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Red Tails (2012)
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Very long awaited and much anticipated, 26 December 2014

This film not only provides a visual account of the outstanding efforts of The Tuskegee Airmen but also promotes their story in a way that all Americans should enjoy and share.

I found this movie to be heroic and daring and well acted and directed with wonderful visual effects.

Lucas admits, openly that the story of these airmen is an amalgamation of many stories of the actual airmen that fought for American lives during World War II.

Sadly, the day I went to see the movie in Chicago, off Harlem St. there were very few others in the theater to see it. What a waste. I know that it is hard to have an African-American cast as stars in this country because racism is so deeply seeded.

But films like Glory and this one show the true character of men that give their lives in spite of the horrible treatment they received by those that they were fighting for. Sadly, after the war, men of these men faced open discrimination and hostile welcomes.

These story was touching and emotional and made me cry.

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Amazing film, 8 November 2012

I am not sure how this film was kept under the radar, so to speak, and I just happen to select it based upon the cast and crew. I was more than rewarded for an amazing story about life and time and mortality. Itis a film that has the ability to touch everyone of all ages yet it isn't childish or banal. It is a film that looks into the eyes of human existence and tries to give an answer that ties us all together with a sense of our lives beyond our lives.

Not as a exercise of a form of spirituality but as casual events of how our lives move forward based upon those we have known and those we will know.

This film should have a much greater profile as I would even put it ahead of the first Matrix movie for originality and depth.

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As I remember, 27 June 2007

I remember this show during the Summer of 1976, the year of our Bicentennial. As I recall it was a mostly concert and documentary style movie much in the style of how "This is Spinal Tap" would be come to be know as. Except, of course, for the fact that this is a real band and I was surprised to learn that is was written by Belushi and Akroyd. I do recall thinking this was the first time that I actually enjoyed hearing The Beach Boys music.

After this special there was the Jan and Dean special and several music related movies and specials including the "Elvis" movie with Kirk Russell.

Are there any other details that anyone else knows about this special?

Sahara (2005)
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"Sahara" the oasis of action, 7 April 2005

The movie contains very good action sequences and the story is very well thought out. The movie-goer is never surprised why this or that happens and nothing outrages happens with out it fitting the situation. The partnership between Dirk Pitt (Matthew McConaughey) and Al Giordano (Steve Zahn) as friends and partners is solid. I can see this partnership working in other movies or even in this set up if there is a sequel.

Regardless the rest of the cast makes the story of a sea seeking treasure hunter work well. The working partnership with the "Admiral" James Sandecker (William H. Macy) with Dirk and Al is easily accepted and works on many level one being of deep respect of each other. They all know each other well including the weaknesses and strengths. When Dirk find an unexpected clue to his life long work of looking for the C.S.S. Texas, "The Admiral" and Al both know this is going no where and tell him so.

But they have other missions more pressing and with a generous 72 hours Dirk and Al take a quick look into his dream find. Along the way Dr. Eva Rojas (Penelope Cruz) and her colleague from the World Health Organization (Glynn Turman) join in to take a trip into the heart of the desert. Soon the partnership is deep in Mali in the Sahara and finds that their cause have something in common. Not the best work of Cruz as she was better in "Blow" and "Vanilla Sky." But she did hold her own with a generally outstanding cast. The weak link in her is not the actors but the direction, which seemed to be very noticeable to me. However, Turman's performance was very outstanding. I was very surprised with the amount of development they gave him and he didn't disappoint a bit.

The action gets more intense as War Lords, Sahara tribes and big corporations are stopping efforts of the pair at every turn. Some of the adventures get a bit tried at times. One of the last bit of actions sequences takes a bit of "suspension of reality" to accept. However, the movie redeems itself by the end with hope to leave on.

The only thing that distracted from the overall look of the film was some of the direction took by new comer Breck Eisner, son of Michael Eisner. It was hard to understand some of the extreme camera angles and the over use of wide shots in some of the more intense parts. However, The look was good and most wouldn't notice the choices I would say. The music was unique and refreshing to see some of the sounds in a "big screen" production.

Sahara makes for a good nights entertainment and brings with it the hope of more to come. Stand out performances include William H. Macy, who would made the picture better with more screen time, and the buddy chemistry of McConaughey and Zahn. Also the partner of Penelope Cruz was very good to have on the screen.