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... because thats all they know how to act.
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Actors who have the ability to play all types of roles from the nervous, geeky guy, to romantic gentleman to tough guys to all sorts of eclectic characters.
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Here's a list of Good Ole Fashioned Tough Guys on the B list.
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Actors or Actresses who have played a major role as an Alien in a Motion Picture
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These are actresses that are Oscar bound
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Actresses that typically excel at playing characters with a tough mind and, strong-will.
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Here's a list of once well liked top billing actors who have not done any top-billing movies in the past few years.
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Sort of in order of overall popularity / media coverage of the event of death.
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We all know there are 3 kinds of Bond girls. There's the sultry, evil of type like Pussy Galore and Xenia Onatopp, There's the smart and capable good girl like Jinx, and Wai Lin, and there's the damsel in distress like Mary Goodnight. This list takes both beauty and acting ability into account at the time of their appearance in a bond film.
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Actors who have played a Memorable Role as a fictional President of the United States in motion pictures 1980 thru today
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50 Highest Grossing Romantic Comedy Films of All Time
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Highest Total Grossing Comedy Films of All Time
This list includes comedy and family comedy (does not include action/adventure comedy, animated, and romantic comedy)
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Tis is a list of less popular movies with a strong, interesting story and characters. These movies also either never made as much money as expected and/or got the recognition of critics and attention of the box office and local theaters.
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Actors who typically play weak, weird, wienies, wimps, or weasels
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Underrated Character Actresses
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Here are 21 actors who excel at playing the badass tough-guy character in movies in a supporting role whether its a villain or good guy. These are non top-billing actors who may have had the lead in a movie or two or three but are commonly seen as supporting or co-star actors in a feature film.