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Rules: I need to have watched at least a whole season.
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The system goes like this:
Terrible (1, 2, 3)
Bad (4)
Average (5, 6)
Good (7)
Great (8)
Awesome (9)
Amazing (10)
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Directors that inspire me. Plain and simple.
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I have an intense respect for movies that make me cry. In my eyes, there's no better feat for a work of art than achieving such a reaction. There are many films where I have wanted to cry, but I'm not really in that mood. It's often a result of emotional tension built up throughout the day, where the movie is the thing that unleashes my reaction. Thus, it's not always the movie in and of itself. Some movies on this list aren't even that amzing. Thus, you might see some surprising entries here. I'll describe the scene(s) that got me, and do my best to explain why they got to me. So there will be spoilers.
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The title says it all. Although keep in mind these are just the actors I find the most likable. In no particular order (although I think Tom Hanks is my favorite).
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This is a list of movie trilogies. They are so hard to come by, as the film industry rarely seems to want to put franchises to rest. Therefore, I have created this list to preserve these movies' symbolism.

1. They have to feature recurring characters.
2. I have to think they're great (hence the title).
3. The three movies have to individually serve as parts of a three-act narrative that begins with the first one and concludes with the third one.
4. It can't be heavily connected to a previous film or (film) series, so trilogies like the Hobbit trilogy and the Star Wars prequel trilogy are not allowed, but reboot trilogies like the Dark Knight trilogy are.
5. Even if a trilogy's continuity is followed up in some way (for example, Star Wars: The Force Awakens), that won't disqualify that trilogy, as one movie's narrative can't retroactively disqualify another's original meaning (English translation: If I feel that a story should end there, it ends there).

In the descriptions, I will rank each entry in the trilogies by "the strongest link", "the weakest link" and "in the middle". Do keep in mind that this does not reflect my thoughts on each individual film, as some — if not most — of these trilogies are very consistent in terms of quality.
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Since 2016 is over, I'll stop adding films to this list.
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I rank every Pixar film from best to worst. I'll be rating them based on how much I enjoy the story, animation and characters. Obviously there are other things to factor in, so I might prefer one movie over another even if they have the same average rating (for example, I prefer good story over good animation and good characters over good story).

Also, considering how long it takes for Pixar movies to come out in Norway, this list won't always be up to date.