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"Ben Hur" (2010)
UK | Spain | Germany | Canada TV co-production based on Lew Wallace's classic novel, 19 April 2014

This Television monumental version of 180 min and 2 parts about the renowned story during the time of Christ which was filmed several times, concerning on a wealthy Jewish named Ben-Hur results to be an acceptable movie with huge production design and wonderful scenarios . Ben Hur tells the story of two childhood friends whose lives go in drastically different directions leading to an unforgivable betrayal and lifelong quest for vengeance . The story is well known , a rich Jewish nobleman Ben Hur (Joseph Morgan -The Vampire Diaries- in the title role) and his confrontation to military Messala (Stephen Campbell Moore, Season of the witch , Hunted), though they were childhood friends . When happen a distress , a tile falls during a Roman parade, Judah and his family are wrongfully accused and Ben Hur incurs the hostility his previous friend and is condemned to galley slavery , reduced to manning an oar ; then his family is sent to prison during several years and subsequently his mother and sister are banished as lepers . Judah Ben-Hur is wrongly accused of inciting a riot that endangered the life of Pontius Pilate (Hugh Bonneville, Downton Abbey). As a result, Judah's former best friend , and now up-and-coming Roman soldier Messala (Stephen Campbell , earlier performed by Stephen Boyd) condemns . When he's in a galleon as slave rower saves to Quinto Arrio (Ray Winstone , previously played by Jack Hawkins) who subsequently appointed him as a heir . Years later he goes back to seek revenge upon his Roman tormentor .As he returns Palestina where his mother Miriam and sister Tizrah (roles performed by Alex Kingston and Kristen Krouk , and formerly by Martha Scott and Cathy O'Donnell respectively) are prisoned at Antonia fortress . This culminates in a groundbreaking chariot race . The classic tale is added religious issues about Jesus life , as are described the pilgrimage , Mountain sermon , Passion , crucifixion and resurrection .

Lavishly produced by various countries , this miniseries does attempt to achieve television levels of epicness and by channeling HBO's Rome, this miniseries succeeds . Adequate main cast such as Joseph Morgan as the noble wrongfully punished and sent away to be a slave and Stephen Campbell as his friend and nemesis . Being a Britain/Spain co-production the film has an enjoyable cast formed by English actors as Joseph Morgan, Stephen Campbell Moore, Ray Winstone, Alex Kingston, Hugh Bonneville and Spanish players as Simon Andreu , Miguel Angel Muñoz and Lucia Jimenez .

This 3 hr 12 minutes recounting of this religion-infused revenge saga turns out to be a not-terrible way to spend time . However , it has some inappropriate sexual scenes and nudism which does not fit with clean and pure earlier versions . The Series achieved success , it is probably related to the fact that nearly the entire cast has been featured in popular TV shows this season . Though its aspirations are far more modest, I went in expecting Ben Hur to be similar to the recent History Channel miniseries, The Bible. I slogged through it because I still find a lot of the stories exciting . Most sets designed by Benjamin Fernandez -who made Gladiator- , a real research, and several months of labor were required for the film . Well staged battle ships made by computer generator and a breathtaking chariot races , being filmed in Valencia , Spain . The dialogue , colorful images , majestic set design , glamorous photography by Ousama Rawi , evocative musical score combine to cast an entertaining movie . Rousing soundtrack by Rob Lane who composes thrilling as well as sensitive melodies . The motion picture was compellingly realized by director Steven Shill who has directed many episodes of famous series such as ¨Shameless¨ , ¨Missing¨, ¨V¨, ¨Law and order¨, ¨Rome¨ , ¨The good wife¨, ¨Los Tudor¨ , ¨Criminal Minds¨ , ¨Soprano¨ , among others .

There are numerous renditions based on Lee Wallace's Ben Hur , as stage version , classic MGM's mammoth silent version ¨Ben Hur¨ (1926) by Fred Niblo with Ramon Novarro; and the remake Ben-Hur (1959) in which Stuntman Cliff Lyons worked as a stuntman/chariot driver in both Ben Hur (1925) and this 1959 retelling . Ben Hur is a big budget version by William Wyler that won a record of 11 Oscars and was the most expensive picture of its time , being one of the greatest movies of all history. Cartoon version (2003) by Bill Kowalchuk in which a prologue and epilogue narrated by Charlton Heston ; and this ¨Ben Hur TV series¨ (2010) by Steven Shill with Joseph Morgan as Judah Ben-Hur , Stephen Campbell Moore as Messala , Emily VanCamp as Esther as Kristin Kreuk as Tirzah , Ben Cross , Simón Andreu , Alex Kingston , James Faulkner , among others .

Memorable and attractive film with intense drama , top-drawer interpretation and unforgettable musical score, 18 April 2014

Top-notch picture based on an adaptation of Nikos Kazantzakis's hugely popular novel . It deals with an uptight and poignant English writer called Basil (Alan Bates was Mihalis Kakogiannis's first choice for this part) traveling to Crete on a matter of business finds his life changed forever when he meets the zesty as well as joyful Zorba (in title role Anthony Quinn displays an awesome acting , he is a delight as Alexis) . Gregarious Zorba is an eye-opener to the visiting stranger . At a tiny village the writer meets an old spinster woman named Madame Hortense (Lila Kedrova was a win an Academy Award, though Simone Signoret was the original choice for this role and turned it down and she came to regret that decision) and a beautiful widow (a young Irene Papas) .

Sensitive and thought-provoking film plenty of drama , emotion , Greek social habits and wonderful performances .Interesting and flavorful screenplay by the same filmmaker from Nikos Kazantzakis' novel who also wrote ¨The last temptation of Christ¨. Special mention to Anthony Quinn as an uncomplicated and jolly man , an earthy and humble peasant with a real lust for life , a character he has become identified with . However , in the earlier stages of filming, the filmmaker and Anthony Quinn had frequent disagreements as the director felt that his leading actor was being too over-the-top . Alan Bates as a sensible as well as intellectual writer is also very good and the young beauty Irene Papas is marvelous as a widow who originates a tragedy . Extraordinary Lila Kedrova as an aging and dying courtesan, she ended up receiving an Academy Award for her role. The original Broadway production of "Zorba" opened at the Imperial Theater in New York on November 16, 1968, ran for 305 performances and was nominated for the 1969 Tony Award for the Best Musical. Anthony Quinn and Lila Kedrova who starred together in this movie version appeared in the revival of Zorba in 1982-3 with Lila Kedrova winning the 1984 Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical .

Gorgeous , enjoyable cinematography in white and black by Walter Lassally that also won deservedly an Oscar. Rousing and immortal soundtrack by Mikis Theodorakis based on Greek traditional music , including breathtaking dances performed by Anthony Quinn. However , Anthony Quinn had a broken foot during filming, and thus couldn't perform the dance on the beach as scripted, which called for much leaping around ; instead, he did a slow shuffle . This brooding motion picture was stunningly directed by Michael Cacoyannis ,though the project was turned down by every major studio . Cacoyannis was an expert on adaptations based upon Classic Greek plays such as ¨Iphigenea¨ , ¨Elektra¨ and ¨The Trojan women¨ . ¨Zorba¨ rating : Better than average , worthwhile watching . Essential and indispensable seeing for Anthony Quinn fans .

Pretty good film detailing perfectly the cruel martyrdom of Claretian priests in Barbastro , Huesca, 17 April 2014

August 1936, the beginning of the Spanish Civil War . 51 members of the Claretian community of Barbastro (Huesca) are martyred and they die for their faith . They are martyred and killed by communist and anarchist militants , FAI , CNT, in the beginning of the War . The flick revolves around the religious aspect of the people who took part in this historic event and highlighting the universal dimension of the triumph of love over death . The film deals with the last weeks of his existence , since they are held until they are definitively executed . During that time, they carry out various writings they talk about their situation , of their fellow captives, sufferings and people who saw them.

This is a very interesting and thought-provoking film , though overlong , dealing with historical events occurred on 20 July 1936 in the little town of Barbastro in Huesca . It recounts a great story about forgiveness and holy love . Brotherhood and fraternity sense is essential because the young priests are over 20 years living in community experience that help and unite themselves . Loyalties among them as a perfect community as well as his ideal , as their vocation religious as missionaries . In addition , forgiveness is something that weighs heavily in the film . As a group of people that stay true to what they love coming to the end of the consequences , performing a life entirely consistent and highlighting to love God before death . The picture displays nice acting with a good cast , though unknown , exception to Elena Furiase , Lolita Flores's daughter , and special appearance of veteran Jesus Guzman, unforgettable postman of Cronicas De Un Pueblo . Cinematography is colorful and adequate . Production design and sets are adequate , being filmed on location in Barbastro . Atmospheric and sensitive musical score composed by synthesizer .

In 2012 took place in Madrid a first agreement between the Claretian Missionaries and 'Contracorriente Productions' to finance this good film. Contracorriente Producciones S.L.U., founded in 2006 has produced others films of religious genre such as ¨Alba" (2011) "Pablo de Tarso¨, ¨Ultimo Viaje (2009) y "Talita Kum" (2007). The film's director, Pablo Moreno, told that has been "a risky project , as being the Spanish Civil War a subject to be treated with extreme delicacy not to fall into Manichaeism history , neither a story about good and bad guys , as the screenplay is faithfully based on the historical deeds .

The facts were the followings : The day of the military coup on 17 July 1936, in the city of Barbastro , a serene location but in tension . The Claretian missionaries , mostly young students, trust the words of tranquility by the military chief , Colonel Villalba . However , at 17.30 hours on 20 July 1936 about sixty communists and anarchists of the CNT , FAI and armed militiamen stormed the community in which they resided as missionaries , which consisted of 60 people : nine priests , twelve brothers and 39 students . The top three priests were arrested while the rest were taken and held in a hall of the college of Escolapios , which became a makeshift prison . The guards looked over and over the apostasy of young seminarians , were forbidden to pray and introducing prostitutes to entice them , but without success . During the closure , the young left their testimony on chairs , tables , walls and even the food wrappers , even on a chocolate wrap a tragic testimony was written by seminarian Faustino Pérez . These writings have been the basic testimony used to narrate this real fact in film version . Twelve days after being jailed ,senior priests were executed . The rest would be on 12, 13, 15 and 18 August 1936 . With them died a gypsy , Ceferino Giménez, who refused to leave her rosary, Pele, as he was known, was also beatified by the Catholic Church . Two Argentine seminarians surnamed Parussini and Hall were transmitters the moments of suffering to which they were submitted , as they were released a few days before the shootings . Monsignor Bishop Florentino Asensio was arrested in Barbastro during the events, and imprisoned, being transferred on August 8, 1936 the City Council to a cell . There he was submitted to all kinds of humiliating , tortures , amputation and after that , throwing him in the mass grave . Some simple monuments recall the places of martyrdom, and their remains rest in the crypt of the House-Museum of the Claretian Barbastro. On October 25, 1992 Pope Juan Pablo II beatified the Barbastro Martyrs .

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Stand-out , great Western well performed and stunningly directed by expert Jacques Tourneur, 15 April 2014

This excellent , meaty Western contains interesting plot ,thrills , brawls , shoot'em up and is quite entertaining . This outstanding Tourneur Western balances action , suspense and drama . During the early days when civilisation was pushing its frontiers farther and farther West, there roamed a special creed of men , neither outlaws nor officers of the law, yet more feared than either ; then there appears a circuit judge in the old west and he attempts to bring a suspected killer to justice .¨The stranger judge¨ arrives in a town and the powerful owner gives him 12 hours to live . The judge runs afoul of the killer's rich cattle baron father in the process . The judge meets a motley group of characters : ¨The wildcat¨ (Miroslava) , when she couldn't outshoot a man she used other weapons ; ¨The killer¨(Kevin McCarthy) , a kid who liked to play with lives ; ¨The land baron¨ (John McIntire) the owned the town , hardware , lock , livestock and gun barrel ; ¨The Colonel¨(John Carradine) , he liked his cigars for him and his killings done for him .

This grand Western in the tradition of ¨Red River¨ and ¨High Noon¨ contains a thought-provoking screenplay , emotion , violence , go riding , double crosses , shoot'em up and results to be quite enjoyable .It's a classic recounting about an upright man seeking justice and attempting to detain killers . The public likes big Westerns and here to satisfy them is a big adventure , starring a big box office favorites of the 50s , Joel McCrea , with the kind of high pitched excitement that pay off . The traditional story and exciting screenplay by Herb Meadow and and Don Martin based on the story written by specialist Louis L'Amour . Photographed in Ansco Color by Pathe , being necessary a good remastering because of the copy of film is worn-out . Top-notch Joel McCrea as a relentless judge who seeks justice and magnificent John McIntire as a proud baron land . Support cast is frankly excellent such as Kevin McCarthy as Tom Bannerman , John Carradine as Col. Buck Streeter , Nancy Gates as Caroline Webb and Emile Meyer as Sheriff Nat Bell .

This is another superbly powerful triumph from producers Leonard and Robert Goldstein who brought other Westerns as ¨The duel of Silver Creek¨, ¨The Battle at Apache Pass¨, ¨The Great Sioux Uprising¨, and ¨The good guys and the bad guys¨. It is probably one of the best Western in the fifties and sixties . The motion picture was compellingly directed by Jacques Tourneur . Jacques was an expert on Noir cinema such as the classic ¨Out of the past¨ , terror cinema such as ¨Cat people¨ , ¨Leopard man¨, ¨I walked with a Zombie¨, ¨Night of demon¨ and adventures as ¨Flame and the arrow¨ , ¨City under the sea¨ . In Western genre he made 5 films : The masterpiece titled ¨Canyon passage¨(1946) , ¨Star in my Crown¨(1950) also with Joel McCrea , ¨Wichita¨(1955) with Joel McCrea as Wyatt Earp formerly to OK Corral duel and ¨Great day in the morning¨ with Robert Stack dealing with facing Union and Confederation . He finally directed episodes of ¨Norhwest passage¨ (1958) titled Frontier Rangers , Fury River and Mission of danger . ¨Stranger on horseback¨ rating : Well worth watching and it will appeal to Joel McCrea fans .

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Extremely violent Kung-Fu movie , being spectacular and colorfully directed in Shanghai, 14 April 2014

It is set in nineteenth century China, Jungle Village is home to several warring clans . On the hunt for a fabled treasure of gold, a band of warriors, assassins, and a rogue British soldier descend upon a village in feudal China, where a humble blacksmith looks to defend himself and his fellow villagers . There the African-American blacksmith (RZA) makes deadly weapons for the clans, intending to use his payments to purchase the freedom of his lover Lady Silk (Jamie Chung), and leave the village . As an undercover emissary named Jack Knife (Russell Crowe) arrives in the village to monitor the gold and takes up residence in the Pink Blossom, a brothel run by Madam Blossom (Lucy Liu) . As he leader of the clan called Gold Lion is assigned by the Governor to guard his gold that will be transported through the region . However he is double-crossed and killed by the villain Silver Lion (Byron Mann) and greedy Bronze Lion (Cung Lee) . As seven clans, taken on a fortune in gold , let the battle begin.

This luxurious Kung Fu film was spectacularly filmed with good production design , colorful cinematography , a lot of fierce struggles and breathtaking scenes . The flick displays lots of violence, action filled , thrills and groundbreaking combats . This is a colorful, Shanghai-set and quite budget movie ; leave no cliché untouched , though the fighting are magnificently staged . The flick also contains some sex scenes and nudism in charge of whores of brothel and a lot of blood and gore . The picture is full of tumultuous sequences with frenetic action , surprises ,fierce combats and rousing fights. Amid the glamour and grandeur of the scenarios is developed an intrigue about nasty clans , including betrayal , crime and exploring the dark side of Chinese power . It is a homage to Run Run Shaw classic films , a known producer , recently deceased , of Chop-Socky genre who made lots of successes such as "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin" ,"Five Deadly Venoms" "Killer Clans", "Return of the Master Killer" and many others .

This rated ¨R¨ picture is starred by a lot of new and old figures from Kung Fu movies such as Cung Le , Byron Mann , Rick Yune and the veterans Gordon Liu and Dennis Chan . Furthermore , a brief cameo by mythical Pam Grier . Impressive and breathtaking fights with deadly use of fists , feet and palms , along with such weapons as swords, sticks , and lances . And hundreds of armored warriors reenacted by lots of extras . Overwhelming attacks and exciting combats very well staged , the result is a strong entry for action buffs . Kung Fu training scenes are a direct reference in ¨Kill Bill¨ by Quentin Tarantino , enhanced by the fact that Gordon Liu stars in both movies . RZA and Eli Roth worked on the screenplay together over two years, talking through every aspect of the story, down to the detail of every weapon . The first cut of the film was four hours long. RZA suggested splitting it into two films, but producer Eli Roth disagreed, and it was ultimately cut down to approximately 90 minutes. The picture finishes with an opening credits showing a demonstration of martial arts by main actors against an empty backdrop similarly to old Hong-Kong movies of the 70s.

Twice Born (2012)
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Intense drama co-produced by Italy/Spain , including an enjoyable love story among a young couple during Bosnia war, 14 April 2014

¨Twice Born¨ is a thought-provoking war drama crammed with thrills , intrigue , family relationship and an agreeable love story . It tells the story of Gemma (Penelope Cruz), an Italian single mother who decides to bring her teenage son, Pietro (Pietro Castellitto) to battle-scarred city of Sarajevo, where his father died in the Bosnian conflict years ago . There they see the country where he was born and where she fell in love with Pietro's now-deceased father, photographer Diego (Emile Hirsch). It's a tense arrival, one that foreshadows the struggles Gemma must face as she relives her past. Scenes of the present are intercut with those of the past, when Gemma was a student working on her doctorate in Sarajevo in the early 1980s. The two had formed a romance in a very different Sarajevo during the 1984 Winter Olympics . But when the Balkan war loomed , Gemma was forced to flee to Italy with her infant son. As she tours the city 18 years later, she uncovers a terrifying hidden truth . There , she was introduced to the passionate American photographer Diego by her zany Bosnian poet guide, Gojko (Adnan Hasković) kickstarting a steamy romance that leads to marriage but, unfortunately for them, a lack of children leads to unexpected consequences .

This interesting film deals with a tragedy of human emotions pushed over the edge . This wartime movie picture is an enjoyable tale with an interesting characterizing about a few characters , tragic drama , emotion and including some war scenes . Its style is pretty much sour , dry and realistic as well in the atmosphere as in the fresh dialog . Sergio Castellito returns to top form, with an intelligent and engaging script which uses dramatic situations to give us a good movie in a high sense and intimate sensitivity and that kept me entertained for the almost two hours and some of duration . This stirring as well as intimate story is a passionate retelling and a touching love story between Cruz and Hirsch interrupted by a fateful war . Storyline relies heavily on the continued relationship among them ; in spite of , the movie results to be better than average , being surprisingly good and compellingly realized . Rightly enjoyable and fun-filled , milestone drama which neatly combines tragedy , drama , entertaining situations and unexpected finale . Flawless story with a quartet of sensational protagonists , all of them give fine performances , as Penélope Cruz , Emile Hirsch , Adnan Haskovic and Saadet Aksoy . Unforgettable Penelope Cruz , she parades sexily at her best and more relaxed and enticing than ever . The hit of the show is undoubtedly for the fetching Penelope who gives one of the best screen acting , she pays a nervous and aged woman who flies to Sarajevo with her son , marking the first time they've been back since escaping the Bosnian War 16 years earlier. I liked everyone in the excellent cast, and the male and female actors , especially Penelope Cruz , were all very attractive . I have seen many, Hollywood-dramas that couldn't compare with this one, but many give them a higher rating because they are Hollywood-made . Here Penelope Cruz adds the Italian language to a resume full of English and Spanish speaking roles. ¨Twice born¨ seems to be be a family film , because it has been written , produced and directed by parents ; as Penélope Cruz acted and produced , her brother Eduardo Cruz composed an adequate soundtrack ; Sergio Castellitto played , wrote , produced and directed , his wife Margaret Mazzantini wrote the novel and their son Prieto played an important role .

This attractive Italian/Spanish film was well produced by Guido De Laurentiis, Piero Amati ,Jaime Ortiz De Artiñano , Roberto Sessa , Fernando Bovaira , which got critics and moviegoers polarized in their opinions. The R-rated drama film was screened in a handful of theaters in the U.S. but its biggest audience is on the DVD. The motion picture was well directed by Sergio Castellitto . He is an actor and writer, known for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008), The star maker (1995) and Don't move (2004) in which he also directed to Penélope Cruz . Sergio has been married to Margaret Mazzantini since 1987 , a known writer who wrote this film and Don't move , they have four children , on of them results to be Pietro Castellitto . Rating : Above average , worthwhile watching .

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This intimate story is a passionate retelling about a few roles interwoven with love and family relationship, 13 April 2014

This drama is an enjoyable tale with an interesting characterizing about a few characters dealing with brooding and engaging issues . Nicolas (Ricardo Darin) believes to have met the family he has always wished when during a flight between from Alicante to Barcelona he meets a beautiful woman (Irena Jacob) named Ingrid and her child named Raul (Valdivia) . They get married and have a perfect relationship , but a bit later on , all changes suddenly .Then Nicolas meets a mistreated supermarket cashier called Sezar (Bebe) and establishes a peculiar relationship with her .

This is an intense drama proceeded in slow-moving plenty of sentimentalism , emotion and a few surprises . The flick also contains some sex scenes and nudism in charge of Irene Jacob and Bebe . Interesting as well as thought-provoking screenplay by Jose Luis Cuerda , based in a novel from French writer Didier van Cawuelaert . Very good acting by Ricardo Darín as Nicolás ; Darin is an excellent leading figure of the most important Argentinian movies such as : "El Faro" (1998), "El Mismo Amor La Misma Lluvia" (1999), "Nueve Reinas" (2000), "La Fuga" (2001) and especially known for ¨The secret in your eyes¨ and ¨El Hijo De La Novia¨ . His partenaire is the French Irène Jacob as conflicted Ingrid , a strange woman who hides a dark secret and a nuanced interpretation by singer Bebe as Sezar who delivers a very natural presence . In addition, a brief cameo by the same director Jose Luis Cuerda as a judge who marries the couple . The main problem has to face , beyond not being able to avoid falling into a little interesting intrigue , it is derived from the coldness of its staging , some slow-moving scenes and some roles are poorly developed . Because the story needs a vibration more real than the one offered in this sometimes dull as well as sad flick , though also develops enjoyable moments as when takes place the lovely relationship between Ricardo and the child and enjoy themselves . However , the spotlights images which are in the second half of the film allow me to forget the gaps of the first half . Anyway, it's is compensated with a gorgeous cinematography by Hans Burmann who has photographed great hits such as ¨Open your eyes¨, ¨Tesis¨, ¨Amnesia¨, ¨Guantanamera¨ ; including spotless pictorial images and a willingness , almost perfect of the elements of each shot , every sequence , every space . Shot on Catalonia , where have been filmed the gorgeous landscapes , marvelously reflected on location in Montseny, Barcelona, Spain . Furthermore , sensitive and appropriate musical score by excellent composer Lucio Godoy .

¨La Educacion de Hadas¨or "The Education of Fairies" , International title , is a little successful flick by Jose Luis Cuerda , being efficiently produced by Frales Felices and Sarah Halioua and resulted to get a minimum hit at Spanish Box office . Cuerda is a veteran professional , being his film debut ¨Pares and Nones¨ a typical Madrid comedy . He subsequently directed ¨El Bosque Animado¨ also with script by notorious Rafael Azcona and based on Wenceslao Fernandez Florez's novel . He followed directing failures as a drama titled ¨Viuda De Capitan Contreras¨ and more comedies as ¨La Marrana¨ and ¨Tocando Fondo¨ . His greatest success corresponds as producer , as he produced hits for Alejandro Amenabar as ¨Tesis¨ and ¨Abre Los Ojos¨, among others . His highly-acclaimed and successful movie was ¨Lengua De Mariposas¨ , it has a rating as better than average and is a beautiful and powerful film . His most personal movies were two comedies with a peculiar and surrealist sense of humor , this ¨Amanece Que no Es Poco¨ and the following titled ¨Asi en el Cielo Como en Tierra¨ but in anti-religion tendency .

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Spaghetti with Paella Western co-produced by Italy/Spain plenty of shoot'em up , thrills , riding pursuits and violence, 12 April 2014

Decent Spaghetti with Chorizo Western crammed with shootouts , chills , drama , murders , lots of violence and action . An Italian-Spanish co-production full of emotion , exaggerated characters, and twists ; ¨Lo Voglio Morto" - Italy (original title) "I Want Him Dead" - UK, USA title results to be a nice co-production directed by Paolo Bianchini . Set during the American Civil War when Clayton (Craig Hill)'s sister is raped and murdered. As it is time for lethal revenge. Clayton seeks vengeance and kills sheriff (Remo De Angelis)'s brother. He subsequently sets off in pursuit the murderous and a dangerous band (Jose Canalejas , Frank Braña , Andrea Scotti ,Rick Boyd and Jose Luis Martin) . At the same time Clayton becomes involved into a plot planned by Mallek (Andrea Bosic) to avoid a peace treaty between Confederation and Union in which General Ulysses Grant and Lee attempt to reunite themselves in Richmond (Virginia) to finish hostilities . Along the way he meets a beautiful woman (the prestigious actress Lea Massari) and both of whom set out towards Cuerno Rojo , Red Horn, where takes place the treacherous encounter . But Clayton is taken prisoner by the bandits and suffering hitting , knocks , punches and tortures . In the end , the newspaper published the following : ¨War may end . Secret meeting between Federals and Confederates . Mysterious plot to foil peace talks ! . Dynamite found parley grounds ! .

Passable Tortilla/Ravioli Western with usual theme , a merciless vendetta along with an intrigue about American Civil War . It packs crossfire , thrills , action , go riding , and lots of shots and gun-play . There is plenty of action in the movie , guaranteeing shootouts or stunts every few minutes and spectacular scenarios from Almeria , Spain . However , there are some night scenes and a regular cinematography ; adding bad situations and some turn of script that no one understands . Interesting as well as surprising screenplay by Carlos Sarabia based on his story . The notorious Spaghetti/Paella actor , Craig Hill is fine in his usual tough role , here playing a relentless , two-fisted revenger . His role is well performed , he plays as a cruel avenger , a violent veteran who seeks a bloody vendetta , an ordinary plot in Spaghetti/Paella Western . Craig Hill played a lot of Spaghetti , his first Western was ¨Hands of a Gunfighter" or ¨Ocaso de un Pistolero¨ , he went on playing : "Seven Pistols for a Massacre" , "Rick and John¨ , ¨Conquerors of the West¨ , ¨Bounty hunter¨ , "I Want Him Dead" , "Fifteen Scaffolds for the Killer" , "Three Crosses of Death" , ¨Bury Them Deep¨ , and this "I want him dead¨ . His main enemy is rightly performed by Jose Luis Martin as a cruelly baddie role is terrific, he subsequently would play similar characters . Furthermore, there appears usual Italian/Spanish Western support actors , a largely secondary cast filled with familiar faces , all of them ordinary in Chorizo western , such as Frank Braña , Tomas Blanco, Jose Riesgo , Andrea Scotti , José Canalejas and Federico Boido . Adequate production design by Wolfgang Burmann , a notorious designer who has designed a lot of important films such as ¨Tesis¨, ¨Abre Los Ojos¨ , ¨Amnesia¨, ¨Lorca , Muerte un Poeta¨ , ¨Fortunata and Jacinta¨ and many others . Middlingly photographed by Ricardo Andreu , being necessary a right remastering and filmed on location in Almeria , as usual . And being accompanied by an agreeable musical score by Nino Fidenco , including catching leitmotif and enjoyable songs at the beginning and the end .

This decent motion picture titled Ehi Amigo... Sei Morto! or 1968 Lo Quiero Muerto¨ , was well produced by Ricardo Merino and professionally directed by Paolo Bianchini and he used the pseudonym as Paul Maxwell. At this film he inclined towards violence and too much action . Paolo made various Spaghetti such as ¨Gatlin Gun¨ , and 1968 ¨God Made Them... I Kill Them¨ and ¨European Spy sub-genre¨ such as 1969 ¨Devilman Story¨ , 1968 ¨Superargo¨ , 1967 ¨Hypnos Follia Di Un massacre¨ , 1966 ¨Il Gioco Delle Spie¨ . ¨I want him dead¨ Rating : 6/10 ,acceptable Western for some scenes typical Spaghetti .

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Passable Spaghetti with William Berger/Sartana facing off three vicious brothers in a sunny desert, 10 April 2014

The film deals with a cache of gold that takes on Sartana against treacherous sibling trio. This Sabata movie gets the usual Western issues , such as greedy antiheroes, violent facing off , quick zooms , exaggerated baddies and musical score with Ennio Morricone influence , among them . The dark , elegant hero named Lee Calloway or Sartana (William Berger) helps three imprisoned brothers (Wayde Preston , Aldo Berti , Giordana) break out from prison under the condition that they give him fifty percent of the stolen gold they have hidden in the desert. The film deals with a cache of gold that have hidden turning into several hands . As freelance gunman named Sartana is double-crossed and appears to chase the nasty thieves , and settles disputes by shooting . Bemusing Spaghetti Western with Sartana as a tough and stranger protagonist , he's an efficient gunslinger acting as judge , jury , and executioner . At the beginning Sartana arrives in a small town where occurs a shootout when a bounty hunter attempts to kill him and he is subsequently betrayed by powerful Norton (Franco Ressel) . Later on , Sartana is taken prisoner by the bandit brothers and suffering hitting , knocks , punches and tortures . It follows the seemingly endless adventures of Sartana in search of a cache of stolen gold . At the end takes place the inevitable confrontation , a spectacular showdown in which Sartana contends against all .

This acceptable Western contains an interesting but twisted plot , violence , double crosses , shoot'em up and results to be quite entertaining , though drags at times , balancing in ups and downs . There is plenty of action in the movie , guaranteeing some violence , crossfire or stunts every few minutes . SARTANA is a fundamental archetype in Spaghetti/Paella genre as well as James Bond in spy-genre , here William Berger-Sartana stars an entertaining SW with lots of action , gun-play and fun . As always , the mythic personage appears elegant and dressed in black and with a killer look . Sartana is the standard by which every spaghetti antihero is measured along with Lee Van Cleef's Sabata and Franco Nero's Django . It's a thrilling western with breathtaking confrontation between the protagonist William Berger against the heartless enemies formed by a trio of brothers led by Wayde Preston . There is a very odd implementation of shots in the camera work during some particular scenes as well as a lot of twists and turns , as the film approaches its climax , as in the final and the unusual conclusion . Austrian William Berger in this Sartana Western , is fine , as he ravages the screen , hit and run and kills . Fair-haired Austrian leading man Berger appeared in many Spaghetti westerns between 1966 and 1987 such as ¨La Grande Notte di Ringo¨, "They Call Him Cemetery" , "Fast hand" , ¨Noose for Django¨, "Jaider's Gang" , among others . He also played several Western as a secondary actor as he had got fame and fortune with his unforgettable co-starring in ¨Sabata¨ as the banjo man , ¨Face to face¨, ¨Keoma¨ , ¨California¨ and ¨Tex¨. He had a reputation for being a rebel and a vociferous anti-establishment figure . Berger's career was also at times interrupted by drug abuse . There appears usual actors from Spaghetti Western such as Franco Ressell as Norton , Federico Boido or Rick Boyd , Franco De Rosa and special mention to Luciano Pigozzi or Alan Collins nicknamed the Italian Peter Lorre as a doll maker ; furthermore two beauties as Jolanda Modio as Juanita and Pamela Tudor as Esther . Atmospheric Eastmancolor cinematography by Sandro Mancori in Technicolor , Techniscope , though being necessary a good remastering and filmed in Elios studios , as usual . Enjoyable musical score by Augusto Martelli , including catching songs performed by Betsy Bell who plays a Saloon Singer .

This Italian production is an exciting Sartana movie starred by William Berger , it is plenty of action , shootouts , double-crosses , twists and loads of violence and blood . Sartana himself is like a crossover between Clint Eastwood's The Man with no Name and ¨Django¨, a black-clad amoral anti-hero ; adding the special characteristics from James Bond , his quirky gadgets and elegance . Sartana character is in equal parts mysterious , cool and deadly ; he is not out there to chase the bandits like a simple bounty hunter , he is just out for money and blood . His quirky gadgets often bring to mind the other similar character , Sabata played by Lee Van Cleef and Yul Brynner . The first Sartana was ¨Gunfighters Die Harder" or "If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death" a trend-setting film by Gianfranco Parolini with Gianni Garco , Klaus Kinski and Fernando Sancho . The best Sartana are directed by Giuliano Carmineo , alias Anthony Ascott, he realized various with George Hilton who replaces to Garco . Hilton played more natural and roguish than Garco who was cold and peculiar . The later "Sartana" movies directed by Anthony Ascott became increasingly cartoonish and humorous . It was followed by director Alfonso Balcazar with ¨Sartana non Perdona or Sonora¨ with George Martin , Jack Elam and Gilbert Roland . Miles Deem directed two Sartanas deemed lousy and cheesy . Furthermore , a string of sequels and rip-offs with other Z-series directors. ¨Sartana in the valley of death¨ perhaps is not a Spaghetti masterpiece, but a watchable and sometimes unusual movie nonetheless .

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Melodrama with spectacular scenes about aviation , including colorful images and big name cast, 9 April 2014

Relaxed entertainment for plane films fans dealing with three pilots , US Air Force operating in Japan ; they carry out a rescue attempt over Pacific . Exciting flick with overwhelming aircraft scenes , pyrotechnics , some silly and boring romances and including a moving final . This interesting picture packs big stars , intrigue , action , love stories and historic deeds ; however being deliberately narrated and predominates the melodrama . A helicopter rescue team piloted by Lt. Col. Glenn Stevenson (Richard Widmark), TSgt. Mike Takashima (Yul Brynner) and 2nd Lt. John Gregg (George Chakiris) tries to save the survivors of a shipwreck off the coast of Japan during a raging typhoon . As they are plunged into hell with the most fearless breed of men on earth . Later on , there take place various flashbacks about the aviators ; as 1954 Germany where the Air Rescue Service pull off operations piloted by Glen Stevenson and John Gregg ; Manila during WWII where Stevenson (Richard Widmark) falls in love for a beautiful girl (Shirley Knight , though Tuesday Weld originally announced for this role) and Tunisia 1942 where Mike Takashima (Yul Brynner) to win the heart a gorgeous Arabian woman (Daniele Gaubert) with tragical consequences .

Thrilling film in which there are nail-biting action scenes , drama interlaced with breathtaking aerial scenes , love stories , intrigue , suspenseful set pieces and almost overloaded with stars . The movie gets a simple emotional appeal , professionalism , though being regularly shot and slow-moving . Stiff as well as excessively melodramatic screenplay by Waldo Salt based on the novel by Elliott Arnold . Good trio protagonist as Yul Brynner , Richard Widmark , George Chakiris along with the beauties Suzy Parker , Danièle Gaubert and Shirley Knight . Nice special effects interwoven with impressive aerial scenes and excellent production design by expert Eugene Lourie , though including excessive maquette and scale model . Filmed on splashy color and brilliant cinematography in Panavisión by excellent cameramen Burnett Guffey and Joseph MacDonald . Rousing as well as evocative musical score by Frank Cordell.

The motion picture was middlingly directed by Michael Anderson . This is one of various and professional works of his long career as filmmaker . He was a craftsman with reputation for making a variety of commercial and amusing films , it's well demonstrated in ¨Flight from Ashiya¨. Anderson did most of his best work in the thriving British cinema of the 50s . Anderson was quickly a man with a reputation for making a variety of commercial , entertaining movies . As his films from 1953-58 were all quite well received , his cycle ended with the best of them , the suspense/thriller ,¨Chase a crooked shadow¨ . Latterly resident in Canada , he has continued to direct , mainly in lower-profile projects and TV adventure movies . Anderson has filmed all kind of genres as cinema as TV ; such as Adventure : ¨Around the world in 80 days¨ , ¨Doc Savage¨ , ¨The sea Wolf¨ , ¨20.000 leagues under the sea¨ ; Sci-Fi : ¨Logan's run¨, ¨The martian chronicles¨ , ¨Milennium¨ ; Thriller: ¨The Quiller Memorandum , ¨Dominique is dead¨ , ¨The naked edge¨ , ¨The wreck of the Mary Deare¨ , ¨Murder by phone¨ and Wartime : ¨Battle hell¨, ¨Shake hands with the devil¨, ¨Damm Busters¨, and ¨Operation Crossbow¨ . ¨Flight from Ashiya¨ is an interesting as well as tedious film at times , though it will attract to Yul Brynner and Richard Widmark fans .

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