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How can this be 8 out of 10?? Every review I read is bad...and I think it's bad too!
25 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have not read the books related to this trilogy, but have reviewed the background on the movie before I went to see it at the matiné showing today. I had an opened mind going in, but of course my mind changed quickly starting from the beginning. Aside from Jennifer Lawrence, who did well considering the rest of the movie was a huge disappointment. I actually nodded off during the first half as I laid my head on my husband shoulder. It was then I realized that the "hoopla" made about this movie and the record setting that was going on was just that--- a bunch of "hooey". This could have been an INCREDIBLE movie, if a little more attention was paid to development of characters, better casing in regards to Peeta (who didn't feel right at all for the part he had), and the NON-USE of the "shaky" cameras that someone felt so necessary. I felt I was watching something from a made for TV movie and lower budget. (where did they spend 100million???) Considering what has been said about the story line, and the awful consequences of starvation and struggles of poverty the film didn't deliver on ANY emotional level... completely absent. From the struggles of poverty/starvation, to the background "love story", to the knowing that children were dying... there was no connection --- Zero....Nada....

I am not a frequent movie goer and tend to wait until DVD.... I must say I should NOT have gotten wrapped up in the hype.... I wasted a LONG afternoon, the money on the tickets and overpriced soda and popcorn....
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