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Movies spanning from the being of the human race to WWII
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In my English class we have to pretend to be producers for our favorite show
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Just some movies my friends and I watch during sleep overs
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In my English class we just finished Julius Caesar and for an assignment we have to pretend we are a producer for a new movie about Caesar and who we want to cast, but here is mine.
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This is for my English class. We have to create an episode for the Twilight Zone. In this episode nine strangers play a game where they come in contact with dead loved ones
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Thirteen Reasons Why is by Jay Asher, and is now being made into a movie. Well they want Selena Gomez to play Hannah. I'm a little concerned about that, I can't see her playing Hannah, maybe Courtney or Jessica,I pictured Jessica more like Selena, but anyway I was on one of the boards and someone said " Jay wanted us to have our own version of Hannah'' I just thought that was brilliant, so it goes. My cast for Thirteen Reasons Why! Btw this all coming from my head. I will accept criticism, though. Constructive only though, No trolling. Yes i love Glee, and you will see a couple of Glee actors. If you do not like Glee, I don't want to here crap about Glee and how terrible it is. I don't care. If you hate what you see don't look at it, but if you want to make suggestions go ahead. I know i sound like a bother, but it's a problem to tell people that. So have a nice day! :D