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If based on MGS1, since it's the best-known game in the series.

Note that some actors are not in the best shape right now to play the characters I'd cast them as. It's a dream cast, understand?
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Got bored. Made this list.
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Was bored so I made this list of what I have on VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray.
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These are the films and television shows that I talk about all the time, and can't go more than a few months without them.
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I cannot recollect everything I was shown in elementary and middle school, but that is mostly the opposite in high school. List is definitely incomplete.
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These are all my own opinion of sequels (and possibly prequels) that are better than the original film and the rest in the series. It is a rare thing for a sequel to be better than the original, I must say.

List is currently incomplete.
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It is very rare for me to like a remake. These are ones that haven't released yet, but so far sound so different from the originals, that I want to see them.
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Films everyone should see.
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These are films I've enjoyed that I think are underrated.