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Lassie (1994)
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We could all learn alot from Clayton Barclay Jones..., 8 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, first off let me just say this is a spoiler preview, so fair warning. I have seen this movie only once, and once was enough. It was so perfect, so utterly amazing, that I need never see it again, it's all in my minds eye as clear to me as the birth of my first child. I don't have to go to the tape, it's burned in my memory for all time. Some films, how should I put this, some films come straight down from heaven, written directed and produced by GOD! This MIRACLE of modern art that is cinema has the potential(I think) to change the world. Ok, maybe you think I'm some nut who just really likes dogs, well far from it. In fact, dogs terrify me. I have to cross the street even if it's one of those tiny ones old ladies carry in their purses. But this movie allows me to get past that absurd phobia. I like to watch movies with my kids, I like to make sure they don't see violence and sex and stuff like that, at least not till they are older in the double digits. This movie is perfect to watch with your kids. I'm lucky cuase ever since the plant got shut down I've had tons more time to watch tv with them. Now I said that this was a teaser review and it is. Here's what I'll give away: CLAYTON BARCLAY JONES is the next BRAD PITT. I mean it's like I'm looking at his younger brother. CBJ lights up the screen, my oldest daughter is obsessed with him. She even has his POPS cereal comercial on tape. I'm a family man, I got kids and I got a wife who loves me. But that Mr Jones makes me feel things for a man I wasn't sure I was capable of. He's that good. Listen go watch this movie. Savour it. If you feel like watching it two times through I'll understand. Plus there are rumors in the works for a sequel, FINGERS CROSSED!!!! BOTTOM LINE- FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.

Happily Ever After (1985) (TV)
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Quality TV, 30 March 2004

This is what God meant when he invented TV. Go get this and watch it and get ready for it to change your life. There's so little really out there. So few films really touch us, make us think, make us feel. I remember seeing this the first time, some countless viewings ago. Some people love music and play their favorite song over and over, some people love great cinema, and watch their favorite film over and over. Guilty as charged. This gem is my comfort blanket. I was going through some pretty hard times and this movie got me through. Its positive message and uplifting performances by some of the greatest actors of our time is what kept me going when I thought I wasn't going to make it. Now I watch this with my own kids. To let them see how wonderful a good movie can really be. That Molly can really tug at your heart strings. I get so worried every time, but every time it ends up ok. I love this movie so much. I only wish my own childhoods demons could have resolved as easily as Mollys did. CASSANDRA COBLENTZ portrays Molly with a sort angelic presence. She is a genius. I don't know where she is, or why she never went on to do other work, but I'll always love her for this. If you have kids, or if you just love a good time in front of the tube, go find this movie somewhere, though I don't think it's for sale. But it should be. If it ever comes out on D.V.D., I'm going to buy a copy for all of my friends and loved ones. In summation, TWO THUMBS UP!