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best show, 20 August 2014

the concept of the show looked boring to me at first but i only saw one episode and thought it was brilliant , the show is narrated by commentators and has stats to show petes progress about anything he is doing

it was just well made , the shows popularity was not as good as it could have been because the ratings were low due to the late night time it was aired , this is proof that hit shows are not always successful when flop shows take their place like the inbetweeners , peter vs life is a classic show that was very good but not marketed by channel 4 for anyone who has not seen this show , it is worth a watch and you will know how funny the show is , each episode has a different theme and the characters are characterised well

pete has a selfish personality and only likes his friend , he also has a rival who is the opposite of pete , pete and his dad are always challenging each other

petes life is of different characters but pete is always trying to get his way all the time but the tricky situations pete gets himself in keep coming back to him when he can usually do things in a simple way but he takes a silly route to get in trouble with everyone

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rubbish, 8 August 2014

the worst thing on TV that is toilet humour it is only popular because it has been aimed at the older stupid type of person which there are allot of it is cheap and poorly written it is today's young ones but has nothing good about it compared to the young ones

the writing is based on the writers lives which are uninteresting as all the things that happen in the show happens all the time in England

Mr Gilbert is terrible in it , his acting skills are his nostrils keep flaring up

as soon as something interesting would happen the end delivery is always thoughtless rather then something that would be something that is silly but well writing

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Russell Howard's Good News, 20 April 2012

Russells show is not that good, its pretty cheap humor of clips repeated over and over again to get a laugh out of the childish audience members

his impressions are terrible because there always the same

the only good thing about the show is the clips but only seeing them once on the show , he tends to repeat the clips he has used once over and over again to fill in the time limit of the show

the truth is its a rip off of tosh.0 , every thing about the two shows are the same, but tosh has a funnier show because his show has a much broad variety of clips

russells show is limited to allot of things like the news aspect because there is never enough clips to show about news he uses top clips from the net

the show can be better if it was presented by a better host because he was terrible on mock the week just like anything else

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Derek (2012), 13 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

should have chose a different name there are too many characters named Derek like a common English name that we all have come across , i have only ever met 1 Derek in my life so far in England names like Tom, John, James, Richard, Peter or jack would have been better

well watching this was odd it was too dull so far that's why i gave it a 5 rating because there was too much musical involvement where it dose not need to be, its over the top where it should not be and its too subtle in places where there should be more substance

the main character Derek needs to be polished i guess this is like black adder where the 1st series was still trying to find the limits of the character to build the story around him this is what they will do i guess that is if they care , because Derek needs to only have a limited intelligence and have the story evolve around him and only give him lines that suit his mind set

i like Karl in it but his wig looks cheap and ridiculous like its from a joke shop , i think Ricky must have made him wear this silly wig its look awful am gonna enjoy see it and hope Karl's wig has a following , hahaha

i only laughed at two parts the line Ricky had at the end and when Karl dose not care about the painting

am gonna keep watching to see if the story get better

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phone jacker, 12 April 2012

Facejacker this has come a long way from when it started off the prank show is very good but dose have its down sides as well

i always think that is like the ali g show but its not really because it started off as a phone prank show with some decent animation so I cant say its like ali g

facejacker is a level up from fonejacker the characters are fun to watch such as: Augustus Kwembe, Brian Badonde, Terry Tibbs Augustine Kwembe, Dufrais Constantinople

what i don't like about the show is that: -there are not many episodes and each series only has 6 episodes to it -some characters are a bit boring -the way this show has been edited is annoying and very poor

rubbish and boring characters are: Donald Donaldson, Dr. Ali, Ray Fakadakis, Aziz Azizzi, Zulfi

the make-up is nice and it dose look like the character that from the phone prank show

need to make more episodes Kayvan Novak

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Lee Nelson's Well Good Show, 12 April 2012

Lee Nelson's Well Good Show is not well good at all its rubbish and the humour is cheaper then the host

the show is like a rip off of the agi g show and really bad without the intellect and a racist brain dead audience

the show starts off with a rapey host who tries it on with the crowd and after he get rejected he makes the audience laugh and then he will talk to his friend mascot who sits on the side to laugh at his poor humour and fill in the show it make the crowd feel satisfied

there are so many bad parts of this show one of them is when the host has his grand mother sing with her disgusting voice and another one is the peer pressure challenge which is just like watching a fat man do something silly where he says no till the audience screams to make him do it

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Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy, 7 April 2012

this show is so bad

anyone who praises it must have something wrong with them

i saw the 1st episode to give it a chance did not laugh at one part at all there is nothing to it , apart form it being terrible , noel fielding is nothing with out Julian , they had a good formula with boosh , with this they are trying to push the boundaries but its just dose not work because of the poor acting , poor writing, poor story ....the list goes on

noel fielding is not actually a funny person he was only OK on buzz- cocks when he was on it at the start and when he was filling in for bill bailey , but he was the replacement for bill bailey when he left , he was terrible because his humor is very UN-creative as he tries to combine's 2 different things together but after a while it get boring and thats what this show is

this is like a cheap boosh and the boosh was averagely good

i also saw this with my friends as well when it was on E4 just in case i was missing something and we all were thinking the same

how did this even make its way to TV , it is so and that adults think that is too childish

and even though it looks like a kids show , not one kid would find this appealing , there is just no substance to this

i was disgusted to even see this aired

please do not watch this , even if you like boosh

"Trigun" (1998)
trigun, 23 March 2012

i really liked this and have seen it many times , i think it might be because the story seems to be worked on then other stories lines in anime

this anime had allot to offer , but it dose sometimes go off the plot which can get boring , it is only interesting when , the main character is on screen , because he has a good entertainment value

i really like the series and think that this has something that the movie dose not , the movie is good but it just dose not compare to the Trigun series

if you like anime or not this is a good animation to watch as it is not like other anime in being cheap , and easy the story is worked on the character is brilliant

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red hawk, 23 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i saw this in the 90's when i was a teenage and thought it was cool and i think that's who its target should be i would still see it if there is another part to this series

the animation is simple and there are some good moments that will make you laugh , it reminded me of a cheap ninja scroll , the lack of detail didn't make me like it any less

the fight scenes are pretty cool ,the only problem is that there are some unexplained things that happened in there such as the masked man who helps red hawk and that we don't get to see red hawk take down his enemies

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Noein, 23 March 2012

looking at this at 1st glance is not impressive but if you keep watching it is more then you expect and there is an interesting story line most of the characters are not all that interesting or likable but there are a few who are really cool and well made

the reason why i watched this was because of the animation the story was just a big bonus and i have seen this series about three times

the animation was really good in its own style the mixtures is how all animation should be which is 3d backgrounds and hand drawn characters because 3d animation dose not do justice to living beings because it lacks the fluid movement that hand drawn animation has such as in this anime

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