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Descent (2007)
Horrifying--both content and film
5 December 2011
While the content of this film is truly horrifying, it is poorly executed and leaves viewers with a sense of, well, violation. I was only able to watch half of this movie at first, leaving off a little less than halfway through. I should have just done myself a favor and not bothered with the last half, for it was badly written, half-heartedly acted, and the events in the second half are wildly unbelievable. While you feel pity for the protagonist in the first half, her "revenge" is extreme and angry, leaving the audience to stare at the last shot, just before fading into darkness, going: "...what did I just see?" The lighting is brutal (seriously, if you watch it, leave the lights on) and the mismatched cast is somewhat pathetic--even Rosario Dawson could not save this doomed piece. For a sad, realistic (and short) story, stick to the first half, then excuse yourself from the rest of the film. Yet if you want to see an unlikely, and even more disgusting turn of events, just watch the whole thing. I was disappointed I did not find this graphic, gritty movie interesting, but even more disappointed that nothing was really accomplished through the "heroine's" journey.
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5 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
If you're looking for a movie that will make you feel good, entertain you, and/or change your perception of the world... Happiness Runs is not that movie. While it has artistic elements and is filmed at a beautiful location, the characters remain undeveloped, the plot flimsy, and the ending unsatisfying. The protagonist, while well-intended, comes off as whiny and sort of feels his way through the movie. The female characters do not possess any redeeming characteristics (remember the little girl who played Jenny in Forrest Gump? Yeah, you see her naked for the majority of the movie.) And please, they have sex, run around naked, and do drugs (A LOT), we get it! If you're looking for a dry, undeveloped film, and you don't mind waiting for the climax that never comes, this would be the one to watch.
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