Gianfranco Baldanello and two directed by Jose Luis Merino with Charles Quiney and Maria Pia Conte as ¨Zorro the rider of vendetta¨ and ¨Zorro of Monterrey¨.

Two Much (1995)
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Funny and agreeable screwball farce well shot in Miami by the great filmmaker Fernando Trueba, 22 February 2015

A very pleasant romantic comedy plenty of humor , emotion , fun scenes and mayhem . Oscarized director Fernando Trueba , also writes the interesting and bemusing script along with prestigious screenwriter/director as well as brother David Trueba .This bewildering farce deals with a young gallerist (Antonio Banderas , he gives entertaining performance , though he fights to surmount by overacting) is in love with two sisters at the same time . As a fabulously wealthy divorcée (Melanie Griffith) to a mobster (Danny Aiello) and her sister , an intelligent , sensible woman (Daryl Hanna) , then Art falls in love with the younger one . In order to solve the problem he decides to invent his own twin-brother called Dart . Two many women , so little time.

Earthy as well screwball comedy with romantic elements , antics , amusements , contrivances , twists and turns ; including engaging performances , adequate set design and being delightfully filmed . ¨Two much¨ results to be other of the innumerable stories to deal with romantic loves , being developed in mirth , lively and vital style . An enjoyable story in which a rogue con swindles abstract pictures selling to deceased people and discovers the opposite sex on the way by means of two attractive sisters , both of whom utterly different ; it is plenty of twisted moments , moving feelings and fun finale . It is a light , wistful romantic comedy , easy to watch , and easier to love . ¨Two much" is Trueba's return to top form, with an intelligent and enticing script written by Fernando and his brother David Trueba adapted from a Donald Westlake novel ; screen-writers use amusing situations to give us a good movie in a high sense and intimate sensitivity and that kept me entertained for the almost two hours of duration . It is well set and is as marvelously filmed as it is written and acted . This is one of those rare gems that does not stray from its purpose - to be a celebration of love and romance and humorous tale of a young controlled by his wishes . The film is light and never somber , no small accomplishment from Fernando Trueba and his team . Filmed in his usual formal and luxurious style , without leaving a trace the joyful themes , in terms of nice developing and narrative excitement . Fine acting by Antonio Banderas as Art Dodge , a roguish Miami art dealer and his twin brother Dart , as he pretends to be his own brother in order to pursue his new fiancée . Sympathetic acting by Melanie Griffith as Betty Kerner who thinks he'll make a virile third husband . In the film, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith leave each other at the wedding altar for other people . However, in real life, the two actors fell in love during filming of this movie in 1995 and married a year later and soon became parents to their daughter Stella. Very good support cast formed by prestigious veterans such as Austin Pendleton , Allan Rich , Vincent Schiavelli , Phil Leeds , Sid Raymond and special mention to the great Elli Wallach who recently passed away . Furthermore , some known Spanish secondaries such as Gabino Diego and Santiago Segura . Colorful and glimmer cinematography in Panavision by Jose Luis Alcaine , one of the best Spanish cameramen , including gorgeous exteriors filmed on location in Miami . Jolly as well as lively musical score by Michael Camilo in Cuban style .

This simple , attractive and delightful motion picture was well directed by Oscar-winning director Fernando Trueba , as the flick is entertaining and well worth your time . His first success was Ópera Prima (1980) following the style of the "Madrid comedy". Trueba had major success with Sé Infiel y No mires Quién (1985) also known as : Be Wanton and Tread No Shame , starting a longer collaboration with the producer Andrés Vicente Gómez . He went on directing numerous successes such as Coarse salt , Year of Enlightment , Milagro de Candeal , Niña De Tus Ojos or The Girl of Your Dreams , Calle 54 , Embrujo De Shanghai , Chico and Rita and recently : The Artist and the Model. The multi-award winner in Spain Fernando Trueba was President of the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and he received the 1994 Oscar for Best Foreign Film to Belle Epoque (1992)and when accepting his Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, director (Fernando Trueba) said: "I would like to believe in God in order to thank him for this prize, but I only believe in (Billy Wilder), so... Thank you, Mr. Wilder!". Wilder himself reportedly phoned Trueba a few days later for acknowledgment and told him: "Hello Fernando, I'm God" . And this ¨Two much¨ , it was a big success in Spain and a considerable flop in the US .

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