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A list of the films and TV shows that I know I have seen and video games I know I have played.

They are in no particular order. TV shows I count for at least one episode.

Of course, the list is incomplete, and just because something is on here doesn't mean I liked it. Some of these I'm embarrassed about.
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I cannot recollect everything I was shown in elementary and middle school, but that is mostly the opposite in high school. I have watched a few movies on my own time during school hours, but I have not included them since I chose to watch them. List is definitely incomplete.

As of October 20, 2014, I've broadened it to more than just feature films to include TV shows and such because we watched those too.
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Title is pretty much self-explanatory. These individuals had inspiration on characters in the Metal Gear video games, though most don't go beyond likeness.
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The title of the list says it all. I want to see these films and hopefully I'll get to someday.
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It is very rare for me to like a remake. These are ones that haven't released yet, but so far sound so different from the originals, that I want to see them.