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Wanted to like more, but way too contrived..., 1 January 2013

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I had high hopes for this movie and was looking forward to enjoying the premise of a curmudgeonly writer "finding" himself in an idyllic lakeside cottage, through his interactions with the single mom and her kids next door (and even through Spot, the dog). However, my eyes rolled and I yelled "NO" at the screen, when the story chose to go down the romantic path.

The scenery was beautiful, and I did enjoy Monte's erudite manner of speaking. The acting was fairly good all around, except for some over-reaching on Finn's part.

There were way too many contrived moments for my liking, though: 1) When a 9-year old damages a jump house, there are consequences. Monte should have been arrested for assault, for brandishing his gun. 2) As a single mother myself, I would surely not ask the much older gun-brandishing neighbor, on the spur of the moment, to watch my children, while I attended a scheduled meeting and planned to be away for 14 hours or so. 3) The romance element was downright creepy. Period. We all know that Morgan Freeman is in his 70's, and Virginia Madsen's character would have realistically been only in her mid-40's (as the mother of a 7-year old). This was too much of an age gap to be believable, even by Hollywood standards.

I gave this film 6 stars based solely on my respect for Morgan Freeman as an actor. Perhaps I am too cynical for this much syrupy sweetness, but in my opinion, a reality check should have been applied.

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Not Bad.....!, 28 August 2012

This movie was better than I expected it to be. I enjoyed the boxing scenes the most, although the cinematography throughout was uniquely stylized.

My next-door-neighbor Vance Thompson played the boxing referee in this film. He is an actual retired boxing referee, as well as a swing-dance champion, wood sculptor, ex-con and senior Olympian. He also appeared on the cover of the "Riverfront Times" several years ago under the headline "The Dresser". If you would like to cast a true St Louis character (and style icon) in your next film, please contact Vance at 314-968-8614.

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Ridiculous! (Spoiler Alert), 25 March 2012

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Unless you are an evangelical Christian yourself, you will absolutely hate this movie.

Katie chases Lee, who has recently moved back to the small town where he grew up, even though she knows that she will be "unequally yoked" with him, as he is a non-believer. After she gets him to fall in love with her, and they reveal their skeletons in their closets, she dumps him, even though he is even entertaining the thought of marriage.

Many others in town "have it out" for Lee, who is just trying to establish a routine and get his life back, after 10 years in prison.

The tragic ending is explained as "all God's will". This movie made me angry - Absolute drivel....! ...and a waste of 90 minutes of my life.