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One favorite per year. I also noted the runner-up as some were difficult decisions.
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I cannot recollect everything I was shown in elementary and middle school, but that is mostly the opposite in high school. I have watched a few movies on my own time during school hours, but I have not included them since I chose to watch them. List is definitely incomplete.

As of October 20, 2014, I've broadened it to more than just feature films to include TV shows and such because we watched those too.
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List of films that are just fine without a sequel (or prequel in some cases). Some haven't had any (but some people think they should) and some have had a sequel or several. This is all my opinion and still a work in progress.
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List is probably incomplete. I will add to it as I watch and remember more.
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Actors and actresses I have always loved, even when they're in bad movies. I will update the list as people come to mind.

And no, I'm not saying that every single one of them is a good actor; I just enjoy their performances.

(I also need to find more actresses to love)
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Ever since I saw You Only Live Twice on television on one of my birthdays (probably my seventh), I have been a huge fan of the James Bond franchise. I have seen every film, I've played many of the games, and I intend to get around to reading at least all of the Fleming novels.

Since there have been over twenty films, our favorite Time Lord - I mean - our favorite secret agent has had outings that were better or worse than others.
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Everyone has their favorite Bond. He is, after all, the world's favorite Time Lord - I mean - the world's favorite secret agent.
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Note that some actors are not in the best shape right now to play the characters I'd cast them as. It's a dream cast, understand?
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Got bored. Made this list.
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Was bored so I made this list of what I have on VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray.
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These are the films and television shows that I talk about all the time, and can't go more than a few months without them.
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These are all my own opinion of sequels (and possibly prequels) that are better than the original film and the rest in the series. It is a rare thing for a sequel to be better than the original, I must say.

List is currently incomplete.
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It is very rare for me to like a remake. These are ones that haven't released yet, but so far sound so different from the originals, that I want to see them.
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