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I Found This Way Too Slow....
2 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a longtime fan of Philip K Dick....I read his book on which this series is based several years ago and have read many of his other works.....I don't think he would like this adaptation....while there are many intriguing elements, the whole 10 hours of Season 1 could have been edited down to about 3 very watchable ones....and, no, I'm not a 20 something who needs constant action.....having said that, I found some of the acting quite good (Joel de la Fuente, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Rufus Sewell, Carsten Norgaard, Rick Worthy) despite that most of their dialogue was rather pedestrian and predictable; and none of the characters were very endearing with the exception of Togomi, the Japanes Trade Minister...I hope the producers ramp up their game for season 2....which I may or may not watch...
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Perry Mason (1957–1966)
One of the best TV shows of all time....
20 February 2014
What's not to like about Perry Mason?......noirish themes, beautylicious babes in bullet bras, killer cars, mysterious murders, smarmy suspects, brazen blackmailers…..all with one of the strongest regular casts and many notable guest appearances by second tier stars and soon to be stars…..Earl Stanley Gardner's protagonist is the quintessential TV attorney and probably few could have played Mason as well as Raymond Burr…although many of Burr's previous film roles were as a heavy (and he was very good at those roles), he transforms wondrously into the 'good guy' in this series, his biggest star turn...while Mason is an attorney, he is also a terrific detective…..the only other TV Detective show on par with 'Perry Mason' is the 'Rockford Files'…..
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Switch (I) (2012)
Everyone should watch this....unless you don't use energy!
18 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
To begin with, I like documentaries....and this one is well made about a topic that should interest us all....this film proposes the alternatives that may come into play as we wean ourselves off of fossil fuels in the not to distant, we are not running out of fossil fuel...exploration technology advances coupled with new extraction technology gives us perhaps more economically viable reserves than ever before....'peak oil' has turned out to be only half true....recoverable reserves did not peak....refinery capacity did....Scott Tinker is very engaging as he explores several viable alternatives...I especially enjoyed the Iceland segment and the "inside a mountain" doom & gloom here...this film is entertaining and highly excellent use of your time...
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The Postman (1997)
Much better than its rating!
17 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm always a little surprised when I see an IMDb rating that's unusually low compared to my take…..then again, I often forget that the average poster on this site is now a 20-something who thinks Pulp Fiction is the best movie ever made…..sorry; it's not….that distinction still goes to Godfather I & II although not a personal favorite of mine….along with PF, too violent for my taste….. This film has much to offer for fans of the apocalyptic genre (Road Warrior, Red Dawn, etc.): an intriguing storyline; very good pacing even at its near epic length; good acting; good dialogue; excellent cinematography and a lively score & soundtrack, especially the Pinewood Band tunes…. The main cast is appealing with Kevin Costner, Will Patton (in an over-the-top role similar to his "Falling Skies" Capt. Weaver), Olivia Williams, Larenz Tate and Tom Petty in more than a just a cameo…..add in some recognizable character actors like Ron McLarty, Rex Linn, Daniel Barger, Joe Santos, George Wyner, Giovani Ribisi and Brain Anthony Wilson…..a pretty good crew….. Watching this always makes me feel patriotic like when I watch "Red Dawn"….and despite the almost universal bashing Costner receives, he is often very endearing in his roles (For the Love of the Game, Tin Cup, Wyatt Earp, JFK, Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, No Way Out and Dances with Wolves)….if you've ever seen the creepy Mr. Brooks, you know he can actually act….and he does deliver some very funny lines; my favorite: "So much for the uniform theory"….. 8 stars….watch it for yourself and choose…
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spOILed (2011)
A Must See Film!
8 March 2012
Despite another reviewer's rant against Republicans, spOILed is a very good movie....even if you don't usually like documentaries, you should see this one because it has valuable information that directly impacts you and everyone you know....on top of that, it's very well made....I believe that this is the first film for director Mark Mathis...fortunately, unlike many first time directors, he brings a lot of experience as a television personality and producer, making the film both informative and very entertaining....for the average viewer, the information is shocking....watching this is a great way to spend an hour and half being entertained and learning something at the same time...and for the record, I'm neither republican nor democrat....just an avid film goer who appreciates truth in documentary format and good craft of any genre....I was intrigued for the whole 90 minutes...
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They had me at John Ford and Monument Valley….
11 February 2012
HTWWW is one of the most unique westerns ever filmed….a voice over narrative epic adventure (Spencer Tracy) spanning more than 50 years and thousands of miles, it has an incredible cast of well-knowns; some excellent acting-- especially by George Peppard, Debbie Reynolds, Henry Fonda, Robert Preston and Eli Wallach in a bad guy role that is clearly a precursor to his Tuco in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly….

Throw in some of the finest outdoor cinematography ever put on celluloid, which may be enhanced or lessened depending on which playback format one views the original Cinerama print……add in a great score by Alfred Newman & Ken Darby; some occasional exciting actions scenes, especially the bison stampede and the train robbery sequence….and you have one fine film… Additionally, what makes this film distinctively different from most westerns of this era is the emotion expressed in numerous scenes….and, of course, its Cinerama format….

This massive work of art required 4 different directors for its five segments….that's pretty much unheard of….doesn't mean it makes it good, just varied and unique… I originally saw this in the theater in the 60s when in my early twenties and could not fully appreciate it…I have seen it on cable several times through the years and a recent viewing on TCM (11/17/11) makes me want to rent the blu-ray or whatever version will come closest to recreating the original format….
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Desert Fury (1947)
Not really film noir....
21 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I wanted to watch this film because the idea of a film noir in color that works always intrigues me….especially one with Burt Lancaster, Lizabeth Scott & Mary Astor…..unfortunately, it doesn't work here….which, for me, leaves "Chinatown" as the only color noir that's true to the genre….Desert Fury is not really film noir- more like a melodramatic soap opera with a very soap opera score by Miklós Rózsa…..and terrible 'soap opera' over-acting with the exception of Lancaster….add in a thin storyline and poor editing, leaving only the above average cinematography (great desert landscapes) to appreciate…..

Plus it always cracks me up when characters in any movie of any era meet each other, kiss a couple of times and all of a sudden they're 'in love' with each other…and the storybook ending where the bad guys die and the couple walks off into the sunrise together is not remotely film noir…..for the real stuff, watch "Out of the Past", "The Killers", "Double Indemnity" or the "Asphalt Jungle"…..
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The Time Is Right.....
27 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
...for this movie....much of the dystopian events are eerily similar to what's going on today...overt central government control, re-distribution of wealth and over-regulation of business, i.e. Patriot Act, TARP, etc....yeah, yeah, there's no Brad or Angelina which is what sells in Hollywood.....regardless, this movie is MUCH better than the critics give it....not at all surprising since they all work for collectivist media conglomerates and have no idea about a real free market or any of the concepts that Ayn Rand brought forth......the future feel (2016-2017) is somewhat dark and very slightly reminiscent of Brazil or Blade Runner....the interior scenes are very industrial...I found it had the necessary suspense to keep me engaged....some good casting with a bunch of recognizable character actors (Fischler, Polito, Lerner, Shimerman) and great outdoor cinematography; shot in Colorado....Taylor Schilling is very good as Dagny Taggart, businesslike, holding her passion just below the surface....the movie brings out both frustration with its current geo-political situation as well as underlying future hope....I'll go see the next installments....I liked the movie very much....
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Chaos (II) (2005)
Much more of a MYSTERY thriller than an Action flick....
8 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Although Jason Statham is mostly known as an action movie actor, Chaos is really a mystery......and a very good one at that.....much more similar in some ways to his turn in the Bank Job than his over-the-top stuff…..excellent casting, cool dialogue, good performances (especially by Statham, Phillipe and Waddell) and moody neo-noir sets/cinematography all wrapped up in an intriguing if somewhat implausible storyline.....there's enough action for those who need that and the slower, darker scenes are generally more interesting and entertaining.....a feast for the eyes and mind......throw in a few unexpected plot twists and some Chaos Theory & Buddhist philosophy....a pretty darn enjoyable way to spend 106 minutes.....
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14 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I'm absolutely amazed that anyone thinks this is a great film....other than some interesting framing and camera angles there is nothing remotely intriguing about it....the cast is mostly a collection of recognizable second rate actors....the dialogue is stifling....the editing is horrendous; probably more wasted space than in any film I've seen in a long time...there is hardly any character development at all and certainly no characters other than Cloris Leachman's and the mechanic which create any sympathy or connection with the viewer...the plot is absurd....the ending is virtually sci-fi and totally addition to there being too many "sunny" scenes, Hammer remains too upbeat throughout the film for this to be called a noir film.....there is no apparent "edgeiness" or element of despair which are classic components of film noir....MAIN POINT: this is not Film Noir....I repeat, this is not Film Noir....if you are actually interested in such, go rent "Out of the Past" or "The Killers" and learn something....
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Greatest War Movie Ever!
27 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This epic film by Darryl F. Zanuck is the greatest war movie ever made- GREATEST WAR ("The Big One", America's last legally declared war and the last one we won)- GREATEST DAY (tactical turning point of the conflict and the largest armada ever assembled)- GREATEST CAST (42 International Stars)…… This is about actual history and not really character-driven despite the all-star cast and personal story vignettes that occur throughout the film……it is very unlike other popular war movies such as Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Patton and the overrated Saving Private Ryan…..Tora! Tora! Tora! is the only other movie I know of that is as focused on the actual history of the events…..If you don't know the story, read your history…..

Although slightly "Hollywooded", the film is amazingly historically accurate……many of the actual characters in the film were consultants on the production….it is also of note that from the cast; Eddie Albert, Henry Fonda, Red Buttons, Rod Steiger, Edmond O'Brien, Richard Todd, Tom Tryon and even Darryl F. Zanuck served in their countries' armed forces during this war…go to for more on that.....

I have watched it a dozen times or more…..don't watch it on TV, go rent (or better, buy) the widescreen version… has some of the most spectacular B&W action cinematography ever shot…..of special note are the scenes of the paratroopers overshooting their drop and landing in the middle of Ste-Mère-Église, the battle as the French Forces attempt to take Ouistreham and almost all of the beach assault scenes…..many of the indoor scenes are exceptionally shot as well…..

The film is riddled with dozens of emotionally moving and triumphant scenes…..the acting (and direction) are surprisingly good…..all the characters speak in their own languages with subtitles……I especially enjoyed John Wayne (as Lt. Col. Benjamin Vandervoort), Robert Mitchum (as Brig. Gen. Norman Cota), Curt Jürgens (as Maj. Gen. Gunther Blumentritt), Hans Christian Blech (as Maj. Werner Pluskat) and Irina Demich (as Janine Boitard), the only "eye candy" in the movie; in their roles…..there is also the occasional tension-breaking humorous scene or dialogue (comic relief) that really adds to the overall entertainment……watch for when the nuns show up during the battle in Ouistreham, when the padre loses his communion set, when the French citizen pulls out his flag and starts celebrating as the shelling begins, and most of Red Buttons' scenes…… If you appreciate history, if you appreciate great films, if you like war movies, if you like great actors and great acting, if you like great cinematography: watch and enjoy…..
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a terrible way to spend a couple of hours......
24 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
this movie was tedious and agonizing....... nothing good ever happens to this guy till the very end....... i felt downright miserable watching this movie...... 98% of the movie is about struggle & misery and the 2% about "winning" at the end is mostly underplayed...... Will Smith is a very good actor, Thandie Newton's talent was wasted.......Will's son was overly cute for my tastes.....not realistic to the situation at hand.... this screenplay could have been much more balanced........ screenwriter needs to go back to school......... screen writing 101 teaches all about the "PAYOFF"........ where was the payoff?........ not a good holiday movie...... i'll stick with "It's a Wonderful Life"......
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Not just a Christmas movie; the best movie ever made!
28 March 2004
I just read some of the comments on this movie and I can't believe that anyone can watch this and not be emotionally moved. They need to see a shrink and to stay the hell as far away from me as possible. About 20 years ago I watched IAWL with a girl I was dating and she had no emotional response at all-- I dumped her immediately. It always makes me cry even after several dozen viewings. I don't wait until the end like apparently a lot of folks, I'm already into it in the scene where Mr. Gower hits George on his bad ear. This movie has been #1 on my personal list for as long as I can remember. Unbelievable that the critics panned it and Jimmy Stewart did not win the Oscar. Another reason I always avoid that annual Hollywood farce.This is absolutely the best movie ever made!
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