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What The....?, 26 March 2012

Most faith-based funded "indie" movies I find are cheesy, a little preachy, and lacks flow. I find this movie to be an exception and it was thoroughly enjoyable to watch. I did find myself pre-judging the film, but Jasmine Guy's (the nurse) performance is superb and convinced me otherwise along w/ the main character who also made it believable if not lovable. Making a movie is an Art and for such a string budget (it would be unfair to judge it w/ huge budgeted Hollywood films). Nevertheless, it's greatly crafted. As someone w/ a buddhist and confucian background, my outlook is a from a different angle favoring this movie in how it conveys the perpetual cycle of cause and effects. In this case, suffering and self-hatred in need of healing and forgiveness. The film is classy in a sense that it does not condemn or vilify the characters it contrast. It's not good guys vs. bad guys. With that said, no matter what beliefs one prescribes to, I hope viewers will not condemn the film's work w/ pre-conceived prejudices just because it challenges their ideas.