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journey to the unknown, 2 January 2007

without a doubt my favorite horror TV series,different stories each episode about people who find them selves in odd situations. a fine cast that had a mix of actors and actress, from home and the USA.such has Dennis waterman,chad Everett Barbara Bel geddes, patty duke,carol lynely,Patrick Allen. this must get a DVD release?the opening titles to the show makes the hairs on you stand out?the word cult comes to mind with this show if you get a chance to see it do so.their not been a TV horror show like it or likely to be.the top episodes are poor butterfly, faces in a crowd,jane browns body, which stars a young stephanie powers.

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first class, 25 October 2006

a excellent TV series from hammer in the late sixties,which had a different story to it every episode,the show was based on people who found themselves in bizarre situations.the opening segment to the show still sends shivers down my spine, a deserted fairground somebody entering it you don't see the person at all,also a haunting theme to add spice to the matter?and the opening titles are then just put into the viewers face?powerful stories, like faces in the crowd, which stars Jane asher, David Henson,which one the scariest have seen,Stephanie powers in Jane browns body,which is cult viewing,plus chad Everett, in a story called poor butterfly, another a good ghost story. why the show has not made it to DVD, is beyond me. this excellent series,still holds good today.

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great film, 24 October 2006

very good film,shows the 60,s at its best,a young Dennis waterman backed up by a strong cast, makes a must to see.this is backed up with a good music soundtrack, by manfred mann, which has a haunting feel, and goes well with the film,strong performances from Suzy Kendell, Maureen Lipton, adds to the film,must for release on DVD. one of my favourites films.based on the novel and TV show from a couple years earlier, up the junction is a film that catches the 1960,s at its height,and fits into the mould of greats like a taste of honey, Saturday night and Sunday morning,the knack and how to get it,billy liar,great stuff.