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Re-incarnation + Romance = works for me, 14 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Story: 10/10

I could not ask anything more from story point of view. It was a really touching triangular love story across the ages.

Ancient story + Re-incarnation + romance = works for me!

Art/Costumes: 10/10

The costumes were really good and appropriate according to the different eras.

Sound: 5/10

The songs could have been much much better given the strong story. The background music was pretty decent though.

Character: 9/10

All characters played their part perfectly. Karisma's age showed on her face at times, otherwise no complaints.

Rohan's character could have had a bit more impact.

Overall: 9/10

Overall, a very good movie to watch and I was fully satisfied while coming out of the hall. No matter what other reviewers say, if you are interested in re-incarnation and romance, then you will definitely love this gem.