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I always wanted to keep track of the movies I watch but didn't really know where to start. After enjoying yet another memorable movie I was doomed to forget, I figured today might be a good day to start! Following are the movies I've watched/rewatched since January 2012.
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This is a list of all the period dramas I've watched. As I have an insatiable appetite for period dramas, my list will keep growing! I've decided to include movies, TV films, and series setting the time limit at the end of World War II.
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In other words, men that are nowhere to be found in real life !)
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While waiting for the release of "Trouble with the Curve", I've decided to undertake a tough yet pleasing challenge - watch each and every single movie Clint Eastwood has taken part in so far, both as an actor and as a director (both in many instances!). Time limit: by the end of 2012. January 2013: mission failed!! My goal hasn't changed, though! I'll keep watching and learning more and more about the amazing Clint Eastwood.
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The presence of a committed detective who does whatever it takes to make sure justice is done is a key ingredient in a crime drama, just like a well-written plot. Here's a list of my all-time favorite detectives that I've come to appreciate for their commitment, wit, and personality. I've also included characters that don't exactly fit the definition of detective but somehow find themselves involved in solving mysteries and murders.
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Since the Western is one of my favorite film genre, I thought it would deserve a list of its own!
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The minute you start delving into the filmography of directors, you realize that some the most prominent ones have favourite actors/actresses they like to keep working with, often with amazing results! Here's a list of the director-star pairings I've detected so far! I'm sure there are many more I've failed to spot, so your contributions are more than welcome !)
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I'm open to suggestions to expand my list !)