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Heroic and passionate, 28 March 2012

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Truly a jewel that can be cherished and passed on to free generations to come. Amazingly is added on top of this masterpiece of film. Amazingly true. I'm as suspect as anyone who may criticize this great nation, our government, president, or aspects of our heritage. This great privilege was not; was not God-given, but given by men like Buck Compton, Shorty Powers, Bill G., and Maj. Dick Winters and those that fought under him. Band of Brothers will ignite a passion in you that persuades patriotism, hope, and tears for those fallen. I now celebrate their honor and memory. Spielberg and Hanks; of course it's damn good. Add on the amazingly true and you've positioned yourself for the greatest film experience of ones' life. Filmmakers, actors, musicians; sure I'd like to meet. Any member of Easy Company I would meet I'd simply stand in awe and cry. The criticism melts while the pride swells.

Gattaca (1997)
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Incredible film!, 28 March 2012

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Gattaca ranks near the top of my favorite films. It never fails to make me feel like I should never give up trying to reach my own goals, despite the difficulties. And I love the way that Irene, after suddenly discovering Jude Law in place of Ethan Hawke, still stands up for her man, and helps him when the "Hoover" cop is after him. Gore Vidal is perfect as the ambitious, murdering Director. His remark to Anton, that "nothing that would prevent one from being a police officer, for example", when Anton questions him about the mental capabilites of the Gattaca workers always cracks me up. And the musical score is fantastic and suits the film perfectly. Lastly, I love the way Irene and Vincent wake up the night after being together, and as she washes her face, she believes (incorrectly) that Vincent has committed murder, yet she still loves him and protects him.