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Too many movies so little time... hoping by putting them in a separate list will be easier to keep track of our favorite saves :)
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Just some of the titles in our media library that we've saved over the years on vhs. Have so many movies and friends are always asking to borrow this or that title, so hoping this list will help us organize our collection :)
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The 'teen trauma', 'suspicion & suspense', and 'tragic but true' made for tv movies that started airing in the 70's as a 'movie of the week' and have continued to this day remain a favorite guilty pleasure of ours... always something going on that sucks you in and keeps you watching. They're great for a sick day stuck in bed when need to be resting :)
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This list is really just a way to remember what I own on 16mm so far to help organize my 16mm film collection... but if any one knows of a Tv Movie or old tv show that is reasonably priced at eBay or elsewhere would appreciate it VERY much if you'd send a link where to view the info on it in case can consider getting it.. and thank you!

We belong to several charity based clubs like The American Legion, The Loyal Order of Moose etc and when we go to events & spend night in our old Airstream, or are off camping, we LOVE projecting movies & tv shows out under the stars!
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So often when going through a tape we've saved a movie on we find some great gem of a film short that was shown before or after a movie... interesting Travel shorts, News Reels, Sport Shorts, Comedy Shorts, Dance Shorts, Music & Big Band Shorts, Instructional Shorts... and Animal Shorts starring a horse, dog or even a duck :) Have decided to start saving them because they are so fun!!
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Such a treat being drawn in by these actors in the short time allotted!
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There are lots of seldom or never seen anthology tv shows from years past that were a great place to find many wonderful character actors in different roles... sure wish one of the fun retro channels would bring them back on!
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Love seeing these wonderful actors pop up in one movie after another in different roles while transferring my collection of vhs saves of unreleased movies to dvd-r... every one of them ads something special to the film they are in!