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Will Ruin Your Date Night, 16 April 2017

Do you like movies that are 2 hours long but seem like 6? How about movies that have no memorable or exciting moments? Looking for none of the charm and wit of Harry Potter? Look no further!!!


And someone please help the lead actor, Eddie Redmayne, who looks like he is in pain the entire film. Like his shoes are too small and are squishing his feet. His line delivery is anxious and stilted. I just wanted to put him out of his misery. He is annoyingly subdued and but whenever he spoke you wish he would shut up again. YOU LITERALLY CAN'T WIN WITH THIS MOVIE!!!

After a long day me and my GF decided to watch this movie to unwind. OMG!! Our brains were numb an hour into this movie. We were exhausted waiting for something to HAPPEN. By the end we were so disappointed that we watched a funny sitcom right after to cheer us up. It will ruin your date night, as it surely ruined hours. No one will get lucky after this, you will just curl into a ball wanting 2 hours of your life back, wondering how Harry Potter could do this to you.

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It's About Instant Gratification vs Morality, 2 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A clockwork orange is about morality and how to deal with our impulses of wants and needs. Alex, will not wait to court a woman, when he wants sex, he finds a woman the next moment and has sex with her with no regard for what she wants. If he wants money or a car, he steals it. If he wants a cathartic experience to relieve the stress of the world he just beats someone up. He has no regard for how his actions impact others. We as viewers fight with ourselves to not empathize with Alex because we have wants and needs that go unfulfilled everyday. Although we are civilized and generally safe in society, sometimes I wish I could have sex whenever I felt like it with whoever I want with no strings attached, or steal the car of my dreams without having to work for it, or beat the crap out of government officials to make myself feel better. So now we weigh what is worth more,the regard for human kind or my gratification. It is this pulling of what is right and wrong that the film employs so well. It is THE darkest intellectual film ever made. I love it and I will always love, hate, envy and feel sorry for Alex DeLarge....

Positive Portrayal of ALL Famlilies, 12 September 2012

This show believably portrays how amazing and fun a family can be when they love and respect each other. This is phenomenon that might be lost on younger generations. As child rearing and marriage is taken much less seriously. Claire Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad) will will always be the love of my life. I doubt I will find a woman as confident and sensual as this woman. She is lucid and feminine and seems to have no trace of any insecurities. She could be THE role model for woman. Arguably it could be said this is a show based around role models. How to be a good brother, or sister, or husband and wife. I cant think of a good role model on TV today.....

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Ending Insight, 25 March 2012

NO SPOILERS. Although this mini series is 100 percent awesome. There is some confusion, or aggravation about the ending. The story fleshes out main themes of the bible.

First, the 'object' if human means immortality - the son of God. If one tries to become immortal by using the objects, they are not. The objects merely give the illusion of immortality - illusion/deceit is work of the devil.

Thus the materialism vs honourableness theme appears.

Second, the ambiguity of the room requires faith. The how and why mirror the how and why of the existence of human beings, and the search for something that may or may not exist.

Third, the experiments on room 9. They r trying to become god and therefore are banished to hell. ie. the woman ghost in agony.

Fourth, the occupant. This is the hardest one of all to understand and took me a while. He was Jesus. He suffered for our sins. He had all his possessions taken away. He wore only white and was there both times when the experiment on door 9 took place, as divine intervention. As the anointed one. which is why he had his past erased. because he is meant to do Gods work...not to have a family life.

Five, the reason the room resets is because it is a place of purity, it is the garden of Adam and Eve, why do you think there is a bed in the room??????